Jessica Krug never manipulated Black people. They wanted to.

America has discovered yet another Black fraud. But who can you blame but the Black American and Western diaspora themselves? Yet, Jessica A. Krug never manipulated the Black community. They wanted to be saved by a White-passing light skin heroïne and savior. Just like they elevated Rachel Dolezal more than six years ago.

Jessica Krug is the kind of disgrace that plagues a whole community whose members refuse to change and cure the dysfunction which lies within them. Jessica Krug happens to a community whose members ignore the importance of self-love and self-respect in a quest of self-preservation. Jessica Krug appears among those who would let ANYBODY sit at the table with the Black family. A White individual can prove to be a good dancer and he will be embraced as a Black individual. If an African lady can speak any African language fluently they will give her the props and treat her like one of them. The Black community, whether in the US or in Europe no longer has secret and is not afraid to disappear. They are oppressed yet beg for the love and approval of others, and do not hesitate to give space to the other minorities who would never defend or protect them. The Brown Skin Girl video by Beyoncé illustrates our point. The singer included a dark skin Tamil lady into the narrative when dark skin Indians try to do anything in their power to distance themselves from Africans and African-Americans. Yet, we, the crucified people, always want to bear the cross of others when these others would never. The Black community is disappearing out of lack of self-love.

Jessica Krug represents more than just a scam. Her actions prove a point to anyone of us. Black people have a strange fascination for mixed-race White passing individuals. Jessica managed to lie and be a part of a group she did not belong to by posing as a BIRACIAL/QUADROON individual. In their despair, Black people tend to forget one thing: WHITES STUDY THEM. KNOW THEM. They are well-aware of the importance of the Mulatto narrative in their minds. They know how Black men would elevate any White-passing Mulatta and how they would even feel sympathy for them. White people like Krug have the biggest form of disdain towards us and do not hesitate to play with the trauma left by the stigma of racial passing and racial ambiguity. They manipulate at the expense of the REAL mixed-race Black women who have struggled all their lives with coping with two identities. Ask Mariah Carey if looking so ambiguous is funny and pleasing. This led to the decay of her own family and to a bipolar disorder she is coping with. Ask the Mixed-race Black women and men who decided to pass as Whites risking their lives shocked and traumatized by the ongoing violence their peers experienced. Ask them if denying their family and Black mothers was funny. Yet, Krug made fun of it and was pushed by Blacks even those who had doubts. They never questioned her more for they were sympathetic to her supposed mixed-race heritage and WHITENESS !

The only reason why Krug lied for too long flows from this fact: Black people hate themselves so much that they refuse to let MIXED-RACE individuals create their own branch and categories. In this White Supremacist sphere, Blacks hit a low. They hate themselves and their features and wish to exist, to be approved by the Whites. The Mulatto is the only link between them and the White leader. The Black envies and hates the Mulatto who can also manipulate or despise them according to how Whites treat them. Often met with rejection for their Black heritage, many pro-Black mixed individuals find a place among Blacks after having been isolated by the “other” part of them. With the recent nomination of Indian-American Senator Kamala Harris, Black women have proven to have an obsession with mixed-race women. They claimed Amber Rose, Mariah Carey, Meghan Markle as Black women when the ladies themselves would rather refer to their identities as “biracial” or “multiracial”.

Black people do NOT want to let mixed-race people go. If they leave them, then who would look at them? Will Whites take interest in them? Where will they find the strength and courage to re-learn how to appreciate their features and hair? The use of the term LIGHT-SKIN to refer to quadroons, octoroons or even biracials and any other MGM individual is an attempt to extend Blackness to an improbable limit. No. Black does not come in ALL SHADES for no fully Black individual could give birth to a Kamala Harris unless they mixed with someone else. Light-skin people are not LIGHT but MIXED. They are multiracial and carry “other”. Yes. They do. Jessica Krug knew Blacks did not want to let that go and she found a space there.

Not any other community would let such thing happen twice. Not even the Ashkenazi Jewish one Krug belongs to-they have remained silent so far. The Indians (India) preserve themselves, the Iranians, the Tanzanians, the Irish, the French, the Afghani, the Desi, the Moroccans, the Eritreans and so many other African, Asian or European Nations focus on protecting their heritage but the Black diaspora from the Western Sphere. They want to disappear and be saved. By a White savior.


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