Kamala’s win shows how Black female Democrats have failed and how it is so easy to manipulate them. On their political self-infantilization and betrayal.

The 2020 US elections were a spectacle. I do believe in my heart that Donald Trump truly won and was a victim of a naughty scheme orchestrated by the Democrats. I am not an American citizen, I am a Black European, and not a pro-Trump neither but I have watched the whole debacle like any other Westerner. From a distance. Though going through another European lockdown and on my own, it was more than interesting to witness the reactions of Black American women on social media. A Kamala’s win made them ecstatic. They were projecting the good ol’ Barack days and beamed with joy claiming Kamala was about to bring some “melanin” to the White House. In reality, these silly comments made by Black American women did not surprise me at all. Actually, I was really surprised at how it is so easy for the Democrats or any leftist power to apply the same schemes and tactics of political manipulation upon Black Americans without them noticing. The African-Americans, it is sure, contributed to the expansion of American culture and were very interesting in terms of political organization up to a certain point. Yet, they should not be deemed exemplary anymore.

If I did find the Black Republicans vs Black Democrats battle interesting to watch, I eventually thought the Black American Republicans to be way more logical than their Demo adversaries. The Black Republicans did not really react according to their feelings and gave out facts, whether based on economics, politics, social justice and others. They were keen on developing their theories on how a Republican government could have impacted such and such given field, especially for the Afro-American community. As usual, the Black Democrats, were emotional and never truly relied on valid arguments to explain their positions. In reality, most of them knew they would be despised, taken advantage of and exploited by the Democrats they deemed racist as well, and still voted for them anyway. The Black Republicans were eager to build something new while the Black Democrats were obsessed with voting for candidates who would accept and cherish them. For this reason, many Black Demos called their Republican opponents “coons” as if they, themselves were not trying to seek validation from the “nice” white people they were about to vote for. (the Democrats)

Being Black and Republican is not odd to me, as a European foreigner. The African-Americans descend from slaves, bled for the United States and built every inch of that nation. Therefore, their sense of patriotism and attachment to their country is understandable. They are no longer African and built that nation. Though surprising for many, this is quite logical too. On the contrary, the Black Democrats seem to be the symbol of the death of Black identity and politics in the United States. The Black Lives Matter protests of this year never changed anything and proved how Black people in the Western sphere do not know when it’s time to stop. 

They are unable to build valid structures in silence and live through sensationalism. Their rage was just a display, a desire to attract the validation of the white leading entities. The real Black rebellions died along with the Black Panther Party. The Black Panthers were not only political but their social work for their people was a threat. They organized to educate, feed and elevate their own kind and did not need any form of approval from the Whites. The emergence of Malcolm X at the time was problematic too for the White institutions. Black Lives Matter was fabricated and never sincere. Financed by various organizations owned by the Clintons, among others, they were the symbol of the Black American failure.

Since the late 1970s, after having ousted the Black Panthers from the political scene, the white American institutions found the perfect way to annihilate the African-American community forever. They would open doors to them and allow them to enjoy the pleasure of uber-consumerism and sexual freedom. Then, like any other American citizen, Blacks would be exposed to consumption, money, and the joys of capitalism. Black Lives Matter is a product of that. Worst again, the Democrat party would make them mental slaves again. After having fought against years of segregation and oppression in the 1960s, demanding freedom of the minds, the Black Democrats -including the celebrities and those working in the media- have now become dependant on the White left. They lost the fight and are now waiting for the constant validation of the party. The presence of Kamala Harris illustrates our point.

Modern Black American women are the most desperate and can not be trusted by their own men anymore. Way too emotional and possessed by anger for the abuse they have gone through, they were easily used by the left to attack Black men and turn against them. Just like Meghan Markle in the British Royal Family, Black women were the first to embrace Kamala Harris as a fully Black woman when she is not. Most Black American women have allowed her and candidate Biden to gain many votes when the two of them truly despise the African-American community. A certain part of Black women hate themselves so much that they feel the need to project themselves through mixed race political figures as they have failed to carry on the powerful legacy of the Black Panthers. They have abandoned the Panthers for capitalism and Birkin bags.

While other ethnic group in the United States base their political reflections on logic, Black women often exaggerate and make the most out of a single event. They are unable to celebrate with humility and add useless terms such as #Blackexcellence or #melaninpower, focusing on the emotions one candidate could bring them instead of looking for the facts and thinking rationally. It is ineffective as they can not be taken seriously with the jargon they use. Since the 1970s, the world has witnessed Black American women’s downfall into a spiral of regression. They are the easy target the imperialistic Democrat party uses to achieve their own goals. Worst, they have now become the queens of self-infantilization.

The Democrats can showcase their brightest form of disdain towards the Blacks and yet they would still vote for them, for they are not independent in the minds. Kamala Harris finds her best supporters among African-American women. Even though she did anything in her power to attack Black American men by sending them to jail massively and unfairly. If white people never cared for such issue, as it tackles a minority group, black women still voted for Harris out of solidarity for a “woman of color”. There again, no one thought rationally as they would rather focus on the symbol Kamala would represent. The devil could be a black man running for office and black women would support him for being a “man of color”. The infantilization of their social class has been showcased way too many times. No black woman really tried to organize to block Kamala out of respect for Black American men.

On the contrary, they were okay with her policies.

Kamala Harris has attempted several times to distance herself from Black Americans, especially when she declared she would never pass laws which would only benefit Black Americans. On other shows, she clearly refers to the Indian community as “our” people and never does the same for the Black Americans. It is obvious. She is not Black. She is an Indian-American woman who happens to have some African ancestry through her mixed race father whose Jamaican family owned slaves. Yet, despite it all, Black women do not want to let go and hold onto the 15% of Blackness running through Harris’ veins.

Black women are still nurturing the same childish narrative when it comes to politics. Normal human beings who think rationally could not vote for one candidate basing their arguments on skin color at all. Black people are the only ones to choose and support one candidate for being a person of color. These dysfunctional thoughts are made to promote a great sense of self-consciousness, of blackness and desire for protectionism when they damage more than they elevate. It is even more easy to manipulate them as White Democrats know more about Black people than Blacks themselves. They hold their emotions in their hands. 

Barack Obama was a test and Kamala is now the new prototype. Both of them are not Black American and represent a mixed race fantasy Black American women want to project themselves through. This scheme is nothing less than colonialism itself and a preservation of social caste. The same mixed race elevation used by the White colonial Portuguese entity in Angola or Cape Verde. Interestingly enough, the White Republicans always favor dark skin African Americans to work for them, as did George W. Bush with Condie Rice and barely choose mixed race foreigners.

It is more than tragic to witness that Black American women have not managed to surpass their childish reflections and the color factor. Black American Democrats vote for a party which tolerates their complaint and even nurtures it without bringing out any solution at all. The Black Republicans are hated for they refuse to let the past define their Blackness and American identity and patriotism. They see themselves as a part of a whole people.

As sad as it seems, history repeats itself. When racist White leftists run out of ideas, they rely on the symbol “people of color” represent. They did it for Barack Obama who was the mixed race face of White American imperialism in African and in the Middle East. Barack was the president of sensationalism, the friends of celebrities and the media. Yet, he did more for the White gay community than the Blacks for he is not Black but a White man who happens to have had an African father. Yet again with Kamala, an Indian woman is used by an old candidate to run with him.

She too will be the face of tragic imperialism for many. In the end the biggest insult goes back to Black women themselves. None of these mixed race candidates are a part of you at all. Obama was an African and Kamala a partial Jamaican. The Democrat institution makes you vote for them, yet, they hate you so much they would never choose a Black American descendant of slaves to represent you for they are apart of the White supremacy. The leftists do not like Black people around them and would rather see them at the bottom, being more eager to elevate other groups. This is their form of racism. It is subtle. Yet, you’re probably too emotional and gullible to see it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I want a woman president, I want a black president (one who rose above the slavery of their ancestors). But I want the right woman. I want the best people possible for the job. Party politics in this country is preventing that. No voters really wanted Biden or Harris, the leaders of the democratic party wanted them, that’s the sad truth. And you are spot on. The black women I admire most definitely swing more conservative because they are the women who seem the most educated and dignified. Kimberly Klacik is such a rising star. She lost her race, but her passion and style make me think she could easily be president someday, so long as she keeps trying.

    We just need to find a way to look past color. Which feels so weird to say in this day in age. I really thought we were moving past that, but the left has gone so extreme they have become everything they say they hate. It’s a shame.


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