The Assa Traoré scam. On marketing black rage in a capitalistic sphere.

French police brutality CAN NOT be compared to the violence of the United States

The French police brutality is real. Yet, it can never be compared to that of the United States as the origin of violence is not the same. The mechanisms of the French police are NOT rooted in slavery. Indeed, many scholars, both Black and White Americans, have written about the extensive links between the slave patrol and the tactics used by the police today to harass African-Americans and other minorities such as the Latinos and the Native-Americans. The repression, though real, is not the same. If France can not be compared to the United States in such field, there is only one country in Western Europe which can certainly share some strong similarities with the United States police.

The Portuguese police use brutal tactics which go back to the time of dictator Salazar. The practices were deeply rooted in colonialism, racism and even slavery for the Portuguese belonged to one of the most barbaric European groups whose leaders endlessly tortured, raped and massacred the native populations they dominated. The Black Portuguese, either of Cape-Verdean or Guinean descent, are perceived as threats and targets who need to be crushed or disciplined whenever accused to have crossed the line. They even have to deal with racial abuse on a daily basis. The fear many have when thinking about speaking out against the violence they experiment on a daily basis also stems from the angst caused by the police. Already sent to live outside of Lisbon, victims of gentrification, socially and culturally isolated, the Black Portuguese do not enjoy the status of visibility of the Black African French who are encouraged to disturb the French institutions and supported by the left in doing so. Even if one settles in a hotel, Black people always have to remain in the back in Portugal, the visible surface being always white.

The Black Portuguese have dealt with their own dose of shock and trauma when it comes to their immigrant experience, a pain which can never be compared to that of the French police which, despite it all, still has some limits when it comes to their practices. In 2009, a White Portuguese policeman shot a 14 year old Cap-Verdean teenager. Elson “Kuku” Sanches would never have a decent trial as the policeman was aquitted, stating that he shot for he was simply “scared”. There, the killing of young children is not new. Other Portuguese minorities also paid the price. The Gypsies are not spared neither. The Portuguese police impunity does not stop there. The officers have displayed abusive techniques used against African immigrants no one can ever imagine. Indeed, policemen have been sent to court and recently condemned for having kidnapped, beaten and mentally tortured Blacks they attacked for having defended another Black man victim of racial injustice. Such issues could never happen in France and riots would INSTANTLY take place across the country.

If the murder of Sanches was silenced by Portuguese authorities, it highlighted the total disdain of the White Portuguese establishment for their former colonies and their strong desire to annihilate them through silence, isolation as they would never hesitate to inflict physical punishment to reach their goal. The Elson case could never happen in France as the police, despite it all, still has some moral. In January of 2019, an Angolan mother named Claudia was found beaten, her face severely damaged as she had been attacked and punished by Portuguese police officers who claimed she would not cooperate and surrender. If a 14 year old child was to be gunned down by a police officer, such case would definitely made the public opinion uncomfortable. Indeed, even the most racist French member of a given political party would find himself unable to justify such act.

Belgium is also another country with a deep racial and brutal political past. The contempt for immigrants and minorities do begin with Congolese colonialism, especially with the establishment of the Belgian militia, Force Publique which oversees Native Congolese workers under the reign of Leopold II. Just like in Portugal, the immigrants are perceived as threats which need to be put in order and disciplined. The 1998 case of Semira Adamu highlights our point. A 22 year old illegal immigrant at the time, the young Nigerian was denied a third appeal to stay in Belgium and was sent back to Nigeria from where she fled from a forced marriage. As she resisted and protested in the plane, four police officers simply sat on her until she suffocated and remained still. She died the next day in the hospital.

The case of the French Africans can not be compared. Most of the victims of police brutality, such as Adama Traoré, Assa’s brother or Makome Mbowole to whom the movie La Haine (1995) was dedicated, had a criminal past and were agents who destroyed and damaged their own black community before anything happened to them. Such men would be, in the capitalistic exploitation of Black rage, introduced as innocent victims who had to face the wrath of white French policemen. Problem is, the Black Africans in France are spoiled and unable to question their own behavior.

On the decay of the French African community

In a matter of fifty years of existence on the French soil, the French Africans have proven to be real social failures. The French institutions are the main responsible for such decay when it comes to the power of inner agents like Assa who destroy the nation from within by fueling a tense-filled racial climate. The only black community to have managed to leave a strong legacy, either in literature, music, cinema and sociology are the West Indians from Martinique, Guadeloupe or even French Guyana. The Black West Indian men and women always based the point of their experience and resistance on the intellect. The French Antillan literature is incredibly powerful and was nurtured by legendary figures such as Aimé Césaire, Alexandre Dumas, Maryse Condé or even Frantz Fanon. Over a matter of 300 years, this community left a tremendous legacy for they were always looking after the stimulation of the thoughts. The Antillans also had their own contemporaries among the other ones. Indeed, a wave of African intellectuals from the 1940s until the 1960s wrote, thought and pushed the envelope, hoping to adress the postcolonial issues within a white society. One would count doctors, physicians, authors or philosophers among their ranks.

Though bright and clever, the White French institutions would put an end to the emergence of such movement. Indeed, the proliferation of culture among the Africans could have been a problem for the white bourgeoisie. If these Africans were to procreate and have children, such descendants would be competitors for the other White French youngsters as well. The presence of African intellectuals with an elevated mind and spirit was perceived as a peril. This rich generation was stopped and the French government signed its own demise by calling in “human bodies”, Sub-Saharan workers, by the late 60s and early 1970s. Financially exploited, these immigrants had no qualification, did not have any knowledge of social classes, were deprived of a spirit of entrepreneurship, worked and never privileged the culture of reading and thoughts. They had been chosen for their arms and physical abilities. Such generation considerably weakened and tarnished the legacy left by the African intellectuals who either disappeared, married White or went back to Africa.

In the 1980s, the second generation of immigrants was born, and contrary to their parents, they felt a strong desire to be fully accepted and integrated as French citizens. The 1983 Marche des Beurs in Lyon highlights our point. Yet, as the protests began, White anti-racist politicians from the left -elected in 1981 under the reign of François Mitterand- officially appeared as the main imperialistic figure to the immigrants. They would become the “nice White people” (the equivalent of the Democrats) who understand and worry about the state of the immigrants, defending them and their rap culture at all costs. Such political agenda would send the black immigrants who were eager to become fully French into a state of mental dependance towards the White dominant figure, a real characteristic of the French during colonialism.

The left would therefore pretend to help, when they truly hijacked and prevented the 1980s generation to make decisions on their own. By the end of the 1990s, with the euphoria of the arrival of the new monnaie (understand euro) and the 1998 World Cup win by France, the government then led by Jacques Chirac insisted upon promoting a strong racial diversity within the population. Yet, as the nation was entering a new political global phase, conflicts in Central Africa would later be problematic, and the 9/11 tragedy would not help the North African muslims neither.

Indeed, between 1997 and 2002, the two Congos are victims of civil wars, Ivory Coast was destabilized and a new wave of political refugee arrives in Europe. Yet, France has already changed and is no longer the same. Now globalized, the efforts made by the older immigrants who had no choice but to prove they were willing to be a part of the nation, were no longer required and the children of such refugees would never feel French at all, angry and traumatized by the displacement and shock experienced in Africa. The arrival of the refugees would therefore give way to a fatal rupture.

From the 1970s to the early 00s, the African parents from French speaking countries were always passive in nature and failed to create political leaders. Contrary to the Asian community whose members also experienced colonial violence in Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia managed to build an economic structure in silence in France, the French Africans would follow the pattern of laziness designed for them by the left, known as the politics of complaint. Out of spiritual lethargy, having found their perfect place in complaint when their pain was always easier than that of the Africans left in the old continent or the African-Americans, the descendants of the workers from the second wave live in France, enjoy their French status, buy Iphones and purple wigs, yet, they refuse to adapt to France, are belligerent and WANT to have a privileged status, being treated with more favor than any other group.

The Failure of the White French Institutions and How the French White man doesn’t scare the minorities anymore

France was a strong nation led by leaders such as Charles de Gaulle- though a racist and a colonialist- who commanded respect and fear, all the while filled with wisdom in the power of decisions. A key of the European Union, the nation lost its appeal by the time Nicolas Sarkozy entered the arena in 2007. A racist and globalist, Sarkozy would do anything to submit the country to the domination of the European Union and the United States. Now despised by other leaders from the Middle East -see Erdogan attacks against Emmanuel Macron- France has lost its legitimacy, its standing and clearly appears to be the colonised political province of the United States. The French clearly can not compete with a giant like China and even worst, Russia, Vladimir Putin being the last true European leader who bothers the other poles.

The failure of France regarding its inability to resist the American domination contributed to the demise of the White French men themselves. They do not scare anymore and are despised by the immigrants. The actions led by Assa Traoré, who hopes to attack the police when her brother was a criminal who harassed Black people, her arrogance and audacity could never happen in Russia, Albania, Crotia, Italy, let alone in any African country such as Algeria, Rwanda or Mali, where she came from. There, the indigenous people, either Black or White, would never let an individual nurture so much tension and contribute to the downfall of the said society. Assa would have felt the authority and would have found other ways to approach her issue. France has now become the colony of its former colonies and is even dominated by Black opportunists who are not grateful for the status they have been granted ever since they came there. France, though racist in its institutions, is one of the only Western European countries where immigrants had the chance and possibility to create financial structures to elevate their own community. Even if the model of integration -assimilation- failed miserably, the climate was positive enough for immigrants to become French Blacks. They missed that opportunity and would import American problematics non-existent in their nation.

Assa Traoré and the other activists such as the L.D.N.A (Ligue de Défense Noire) highlight the current weakened nature of the French institutions, now led by foreign lobbies. Such agressive and unfair political attacks led by the Black groups happen as the White French do not scare anymore. Indeed, French culture has now become American and their Catholic roots are almost forgotten. The French have betrayed the heritage of their forefathers for the politics of consumerism, becoming more and more Americanized in the way they eat, dress, talk and the movies they watch. A people with no rampart, no culture has no dignity and can be easily hurt or attacked. The delusion of Assa Traoré symbolizes the degeneration of the White French identity.

On the marketing of black rage

Assa Traoré was always dishonest and attracted to fame. Her brother Adama was never innocent but a brutal gangster who harassed and attacked his own Black community. By the time of his death, at only 24, he already had more than 10 condemnations. Assa embodies the arrogance of a lost and degenerate French African community with no culture and political power whose members wish to dominate the host nation as they please. The real social workers and activists can not pose for TIME Magazine, be given a BET Award and model on the first covers of magazines for they are supposed to be dedicated to their cause. Millions of them will die in precarity in France, yet one is being worshipped. In reality, the concept of communautarism in France is not needed. Had they become simply French or Black French, the French African immigrants would have succeeded in their own quest and could have developed a good structure. Yet, the arrogance of the leaders forced many to adopt characteristics which were proper to the United States.

In the marketing of Black rage, the aspiring leader is the victim of the cult of heroism and wants to be worshipped and adored more than anybody else. The pain and struggle of their people need to be exploited at all costs for financial gains. The explosion of raw capitalism has also affected the Black fight. The Black Panthers or men like Patrice Lumumba in the 1950s and 1960s used to focus on social issues per say and their resistance was sincere. In our era, everybody understands the codes, how to move people, how to anger, how to manipulate and how to dominate. French Africans were never intellectuals but emotional beings unable to see beyond the color factor. They too will disappear for ever. In a matter of 150 years, there will no longer be any Black in France for most of them will be mixed to a certain degree with a lost culture.

The political leader has no interest in living in peace at all. He needs chaos and ruins to elevate himself to the status of savior of his community. France is now filled with many chiefs such as Kemi Seba, Egountchi -a former rapper and rapist- or Assa Traoré, yet most of them are unable to get along with one another, reproducing the pattern of African rebels who ended up butchering and betraying each other.

Traoré, like many others, was never for her own people, but an opportunist who agreed to be exploited by third parties to become a symbol of nonsense. Though a woman of the ghetto, she never took the time to denounce the explosion of Black on Black crimes within her community. In July 2018, French-Cameroonian Loic Kamtchouang, a homeless boy of 23, was savagely lynched beyond recognition by 10 to 15 other Black boys. The story would have never been talked about if rapper MHD had not been mentioned by the press. The real barbarity in France comes from Black people themselves who are guilty of a huge problem of violence against themselves first but the others as well. Not one single Black French rapper, dared to speak out for Loic and the African diaspora did not even protest against it. The boy was thrown under the bus and was even blamed for being homeless. Dishonest to the core and obsessed with her own fame, Assa Traoré was never fair enough to speak about Loic Kamtchouang and the brutality among the Blacks. If she did so, then she would have indirectly approved of the actions of the police towards her community as many members ARE barbaric and violent.

Actually, her brother was a criminal and never the saint she said he was. By protesting for him she uses her platform to erase the real silenced victims such as Loic Kamtchouang. No Black French leaders would want to acknowledge that they are the problem in their own demise for such confession would invalidate the authenticity of their actions. If Assa Traoré fights against police brutality and racism she omits one thing. As long as there will be cases like Loic there will always be more and more Adama Traorés as wellIf you act like an animal and butcher your brother, the police will see it and remember you as an animal who butchers his brother. They would punish you and attack you for it. The savagery of some will lead to the punishment of others. And in this day and age, the ghettos are filled with barbaric black individuals who no longer want to be French, are no longer Africans and only want to avenge themselves for their trauma, most of the time taking out their anger and rage onto their fellow Black Africans, terrorizing their neighbours.

Yet, one can wonder if the French justice institution does not find a positive point in all of this. The fate of these criminals was predictable. Killers like Youssouf Fofana and others had already been condemned more than 15 times by the time they were twenty. Yet, though they displayed risky behaviors, the laxity of the French institutions seems to highlight a strong desire to release criminals for political reasons and numbers. It has now become impossible to critique or to question the attitude of Black French themselves without being beaten or attacked. The French Africans have become spoiled individuals.

If the situation does not change at all in the near future, the tension could erupt in a civilian conflict opposing far right militias and ANTIFAs. Worst, the army could definitely attack and crush the French ghettos in a cleaning operation to re-establish order in the nation, especially if Marine Le Pen comes into office. The next five years will fix their fate. Unless the mentalities change.

The French African leader is not ruling for his people, but for himself, suffering from the madness and obsession of heroism.

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