Why Jessica A. Krug needs to be prosecuted, charged and sent to jail. On White Jewish Ashkenazi hypocrisy towards Black people. My response to Dr. Laitman

Dr. Michael Laitman, is one of the very few White Ashkenazi Jewish voices to have reacted after the Jessica Krug scandal. And maybe he should have just shut up. If the White Jewish community chose the path of hypocrisy and turned a blind eye to the topic out of -silent-solidarity for Krug, a few Jewish news outlets have decided to send mixed-race Black Jews to speak on their behalf. White Ashkenazi were scared. Yet, silence makes you complicit to the max. And the minority card they’ve been trying to play for so many years is no longer exploitable now. To be honest, the members of this community should have been the first to publicly attack and shame Krug.

In his sorry-ass, pathetic and pitiful short essay entitled “There’s a Jessica Krug in Every Jew”, Laitman justifies Jessica Krug’s actions with an alleged feeling of self-hatred symptom which exists among the American Jews. Because of all the trauma the Ashkenazi Jewish community has been through, a feeling of dissociation and self-rejection is present among many. Yet, if the theme of his essay could have been interesting, he does not condemn her at all, and would rather fall into the mechanisms of over-solidarity and over-ethnic protection his group is known forWe’ve seen it with Jeffrey Eptein, with Harvey Weinstein, with Ghislaine Maxwell and many other Jewish sex offenders who were never publicly denounced and rejected by their own community. On the contrary, they were protected in the name of a so-called resistance against anti-semitic attacks. Yet, when Black individuals turn to crime, the White American media, Jewish or not do not hesitate to crucify them. If Ashkenazi Americans claim to be “others” and different from the “WASPs” who have attacked them for centuries, then, they should have taken a stand against Krug and condemn her. They did not. Krug was NOT EVEN condemned ONCE by Dr. Michael Laitman or any Ashkenazi Jewish peer publicly. Why? Out of fear maybe or simply because many are trying to keep doing what the non-White Jews have been doing for years when it comes to black pain: downplay it.

Jessica Krug is a pathological liar and a criminal who still benefits from white privilege even til this day. I invite you to visit the Wikipedia page that is dedicated to her. The writers -probably White- took the time to elaborate all her achievements. There, she is introduced as a brilliant scholar, historian and other positive adjectives aimed to overshadow her criminal actions. The academic scandal is not that important for the authors of her bio who probably find her to be fascinating.

Contrary to what she asserted in her Medium essay, Krug does not have any psychological problems or any mental health issue. She is aware of her actions, is a sociopath and does not care about the consequences of her decisions. She lied to truly gain a position of power and did not even hesitate to attack real Afro-Boricua and African-American female scholars, attempting to block their work out of blatant jealousy.

Krug used the narrative of tragedy in a desire to assert a false black identity. And that’s what makes her a criminal. Using the pain, exploiting the suffering and trauma of people who have been enslaved, deported, attacked, raped for centuries and still continue to suffer from it til this day is a crime, and should be labeled as such.

Now back to Dr. Michael Laitman. Though a rebellious Black Jewess myself-who does not even respect any law from Modern Judaism I consider to be false and eurocentric and far from the original Torah- imagine if I had lied about having a White Jewish grandfather who would have been a survivor of the Holocaust? Do you really think, if exposed, that the White Ashkenazi Jewish lobby, either in Europe or in the United States, would have allowed me to live freely like Jessica can? No. They would have used me to become an example of punishment. I would have been prosecuted, attacked, sent to jail, forced to visit the Holocaust Memorial for zillions of years, I would have had to apologize on Oprah and everywhere to end up blacklisted and with no money. Why? Because these lobbies do not mess with the history of their ancestors, and they would never let anybody use the trauma millions of innocent Jews have endured in the past. Yet, Black people do not seem to be that protective of their past.

Jessica Krug can lie and play with the memories of millions of Africans thrown out in the ocean, even lie about Amadou Diallo’s painful death she allegedly witnessed and yet, she is reduced to a MEME, or simple videos on Youtube. Black people still don’t understand how Whites study them constantly. Jessica Krug was a colonizer who even went as far as to travel to Angola Kiçama to learn Kimbundu (one of Angola’s official indigenous languages), and study the population. White Ashkenazi Jews do settle in the most reclusive areas of Africa to study the lost Black tribes which still exist so as to encourage them to reject the original Judaism they were taught in order to adopt the Modern one taunted by Zionist precepts. White people, Jews or not, study us on a daily basis. They even know us more than we do. But you don’t want to realise how criminal Krug’s actions were.

If playing with the painful memories of the Holocaust would lead one to jail, why are people so light in giving back the same sentences to those who play with Black people’s souvenirs? Why is it so easy and okay to let any White woman like Elizabeth Warren change the narrative and lie about her being Native American?

In this Western sphere where one can buy anything, more and more White individuals experiment a loss of culture. Soon, nobody knows who they really are. And the exploitation of the minority will become the new racial survival for White people. These White people believe that our pain is a proof of authenticity. They even fantasize about being a part of a trauma so as to belong and have a backbone in society. Our pain is their ultimate laughter. While Native Americans are being decimated by alcohol, loss of identity and racial rape that have Whitewashed their genes, opportunists like Warren find it funny to exploit two per cent of “exotic” Native DNA, when millions have been whiped out genetically not having been able to transmit anything to their descendents.

Jessica Krug deserves to be prosecuted and sent to jail for playing with our unresolved trauma. Just like any non-Ashkenazi Jewish person lying about having had Holocaust survivors in their family need to be thrown in jail asap. But do not worry, this will never happen any time soon. More Dolezals, more Krugs are coming out. And Black people will always find a way to forgive them. They will even feel flattered that a White person would want to be them so bad. This is what happens when you hate yourself.

Jessica Krug was aware, knew, and manipulated to gain a position of power. She has not an ounce of humanity and compassion and only thinks about her own self. The narcissistic trait that characterizes her when talking about “cancelling” herself is proof of that. She should be made an example through justice to deter ANY White opportunist like Shaun King and many others to claim a place that is not for them at all.

The silence of the White Ashkenazi Jewish community when it comes to Krug also comes from there. If few of them have bashed her in the secret, they would never trash them with a non-Jew so as to give a goy the opporunity to talk bad about them. Jessica may be a fraud but she’s still a part of their community and they will protect her at all costs. But it’s not the same for Blacks. Jews have their secrets and do not share easily with others. Rwandans in Africa have the same trait. They keep their knowledge to themselves and their kind. However, Blacks from the Western sphere do not have the same love for secrecy at all. They open their doors to anybody and that’s how Krug had no problem pushing the front one. She came in using the most blatant Black-face costume to mock you and your uber-emotivity knowing how deep in your heart you would fawn for her act. And that’s why not one single Black individual will ask for her prosecution. They feel honored that she attempted to be them. Krugs and Dolezal elevate the ego of a basic self-hating Negro from the Western sphere.

Haven’t many of her colleagues suspected or sensed that something was wrong with her behavior? Haven’t we read many messages/testimonies on Twitter about Black women doubting her story but still holding a space of compassion for her narrative because she was light-skin? Black people were scared of her, afraid to question her for they had already bowed down to the authority of her light-skin/White skin superiority. All these criminal White women are superior to you because they hate themselves and know that you hate yourself as much as they do.

Krug should no longer be a meme. She needs to be prosecuted, sued and sent to jail. You can not play with the memory of millions of African slaves reduced to the status of death.

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