Why France will fall back to the 15th rank by 20 years

De Gaulle, credit unknown

My parents left their native Belgium for France where I was born and my father used to boast about how France gave him a chance. Like many other parents, his own experience made him wrongly think that such “chance” had been given to anybody else as well. My mother, on the contrary, never liked France and always wanted to go back to Belgium as she considered herself, I believe, a Northern Black European. While I am grateful for what France gave me regarding academics, education and social care, I have seen the country fall down before my eyes in a matter of twenty years. The France I knew in my childhood has disappeared. Yet, I will never thank France for the advancement of my activities for the institutions never gave me a chance. I represented what many other descendants of immigrants have faced as early as the beginning of the 2000s. I was a Black woman and my work, as an author, my themes were too innovative and for this reason I never stood a chance.

France will fall back to the 15th mondial rank of global powers due to the extreme racism and narrow-minded spirit of the members of its institutions. Actually, I do believe that the majority of sons and daughters of immigrants do not even understand the nature of French racism. If most of them complain about rejection, they fail to fathom that the French population is guiltier of nurturing prejudices than being hateful per se. For this reason, their obsession for protests will never allow them to move out of their vicious circle they have created themselves.

In France, one’s success always depends on the approval of the higher members of any given institution or hierarchy and such schemes apply to any sphere, from the lowest to the highest. Freemasonry, it is true, is the real hidden power of the French political structure yet whether in music, cinema, or arts in general, France hates the new and likes to rely on the old. Media, whether political or musical have been controlled by the same connaisseurs. Even the lowest structures such as Le Mouv or Skyrock whose journalists focus on French hip-hop are reluctant to allow Black French authors regarding the topic of colonialism in music to be promoted on their platforms, when it is the lowest sphere ever. The knowledge needs to come from white people first and if Blacks are encouraged to create they are isolated and ignored if they hope to theorize anything. On the cultural level, France is the only country where a one-hit wonder from the 1980s or 1990s can hope to tour, earn money, sign deals and be invited to every musical TV show from the public service as an homage to that one single time his own creation made people dream and feel better about themselves. If one-hit wonders deal with the utmost lack of respect for their inability to have reinvented themselves over the years in the UK or the United States, France loves to rely on self-sufficiency and their worshipping of the past. This reflected in their politics too.

France was always a victim of its Latin spirit. For this reason it is reluctant to social and political change. The arrival of immigrants in the 1970s was perceived as a threat not only for the preservation of the French race but also to politics when, in reality, many modern issues would have been avoided if the institutions had automatically included them as full French citizens fifty years ago. If so, these North African and West African immigrants would have been, today, the first defenders of the nation. On the contrary, they have now become the enemies from within whose descendants will attack the structures from the inside. Latin countries such as France, Portugal or Spain, which have had colonies in Africa and in the Americas, tend to center their power around their institutions. The power comes from them and is approved by them. Most members of such institutions are old masons disconnected from the reality of the world who rely on the perpetuation of old codes which fell into oblivion ages ago.

Northern European institutions are as racist as the French ones, yet the mentality is not the same at all. Not one single racist white British would deny that a Jamaican-British is a British citizen. The British have surpassed the racial and color factor ages ago and always retributed people according to their own competences. Contrary to France, the UK, Canada or the United States do not hide their true motives behind a hypocritical veil. They do create socio-ethnic data and are not afraid to talk about race unlike the French who hope to hide their true motives behind the promotion of a false equal rainbow-ish nation which is far from existing. The Northern Europeans are not afraid to speak about their true desire to maintain their global influence and power and even if the world changes tomorrow, as we are facing a new multipolar structure, the UK will always be respected by the other nations and will carry its power. These nations have been able to remain at the top for their unshameful desire to apply efficient selectivity regarding immigrant policies.

The institutions in France do not want to evolve, but hope to keep the power to themselves first. And the domination of Canada, the United States, the UK or the Dutch speaking part of Belgium can clearly be explained by their selectivity towards immigrants. The institutions of these countries understood that the inclusion of the best immigrants would not only contribute to the African brain drain, a fact which allows them to maintain their position over the continent, but also contribute to their political and academic elevation. In the world classment of colleges, the best European universities chosen are from the UK and from the Dutch speaking part of Belgium such as the Leuven institution. French universities do not belong. The UK has often recognised the diplomas of Nigerian, Ghanian or Indian students who have been formed academically in their original countries. Such factor not only adds more value to the competence of the previously mentioned African and Asian universities but also helps maintain the UK at the top.

However, France has failed miserably on this aspect and the institutions are now paying the price for their improbable political tactics. Contrary to what many people think, France had an African elite between the 1940s and 1960s. Yet, the existence of Senegalese, Togolese or Malian intellectuals during the process of Decolonization was perceived as a danger. Indeed, these African men were not workers but thinkers, authors, journalists and from them, a new generation of leaders could have overthrown the French power. The institutions were scared they would organize politically. Worst, the children of these Africans would be educated as well and they would constitute a deep threat to the other white children members of the elite. For this reason, the institutions have often been reluctant to grant scolarships and citizenships to African students after the 1960s independences and would replace them by the immigration of African workers from North, West and failed intellectual from Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon.

The workers mostly came from the poorest districts of African capitals with poor value of social classes. They would be exploited, sent to live in the ghettos and, except for some ethnic groups such as the Hausa, Soninke or Fulani who already had a great culture of trading, most of them were guilty to be dependent and unable to create their own structures. Their children would grow up between the walls of their ghettos and the backward culture of their parents. By allowing these workers to come, the French institutions knew they would succeed in slowing down their pace of evolution. As dependent as they were, they knew most would never have the courage to build for themselves, be entrepreneurs but would end up relying on the state for financement and by procreating a lot. Work would therefore not be valued anymore.

The Congo-Brazzavillois and the Gabonese would be too arrogant to walk away from their intellectual status and obsessed with being embraced and recognised by the white French elite they never had any spirit of giving back value to their fellow African immigrants believing they were superior to them in many ways. The exploitation of the workers and the rejection of the 1950s intellectuals was also a way for France to keep their influence in Africa. Without neocolonialism in West and Central Africa, France would belong to the 25th rank. The orchestrated military coups in Burkina-Faso or Ivory Coast allowed them to maintain such influence along with the help of their corrupted agents in Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon.

Now that the country is going through the 2020 wordwide pandemic, inner conflicts have erupted. The isolated poor immigrants from the ghetto have been efficently manipulated for almost forty years and now carry a deep hatred for France. Arrogant, they hope to change the environment to their advantage. As they lack unity, they have mostly been unable to create their own socio-economic structures as well for too obsessed with victimhood, when other minorities such as the Lao or Vietnamese which had suffered the same fate and for whom integration was a success.

When it comes to the question of immigration, France now pays for its inability to pass forward the race question. Though Black people have always been present in the country for more than centuries before slavery, most fail to recognise descendants of immigrants as French.

Yet, are the immigrants the only ones to be blamed? Actually, the attitude of the immigrants, sons and daughters of former French colonies, reflect that of the white French themselves. Both entities mirror each other as arrogant and stubborn. If we talk about the improbable state of mind of the immigrants it is more than important to evoke the failure which constitutes the modern white French themselves. Their fate was sealed as soon as they relied on the shoulder of the United States by the end of WWII. From that point, France had not only lost their status but also their independence. They would become the new colonized agents of the United States and Germany, later on, again. Such dependence would greatly contribute to the loss of French culture with the importation of the American way of life which happened gradually.

The nation-state and nationalism, patriotism as a whole would be deemed archaic, racist, a thing of the past and above all, an anomaly in the globalist political agenda which is now becoming clearer and the unique future ahead of us. Though modern white French want to blame the immigrants for the issues of their country, they are the ones responsible for the demise of their own country. They never did anything to protect their heritage, unlike the Portuguese for example, and were arrogant enough to believe technological and economic progress to be their new identities. As they have now reached out a point where they are provided anything without having to work with the uberization of societies, they are now divided between lost patriots who are now strangers to their own customs and lost leftists who invent new causes, identities and pronouns as a reflection of their loss of identity too. Moreover, the model of French integration needs to be questioned. It is clearly obsolete and does not work anymore.

The grandeur of a country does not only depend on the economic power of its institutions but also on the preservation of its culture and the dignity of the indigenous population. The reason why descendants of immigrants such as Assa Traoré destroy the nation from within and want to impose their new laws comes from the fact that the white French man does not scare anyone anymore. It would have been impossible for Traoré to do such things under Charles de Gaulle. It would be impossible to do it under Vladimir Putin, under Paul Kagame or even in Mali. Why? Because the population, proud of their heritage, would have never allowed her to tarnish the name of their institutions. Worst, Kagame or Putin, though different, scare people and deter foreigners from creating trouble. Assa Traoré is not a hero and is aware that the white French have failed to maintain their heritage. They do not scare anymore. Such results allow her to be arrogant towards them. On the contrary, other nations such as Albania or Croatia, though poorer than France could never tolerate such thing. If poor, they never betrayed their heritage for technological development or money and they too had been mocked for it. Yet, their identity and dignity have been greatly preserved.

There is now, no reason to hope or pray for France unless the great popular reset, a new revolution from the people occurs. Besides that, the nation will be remembered as the failure of the West.


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