The toxicity of Black people and their politics.

Credit/ONS Voice

The year 2020 was not only improbable on a worldwide scale as many of us had no other choice but to deal with loneliness following the pandemic, it was also the year for the pro-Black narrative with the Black Lives Matter protests. Though I have always been a supporter of cause which aimed to either protect of defend black populations in the Western sphere I have now realised, as I approach my 30th year on earth that I witnessed the same people organizing the same old protests and deliver the same speeches fifteen years ago. At the time, there was no Instagram, no Twitter, some blogs and Youtube had just arrived but the desire to hijack the depth of black liberation to insert it into a marketing field was already there. Over the years, I have realised that most Black protesters do not want to change and do not even believe in change. Their anger is the manifestation of their strong desire to be a part of the system they falsely fight against, be accepted by the White man they say is evil and use the pain of their own kind to elevate a bunch of degenerate black leaders or egomaniacs in the making. The black rhetoric is tiring, exhausting, played out and obsolete. Indeed, at a time when global entities have become the new colonizers, color and race will no longer be a problem. Modern Black people in the Western sphere are not innocent and have already betrayed the ideologies, customs and philosophy of their African ancestors to embrace the folie of the Western life. In the reign of dysfunction, it is important to remember, not everybody wants to change and evolve and Black Westerners hope to be carried away like babies and still desire to be perceived as the victims.

The problem nobody really wants to talk about is that black people are toxic. Not only as a group but as a life philosophy. Like any other toxic families which drain the souls, a black man or woman in the Western sphere can not wish to evolve individually. They have to live for the community and for the community especially when the community itself would turn their back on them if they fail to achieve such and such prize. Personal development is not encouraged. Indeed, the lazy in the spirit and the reluctant toward change always need a savior to get ahead so as to avoid walking on their own, to possess and face their inner demons which block them from freeing their mental minds. If Blacks become similar to anybody else then they would be scared regarding their status. As a dispossessed people, by choice, they fear normalcy for it would take away the certain privilege the violence of history provide them. To be accepted by the black communities in Western Europe, one has to think poorly of themselves, nurture the struggle and victimhood as a symbol of unity towards the community. In that sense, the evolution of the community would be interesting if such community had found a way to heal or propose a new structure for the next generations. On the contrary, blacks have not done anything special despite regressing on the spiritual level and becoming even more dependent, insecure and obsessed with the white gaze upon them.

Such issues have affected those who have a proximity to blackness too, and in this case I am thinking about mixed-race people. For many years, and so due to the brutality of the one drop rule either in the US or in the rest of Northwest Europe, this category has been trapped in between and divided. On the one hand, irresponsible and arrogant mixed-race pro-Blacks feel the right to act blacker than Black people themselves when they actually present white/mixed and on the other hand, other mixed people have been advocating for the creation of their own category. The mixed race class is the one group fully black people, Black women specifically, refuse to let go off. Indeed, Black women have a hard time dealing with themselves and either envy the mixed woman or jealous them. On the contrary, mixed people can, politically, play on both sides. The left has always used mixed people as degenerate agents to nurture the downfall of a civilization. Obama was elected as the first black man, yet he was mixed and his brown color did deter black people from the Western sphere to think rationally regarding his criminal activities in the Middle East and his lack of interest for African-Americans in the US. Yet, through his selection the Democrats had poorly mocked the African-Americans. Indeed, they humiated them in such historical event. The institutions gave power to the descendant of an African intellectual not the son of a Black American slave. However, he was the son of a white woman and through her, there he found his attachment to the land and the establishment. From the beginning, they knew he would never be a part of them or for the Blacks. At all. The recent selection of Indian Kamala Harris attests our point. Though Indian and not black, the few African ancestry she inherited from her mixed-race Jamaican father whose family owned slaves, has been put out and used to get the black vote, which she obstained. Again, Biden and Harris, the two new selected members, are agents of destruction and the mixed-race individual in this case will be the Indian face for white imperialism. Just like Obama was.

Black women, heavily infantilized as a whole, have been projecting their blackness upon mixed and multiracial people for fear of disappearing. They hate themselves and do not want to let one category whose members, in the global sphere, would get all the shine as race mixing will be promoted in the future as the prime example of success in the global sphere. Black women refuse to be the leftovers and do not want to only be black. They would betray black men and support mixed people who do not even want to claim them as theirs. Kamala Harris is one clear example. She only refers to Indians as her “people” and not Blacks and specifically said she would never pass laws which could only benefit Blacks. Yet, Black American women want to project their success through mixed women who despise them. Megan Markle was also another eg. Chosen by the royal family, Black American females would talk about how she would be bringing “melanin” to the house. BeyoncĂ©, though visibly multiracial and mixed has been the savior of these same women who love when a corrupt being turn to them and defend their cause. The mixed-race attention is what they like. The mixed-race pro-Black who abuses and wants to deny his other non-black heritage is just as manipulative as the others. They, for the most part, clearly want to secure a higher place within the black clan. They know about their privilege, yet they still have the choice to erase more than anything else to fit in and choose their side as they want.

Today, as globalism takes more place than ever, it is more than important for people to free themselves from the toxicity of black politics and the absence of progression. Genius comes from individuality and not a group. All the decolonial movements have been a failure in Africa for one reason. The inability of the majority, inner conflicts, egos and jealousy, preventing the mass from following one leader or head.This was the fate of Patrice Lumumba and many others who came before and after him. Black people are not ready for their liberation and still want to be carried away and maintain a struggle mentality they could easily destroy to bring something new to the table.

If you’re Black in the West and can not deal with toxicity and the pressure of your own, this is not an anomaly. This is the sign you need to get free and follow your own path. As a free human being.

VKY, All Rights Reserved

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