How the two biggest war criminals of the past decades enjoy a great social support from Americans and live a stress-free life

President Bush painting. Photo by Grant Miller
War criminal Obama and his latest book cover

On March 2003, George W. Bush announced he would be sending troops to invade Iraq. Though I failed to understand it back then -I was 12- I realize now that we were witnessing a colonial war live on TV. The Middle East had always been, in my mind, that problematic part of the world. Ever since I was a little child, as my parents were watching the news, there were no trees but falling buildings and people running everywhere to escape bombing attacks. By 2008, I was in high school and very naive I was almost moved to tears by the selection of Barack Obama. I always knew that, as an American imperialist, he would always privilege his country first yet I could have never imagined that Obama and his administration would be so barbaric regarding the politics of the Middle East. I could have never imagined the destruction of North African countries such as Libya.

In the Levant and Middle East, the war on Syria, the destabilization of Lebanon, the agression, the sacrifice of Yemen and the on-going colonial war in Iraq were enough for me. Worst, Obama never did nothing for the black community in the United States. The administration did more for the gays than the Blacks themselves and that’s because, through his birth, Obama had vowed to remain loyal to the establishment of the white institutions. Black Americans were never his concern. He is a White American man with a Kenyan father. Not a descendant of slaves. So, the disdain was clear from the beginning.

No one will ever forget that day
War on Syria/New York Times

George W. Bush, it is true, has been greatly attacked for the war in Iraq. Often called “dumb” and a criminal, his successor Obama would not deal with the same fate. A friend of the celebrities and stars, Obama and his wife would become the icons of social media, hanging out with celebrities instead of fixing things. At that time, the Democrats and their “clique” had become more than arrogant and useless and such issue resulted in the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

The American media can not be trusted. Donald Trump was one president who did not engage in a war during his mandate. Yet, though he focused mostly on the security of his economic borders, the journalists who constitute the fourth power did everything in their power to attack him and tear him down. However, I have rarely read any paper written by them which condemned Obama and his political tactics in the Middle East. As the good liars they have always been, they did remain silent to protect his legacy more than anything else. And it is more than important to highlight that Black American journalists have been the first to engage in such lies and Obama propaganda. The American technocrats to whom the journalists belong have no sense of ethic, loyalty and not one single amount of truth in them. They are trash and should be regarded as such.

What confuses me the most would be the selectivity of compassion among the Westerners, both black and white, when it comes to the brutal policies led in the Arab world. Even the most pro-black activists in the black community, though aware of the barbaric wars of Obama’s administration overseas, would still support him despite the millions of innocents who died only because he is, according to them, BLACK. Yet, the only reason why Americans were more eager to attack Bush was due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks deemed an inside job. The mass murder of innocent Americans made them cry. Yes. But the exploitation and destruction of nations, poor citizens including children, and the chaos orchestrated in plurimillennial Arab countries never moved any one of them. Until this day, the history of the Levantines and Middle Easterners is not important. But liking and reposting any picture of Michelle Obama deemed a heroine by her black supporters when they did evil things to Arabs seem to be the most important thing to do.

Both Obama and Bush won’t never be brought to any court room because of the dictatorship of social media, understand technocracy. Worst, our selective compassion also prevents most of us to ask for justice. Actually, people tend to cry for those who look like them. If the city of Paris had to disappear tomorrow or be attacked again by terrorists, all Americans would be crying and praying for them. Yet, Syrians can die. They will be scolded for leaving their land and migrate elsewhere and no one would have a kind word for them. People refuse to recognise that the suppression of emotions hurt other parts of the world. In this sense, Obama is nothing less than a colonial agent who is openly supported by his people and entertainers of the fools, understand the celebrities. In most minds today, the crushing of other populations deemed less important, such as the Arabs, is necessary to maintain the stability of this society. To many in the West, some populations deserve to die and it’s like that. Behind every bomb lies a mother, a son, an orphan among thousand dead bodies.

It has become totally normal for you to be used to Bush as a painter, to read about Obama’s new books, because in the end, it’s only Arabs who died.

All Rights Reserved, VKY

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