Instagram and the Robotization of the female body.


We have been lied to. Back in 2000, every mind was interested in the future electronic gadgets the Silicon Valley would be launching. As a kid, it was said cars would be flying. The excitement we all felt upon entering the new millennium would prove not to be such a game-changing moment at all. We were still living the late 1990s life. However, with the pandemic of last year and the amplification of the politics of synchronicity which was favored at the time of the election of war criminal Barack Obama, we have clearly entered the age of technology and robotization we were so eager to witness back in 1999-2000.

Iggy Azalea - YouTube
Iggy Azaelia, credit unknown

The development of technology has become, in the capitalistic sphere which describes the modern Western world, a subject of pride for the Westerners. In this age, it is more than important to understand that the next wars will not be bloody at all like they were eighty years ago, but based on technology. Russia, China, the US, Iran, India, and the new emergent African countries will engage in the conflicts with robots and by hacking other countries’ electronic devices, mostly. Cyber-wars are the future.

As the Silicon Valley has favored the inclusion of technology and technicity in our daily lives, we have been groomed and they made it easier for us to use such gadgets to our own advantages. There is only one step before the same technicians encourage us to insert cards, chips or other small technological tools to amplify our human bodies and energy. The payless credit cards, the facial identifications, social media and political synchronicity have made us more familiar with a one world order behavior.

Instagram: Kylie Jenner is the fourth person to achieve 200 million  followers on Instagram | MARCA in English
Kylie Jenner/Credit Instagram Kylie Jenner

The influence of technology is not only attached to our minds but it also modifies the female body. Instagram has now become the playground for new models and talentless TV show starlettes who prey on sleepy and clueless masses who project their lives onto them. The most followed women on the platform, often called “influencers”, all share the same beauty standards which are favored by the unique political world we are walking towards in the next decades. Whether of African, Asian, South American, Caribbean or European descent, the women posing on the platform all share the same scary phenotypes and body prototypes. Their bodies are not only unnatural, but they are disproportionate, almost robotic and not feminine at all. Petite women with small breasts and behinds are either isolated or mocked for not being real women enough. The facial angles of the female influencers reveal an obsession with a surreal perfection the ladies hope to achieve.

The most extreme plastic surgery addicts in the world – from a woman with a  30J chest to another with a 6ft BUM
Source: The Sun

If the Western world can boast about the progress of technology, Western women have become ugly, are made of plastic and robotic. The obsession with surgery also reveals a deep desire to achieve eternity and surpass death itself. The female body promoted by Black men among many others -understand a woman with an enourmous behind and big breasts- also highlights the terrible consequences left by the sexual conflicts which date back to the 1960s. Men are not only scared of women, but women are now failing to see the bad consequences of the lies they were exposed to by white feminists sixty years ago. Male and female relationships are mostly based on calculating acts and on sex as well. The female body has now become the representation of a godless society where capitalism, sex and uber-technology only matter. The social media have encouraged a whole generation to nurture the surface and not the depths of the human soul.

Walking Female Robot Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 9591281 |  Shutterstock
What does plastic surgery tells us about robotic sex?

Such factor could easily weaken the organization of the West which could fail to differentiate the real from the matrix and conditioning of the minds. China, though a dictatorship, is extremely focused on the development of the future technologies and hope to be the next world leaders. Yet, these populations do not forget to preserve the essence of their identities. The West, it is safe to say so, has killed the nation-state, the culture of its populations, exploited the minorities and has replaced their heritage with the wealth generated by the expansion of technology.

Madonna Reveals Her 'Beautiful' Hip Surgery Scar and Cupping Marks in  Underwear Mirror Selfie
Madonna has never been beautiful it is true. But the surgery doesn’t help. Instagram/Madonna.

Humans in the sphere no longer think rationally at all but calculate their moves to advance their own pawns. Transexuality is also another form of technological development through which any individual can buy a new identity and a new sex/gender as it pleases. Race can also be bought and exploited as Jessica Krug and Rachel Dolezal have proven. Wealthy pregnant women can modify or accentuate some genes in the cells of their unborn children to favor some racial features or traits or predict the sex of the baby they are expecting. The most sacred issues in life have now easily fallen into the pit of capitalism.

Then & Now: 25 Hollywood Actresses From The 1960's - Page 15 of 43
Claudia Cardinale. An example of natural beauty

A feminist woman, it is true, is way more exposed to the influence of consumerism as we, women, are meant to be the first targets of consumption. This case is even worst for Black women. And even if many fought for the freedom of their female community, the robotization of society has placed women as the first victims of the explotation of their bodies by the machines. On the contrary, one notices that the poorest areas in the world produce the most beautiful women. The latter are aware of their consciousness and rely on the real for they do not have the means to nurture the surface. Even despite the poverty, it is true that many poor individuals living in other parts of the world are no longer attracted by the West for they see its decay and downfall from afar. They, therefore, prove that a society which is only based on technology and its development is not only unbalanced but unhealthy. The safety of the spirit and the minds are as important as the exploration of new adventures.

The new technological bodies of the influencers embody the political evolution of our sphere. Indeed, the beauty of a woman often highlights the history and heritage of her ancestors. She is the product of traditions, a social structure. Just by looking at a Black African woman’s features, one can somehow easily see or guess where she comes from in Africa. One would know if she is Somali, Congolese, Rwandan or Moroccan. Yet, the new technical bodies have erased such cultural indications just like our politicians hope to erase the preservation of our different cultures. They are futuristic, all look alike and share the same prototype. Plastic.

The destruction of the female Western body marks the beginning of the end for the civilization where individuals, clueless and spoiled by thousands services, ignore the price and fruits of hard work and the use of their hands for robotization made them more focused on the superficial and not the depths. The new female body is a hybrid prototype between the robot of the future and the fallen human of yersterday.

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