Minorities and the dumbing down of academic papers

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I haven’t started to work a on PHD yet and I now think it is the right time for me to probably begin this journey in the years to come. (Actually, there are still other things that I need to complete. Indeed, I am ashamed to say that at 29, I do not have any driver’s licence.) Throughout my Master’s degree, I was very emotional as a woman of color -though I hate the term- and thought Academia was my battlefield to tackle racial inequalities and other issues. I was 23, younger, more emotional and a little bit less mature. At that age, it is true, one has the arrogance to think they can either conquer or save the world until the brutality of their existence comes to bite them with no warning. As my two female professors were giving me my feedback concerning my last thesis, they told me, I remember well, that I had an amazing potential to become a very good scholar in the future. Yet, the only problem was my emotivity. One of the two ladies even made me one remark which stayed with me until this day. “Mademoiselle, vous n’êtes pas une militante de vos émotions mais vous devez être une militante de la recherche” (Ms, you’re not supposed to be a militant of your emotions but aspire to become a militant of research). These two women not only believed in me when my own parents never did, but their experience also gave them the opportunity to see beyond my own strengths.

Over the years, I haven’t stopped looking for the best way to interpret and adapt such piece of advice given to me. What would it mean? It was not before I came across the stupidity of the most emotional pro-black beings that I figured that out. Historians and scholars in academic are supposed to be scientists. We are scientists. If one thinks about science then one truly needs to understand that the only things that matter are the topic and the sources. Not the ego or the emotions. For this reason, most papers written by black scholars were often filled out with rage and a deep desire to tackle Eurocentrism. For this reason, it was incomplete for the anger makes one’s work less credible. If emotions are involved, this means that one can easily become a manipulator and conceal or reveal data to their own advantage.

Due to hundred years of Eurocentric views and the manipulation of history by the white institutions, black scholars have been filled with a legitimate anger. When you’re being ostracized and discriminated against for the color of your skin and you come upon the realization that the powers before you have deeply manipulated the narrative to secure your spot in the lowest spheres, the anger is more than understandable. Yet, many black scholars are way too often the victims of their emotions and make the mistake to base their rationality upon their emotivity. When it comes to the history of the Middle East, many African-American and African historians, fed up with the lies, tackle the subject with a lot of brutality. Their goal is to prove that such people was originally black and not white, excluding any option of mixed-race identity.

Therefore, though they want to use science to fight for the truth they tend to re-write or darken history more than anything else. The blackness of the Levant is one thing, but to claim that the original ancient Romans were black is another thing. Though it is true that there were ancient Black Roman citizens, the civilization was definitely white in nature. And therefore, the issue falls into an improbable and embarrassing circus of Afrocentrism. In these cases, the authors do not hope to propose a new political approach of the academic world, but would rather use their own rage to impose a vision which makes no sense. And all these efforts fall short.

The rise of social media and the new culture evolving around social media figures have contributed to the emergence of black egomaniacs who, thanks to their huge superficial followers, believe to be the new incarnation of Malcolm X. These pro-Black figures ala Shaun King or Umar Johnson, have been using their platforms and their degrees to promote their own selves and parade around the Blacks holding a sign of academic approval which would guarantee their superior mentality over the members of their own clan.

Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram have made pro-Black academics the new gods of their community, as the exploitation of hashtags give them more and more confidence in their nature. This category of people is not only emotive but massively contribute to the dumbing down of academics. If the hyper-emotional Negro who fell into the pit of Afrocentrism is wrong in his work ethic, he, at least, tries to use a part of his knowledge to share his findings with other members of his community. His potential is only limited by the emotions. An Afrocentrist is not always an egomaniac in the making. Yet, the social medium pro-Black is often the first of his generation to go to college and teach there. Obsessed with his own image and aura he therefore uses any obstacle to dominate the Whites he despises.

Their work is not based on quality but sensationalism and dumb pro-Blackness. It is more than important to understand that colleges are expensive for a given reason. Institutions want to pivilege wealthy kids who, for the most part happen to be white. Yet, more and more black egomaniacs are now paying their tuitions to enroll and the results are often catastrophic. If my professors told me eight years ago to respect strict rules regarding the conception of a thesis, it seems like the level in political sciences and social sciences in general has been truly weakened. Publishing in a journal was always one of the most important and serious jobs ever to the eyes of any scholar. Rules are set and owe to be truly respected for fear of failing. However, the quality of papers from the last four years has become more common than ever in social sciences. With publications involving the use of key words such as: Beyoncé, #blackexcellence (yes, they do write in hashtags now), #blackgirlsmagic, #blackgirlsrock, Twerking and even “Black Queens”. And as you can guess, the main culprits of such publications are white gay males and black women, mostly.

Many Black people in academic, it is true do not know when to stop and it is even more visible in social sciences, one of the most despised fields in college. They use the visibility and think a Phd would bring them more prestige. Indeed, by enrolling in the highest sphere, they consider to be invincible and hope to dominate the department and take over white people by publishing provoking papers. If one man thinks like that then he is no scholar. Darkness and isolation scare us blacks. The abuse we have endured did leave a scar in us and made us afraid of being forgotten by the institutions.

For this reason, once we get one opportunity we desire to do the most to stay in the spotlights. Yet, such behavior damages the department. In research, your ego, your race, name or gender are not important for the only star and celebrity is the topic, the thesis, its sources and the organization. Not you or me. Still, minorities always want to bring their own arrogance out instead of studying the topic quietly. Worst, rivarly among us is even more pathetic. How many black scholars have tried to sabotage the career of another fellow or simply tried to prove they were more competent and better than them? We are unable to support each other and would rather do any little tricks to tarnish one another’s career when it is so complicated for us to reach the sphere.

Such behavior not only showcases a great mental regression among some black scholars from the younger generation and the older ones who are now trying to emulate the writing skills of the younger ones but it contributes to the damage of the field as well. Over the last years of my life I have always been a great supporter of the importance of the study of social sciences when scientists used to call us “lazy”. Though our sphere is rich, minorities and members of the alphabet community (LGBTQ) always want to make the topics about them and not about science. They would waste their time talking about long issues just to debate and never write anything specific or original. As more focus their interest on Beyoncé instead of Nella Larsen or Toni Morrison, it is true that the intrusion of social media has greatly contributed to that downfall.

In the end, the only fields which remain at the top and will lead the world of tomorrow are scientific. Indeed, science, whether in mathematics, biology, chemistry or physics among others prevent any form of spiritual dumbing down of their field. There is no place for the “me”, over there as every scholar whether African, Asian, European or other exploits their forces for the sake of the issue. And not anything else. A physician, doctor or dentist has no time for the thoughts and debates for they focus on rationality and the codes they were taught. And a great social science scholar has to perpetuate such mindset. When studying any subject regarding black peoples or not, the most important resources are the sources, the evidence, the proof, and not the ego. Science has proven on the contrary that rationality comes first. 1+1 equals 2 and no one should “feel like it’s sexist and racist to claim that 1+1 only makes two and not three”. The nonsense has no place.

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