It is time to tell mixed-race pro-Blacks who identify as “Black” to shut up and sit down.

Image result for jorja smith peng black girls
Oportunist biracial Jorja Smith had the audacity to be a part of a song which was written and sung by Negroid excluded black women entitled Peng Black Girls. She is not black/Credit montage: NME

The pro-black fight has become a prosperous nest for egomaniacs in the making. Now, for the single issue, the hashtagged terms “colorism”, “racism”, “melanated”, “featurism”, and “black queen”, are being promoted to denounce the behavior of one who crossed the line. The lack of discipline displayed by African-Americans when it comes to their inability to gatekeep their heritage and blackness has also been inserted into the same mess. Now, as we live in the age of political correctness, the pro-black speech has become unique and those who would dare to think differently need to be “cancelled”. Yet, the Blacks, whether African-Americans, Caribbeans or Latinos have not been able to evolve for their favorite activity is debating. Few real structures have been created, and when created, black people do not even support their own at all.

Blacks want to change, walk for change, pray for change, shout for change yet do not want to compromise or be offended. Black women and men are responsible for their own demise as they refuse to speak facts, clearly. Even when discriminated, they want to make space for others who have hurt them more than once in the past. In this case, I want to say that this paper will offend many mixed individuals and let me tell you that I do not care at all.

I do believe that, over the years or since the end of the 1990s, we, Black people from the West have forgotten about the true face or physical characteristics of the original black populations brought there four hundred years ago. Contrary to the Native Americans from the United States or other Latin American countries such as Chile who almost disappeared totally, the original prototype has never vanished at all. It’s definitely not like they were not there anymore.

Image result for rashida jones blackaf
Rashida “I didn’t feel black, I felt more Jewish” Jones, quadroon and daughter of a white mother (lovely Peggy Lipton) was cast to play in a show entitled BLACKAF. She is not even a quarter black, married an Ashkenazi man. How can she be black, Negroid?/Credit: BLACKAF
The black experience has become white/quadroon

The Black people brought in the Western sphere, either in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean or Latin America were of West African and West Central Bantu stock. They were Negroid, dark and brown skin with 4C type of hair. The Blacks from the Arab world taken into slavery (the original Arabs are from the Horn of Africa, yet, there were different groups of blacks taken into slavery centuries later) had other phenotypes which totally differ form those of the West Africans and Bantu. The Bantu/West African Negroid prototype is the one which is being hidden and the one which has been attacked and brutalized since the beginning. When white slave masters decided to impose the one drop rule policy, they hoped to distance themselves from that specific form of blackness they deemed disgusting and horrific. They didn’t want the wide Bantu nose, the 4C hair and were afraid such genes could come back later in their own generations.

Biracial filmmaker Carolyn Battle-Cochrane released this important documentary regarding biracial and mixed race identity released more than ten years ago and entitled: BIRACIAL NOT BLACK ! DAMN IT !

Therefore, the mixed race populations which descended from these Negroid populations had no other choice but to identify as black out of rejection from the Whites. And White people can NOT have the audacity to dictate what is black or not when they took our ancestors into captivity. Mixed race people have been called “black” by the Whites who didn’t want them, not by the Blacks. They were placed within the Black Negroid spectrum. Therefore, they constituted a new category from the get-go which needed to be recognised since the beginning. Over the years, an awful dynamic took place between these Negroid Blacks and their mixed descendants. A relationship of envy, love/hate and toxic dynamic erupted. The Blacks never wanted to let the mixed race category jump out the boat, out of fear of not having the same visibility and the mixed race category never wanted to leave the privilege they had in such category.

The pro-black fight has given way more power to the ego and centered black politics around the “I think that” or “As a … I identify as…”, when the issue should be focused around dark skin Negroid people first. Indeed, how can one fight against colorism and featurism if mixed race people are included in it? I have recently read the first chapters of Mariah Carey’s awful and not well organized memoirs in which the music legend describes how her own siblings were jealous of her complexion they deemed lighter, accusing her of trying to pass for white along with their Irish-American mother. I was not only shocked and baffled by such statement but I was saddened to the fullest. The issue of colorism would therefore never end. Indeed, if the whitest category of Mulattoes (Mariah Carey not being biracial but more of a quadroon as their father was already tri-racial and mixed-race) was affected by such horrific racist legacy then how could the darkest and more Negroid populations be more free? If the “top” is affected, what can be said about the people in the lower spheres?

Image result for white slaves children mixed
In today’s society, many Black Negroids would force these quadroon and octoroon children to still identify as Black when they are white and mixed. If such category disappears from the black spectrum then the Blacks would be scared to fall into oblivion./Credit: Library Congress, USA

As an outsider, it is more than striking to me to recognise that the Black Americans I used to watch on TV as a child in Belgium have drastically changed and differ from those I see now. As a child and preteen in the 90s, early 00s, the mixed race black population was the minority in TV shows, the majority being dark skin and visibly black. We would also sometimes joke about how some did ressemble their Congolese or West African ancestors. Yet, since the mid 2000s, black men in the entertainment industry were more eager to open their doors to ambiguous looking women, a trend which made no sense. At some point, only ambiguous looking white women such as Rita Ora were chosen as the new face of R’N’B. In a matter of 15 years, the black community has been erased from their own platforms they created. There are no visible dark skin Negroids anymore and the darkest blacks promoted are caramel. What happened to the Tracy Chapmans?

I should even be ashamed to write that, the death of George Floyd did shock me. Indeed, besides the violence, I didn’t know that black Americans like him, with his phenotype and nose still existed in the 21st century, when, as a foreigner and Black European, the only black people promoted are either mixed or diluted.

This issue was not only caused by the complicity of black men who hold high powers but it was also caused by self-centered, self-absorbed and selfish mixed race pro-Black people who have the audacity to claim a full belonging to blackness, not caring for the erasure of the West African Negroids-looking Black Americans at all. Most mixed individuals in the West, it is true, have been the results of colonial rape, a sad and traumatic decision they were never responsible for. Yet, when mixed and extremely light skin people with loose curls have the audacity to claim “black” mentioning that their parents are both black (understand, visibly mixed too), they are taking the spotlights of black people. And out of low self-esteem, the Negroids who hate their own blackness are easily taken over and convinced or seduced by a mixed race pro-black. How could one beautiful and privileged individual with natural Caucasoidesque attributes could abandon all their privileges to defend a person like me?, they think.

Lauryn Hill has been one of the most vocal last BLACK legends to have always spoken about black rights, yet, though recognised and respected, Black women in their now 40s would rather support Beyoncé who was never sincere and had waited for 2016 to speak on black issues as it became trendy. She would rather rebel as a feminist before speaking on black rights. Multiracial and anti-Black from her core, Beyoncé has vouched her support for the industry which made the product and brand she has become. How can a true pro-black individual mention Bill Gates, the most anti-black individual of the last decades? Knowles has never done nothing for black people and states the obvious but yet, she will be hailed for being light and mixed race. Lauryn Hill is way too dark to be appreciated and celebrated as she should. She is what Celia Cruz is to Veronica Vega and all the other white and white Criollo mixed Latinos à la Gloria Estefan: the talented Black Cuban grandma everyone would like to celebrate once in a while but one would make sit in the kitchen for fear she would take all the shine from their whiteness and domination.

Very intelligent biracial woman speaking facts

A pro-black mixed race individual who REFUSES to recognise his racial background and condition is not only dangerous but also not genuine at all and therefore anti-black. Such person does not care about dark skin Black people at all and is just interested in securing their own space to spit their own anger at the Whites who never wanted to recognise them as their own. In this sense, they contribute to the erasure of the original dark skin black prototype.

Actually, mixed race pro-black are the first to accuse white people of white supremacy, yet they impose their own share of domination and supremacy among the black population. They have hijacked all the movements created by black people for they feel better in their skin. The natural hair movement was, in the first place, created for dark skin black women with 4C type of hair, hence a texture deemed ugly and not sexy at all. Twenty years later, loose curls and 3Cs have replaced such texture. Worst. Many 4C female youtubers manipulate their hair to be 3Cs. The mixed pro-black women know their hair will always be more accepted for deemed exotic and have no reason to be included in such movements at all. Everytime a dark skin Negroid female group tries to highlight their own condition, a biracial or diluted individual always comes into the category to break it down, just like biracial Jorja Smith did on a remix of a song dedicated to the elevation of Negroid women.

Image result for halsey
Mixed White Hasley has the audacity to call herself a light skin Black woman/FLARE

If pro-black biracials want to be black so bad, then where do people like 2pac, Rashida Strober, Mary J Blige, Larenz Tate, Morris Chestnut, Tyrese, Nina Simone, KRS ONE, Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee, D’Angelo, Chadwick Bosman, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Viola Davis, Ice Cube, Eazy E, Danny Glover, Aretha Franklin, Afeni Shakur, Denzel Washington, Cicely Tyson, Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson or Kelly Price stand? Where do light skin Negroid people like Melonie Daniels stand?

The mixed pro-black need to have the decency to STOP asking for an inclusion within the black community as they contribute to its erasure. If many among them complain, remember that your pain will never be as tough as that of a dark skin Negroid who has literally vanished from the TV screens. In a matter of ten years, the elitist institutions have selected two agents of destruction, war criminal Barack Obama and future war criminal Kamala Harris, to represent you. There is no need for mixed race people to be pro-black as they already have the visibility they need. Why would they want to cry about then? Their only anger comes from the fact that the white or foreign non-black entity which make them do not want to recognise them fully.

Our communities in the West have been conceived through rape, brutality, domination and the race mixing we can carry sometimes is a consequence of it. Blacks need to heal and it is more than important to divide the sections into several specific categories to adapt the hurt individual with his/her own treatment. And yet, the mixed pro-black want to confuse more than they want to help and heal. It’s not about others, but about themselves and this needs to stop quickly. It is about ourselves. Not your personal ego. Let’s respect each other’s boundaries. Yet, if the Blacks do not gatekeep then this means that they also want to secretly hope to become the next quadroons. In this case, they will be responsible for their own extinction in the years to come.

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