What is “extremism”?

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Rapper Cardi B/Credit:Cardi B

Wikipedia, the Eurocentric online encyclopedia, gives the following explanation when it comes to the definition of the term “extremism”:

Extremism is “the quality or state of being extreme” or “the advocacy of extreme measures or views”. The term is primarily used in a political or religious sense, to refer to an ideology that is considered (by the speaker or by some implied shared social consensus) to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of society.”

Since 1947, the Western world has always claimed to be the axis of the good with politicians regarded as the only guardians of peace, love, unity and moral. Though almost destructed after the WWII due to the German Nazi military agressivity, the European Western world has been the slave and the pawn of the United States ever since. Indeed, the American colonial regime at the time rebuilt Paris, and the economy of most Western European nations depended on the Americans. From that point, the American power used this opportunity to not only influence and dominate the political decisions taken by the European politicians, but it also saw the opportunity to extend their culture to the maximum. The closer they got to the United States, the more they lost their authenticity and sovereignty, a fact which is even more visible today with the failure embodied by the European Union.

The crisis of the Covid 19 and the inability of Germany, France, Belgium or Italy to manage the pandemic was improbable. To see white countries with leaders and citizens who had always boasted about their supremacy in terms of technology and development ask and cry for help to the Cuban doctors to find a solution was more than laughable. For a year now, the European Union has shown its weakness and inability to face real and harsh issues. They have become the third world countries they despised so much. (Rwanda, though really poor was even more progressive and ahead of its time to deal with the crisis than the Western Europeans themselves who ran after toilet papers as they thought the world was ending).

The Brexit was the final straw and the ultimate form of insult from the United Kingdom to the European Union and could be interpreted as the real “cherry on top”.

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Nigel Farage/PRI.org

The Western world is going down and its values do too. Yet, the hypocrisy of our Western learders has always struck me the most throughout the years, especially as a descendant of immigrants. The so-called “axis of good” was supposed to be the rampart to evil, barbary and brutality and this arrogance has been engraved in the heart of every Western citizen wether black or white., for they all share the same mentality and feeling of superiority to variant degrees. Still, the stability of the West and the good values which have been promoted were always based on the destruction of the third world countries. Who will claim outloud that the success of a given brand would not happen without the financial exploitation of poor undocumented Mexican and Salvadorian workers living in horrific conditions in the frontiers? What about the classic “Made In China”, then?

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Obama was given a Nobel Prize and was considered the guardian of peace. Not to the Syrians he endlessly massacred. Indeed, peace in the West is built on the destruction of populations no one cares about/Credit: George Ourfalian AFP/Getty Images

The West has become a global block, yes, where the uberization has killed the value and importance of handiwork, the efforts of hard work, and the pain one has to endure before reaching his own level of success. The explosion of wealth, comfort, the robotization and uberization of these societies have made the Westerner a lazy individual, arrogant, full of love for the money and exposed to the vices generated by the spirit of sufficiency and opulence. The gender issues, the transsexual phenomenon and/or the focus put on pronouns, as we have witnessed since the last decade, are nothing less than the outcry of spoiled citizens from the Western civilization. Indeed, as they have been given everything and do not have to work harder to obtain attention, there is no real valid social fight anymore and many want to create new ones to give themselves a sense of authenticity as they live among the machines of prosperity.

In this regard, though our politicians boast about being the gatekeepers of peace and love while they have to murder, plunder and attack overseas to preserve such peace and love, this overfull social prosperity and availability has favored the emergence of a twisted reality where these said “good values” have been reversed. And that should be interpreted as the desire of many to explore evil so as to achieve a new sense of authenticity as well. Interestingly enough, the 1990s decade began 31 years ago. Yet, even if the Christian values were not respected by everyone due to the variety of beliefs, members of society still had a moral. Underground groups which engaged in extreme sexual fantasies had enough moral to protect the children and save the innocent from their lifestyles. However, such moral, understand the ability to make a difference between good and bad, has started to vanish among us and since the late 2000s and early 2010s, the credence has begun to be given to the wealthy. And the value of money became even more important than values themselves.

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An irrelevant starlette/Credit: Slate Magazine and irrelevant starlette’s Instagram

A starlette with no talent can become a superstar through the exploitation of a porn tape, and even if she is accused of being talentless, the members of the Western society would acclaim her for having built an empire off of it. Most artists in the 1990s worked extremely hard before achieving their goals, even talentless Madonna. Yet, the new world has seen the rise of untalented people who are still applauded for their ability to generate money. It is not the means and the moral anymore but the goals.

The inversion of values is not only promoted by Hollywood, the center of exploitation of the rich whose mission is to entertain the masses/fools, but by the members of society themselves. A person who claims to fight against the “system” doesn’t understand that people constitute such “system”. Indeed, an elite could not work without the approval of the masses/fools. Parents, who were supposed to be the guardians of values, have now become even more decadent than before. Social media have become extremely toxic and highlight such decay. There, mothers who should be respectable, twerk along with their daughters or promote ideologies rooted in materialism instead of promoting the elevation of the souls. Daughters are encouraged to become materialistic and use sex from a young age to achieve this goal. The doctrine of Do What Though Wilt seems to have characterized the West. That would be the epitome of the freedom they envision.

What is extremism then?

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Iran/Credit unknown

In this fight for the axis of evil and good, the West has always designated the Eastern world, understand the Middle East or some Latin American countries, to be the promoters of evil. The Arab countries and Muslim lands have been used as the counterexample which was supposed to assert the words given by the Western politicians. There, in Arab lands, women are not free, can not dress how they want and are submitted to the machism of Arab men. Interestingly enough, the women considered to be submissive due to the veil they wear, are not given a voice to express themselves, and when claiming to wear their veil by choice, these words are erased and the same woman would be said to be manipulated by men.

How do we do when the thought of a woman who desires to remain pure, veiled and hide her body for her promised man is considered to be a form of extremism and the oversexualization of black female’s bodies and the pornification of these same bodies are considered to be normal and a symbol of freedom?

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Afghani women before the Talibans.

Though rap music has become extremely sexual since the late 1980s, it is important to realise that older female rappers knew how to stay in their own lanes. Indeed, Lil Kim or Foxy Brown were clearly rapping for adults and never attempted to trick and seduce the innocent by attracting them with visuals. Today, products such as Nicki Minaj, Meg Thee Stallion or Cardi B have not only reused the colorful codes destined to children so as to attract them (rainbow colors, teddy bears etc) but they have no issue being exposed on Youtube where children could see them. The underground porn actresses and strippers from the 1980s and 1990s have paid the heavy price for their activities, called “whores” and extremely abused when, thirty to fourty years later, women like Cardi B, Minaj or Sukianah use these same oversexualized pornographic codes to sell more millions than the porn stars did back then. In this sense, the rappers from the golden age of rap and early 00s were more than eager to make a clear distinction between their work, their lyrics and the public they were supposed to be exposed to. Lil Kim never ever tried to seduce the youth in her prime at all and has always, somehow, protected them by sticking to her own gangsta codes.

Image result for nicki minaj tekashi
Nicki Minaj adopts sexual codes she mixes with a childlike theme to pervert the innocent, on purpose.

Though many Muslim leaders such as Khomeini in Iran were deemed to be extremists and, after the Iranian Revolution from 1979, prevented women from dressing as they pleased, it is interesting to notice how the terrorists from the Arab world are as extremist as the Western machine in the West. Indeed, there is a pornographic dictatorship which is taking place in the West, hence a perpetual attack on the minds which is not different from the exploitation of the Holy Quran by barbaric groups who are still killing millions. In both cases, the two extreme groups violently reject those who oppose their vision, persecuting them either by ostracization (cancel culture, blocking social media lynchings which can lead to suicide or a loss of a career), or to kill them, simply and worst, they both embody the symbol of social decay for they behave like animals. One criminal group sees members obeying their pulsions of murder by torturing and attacking innocent populations they deem “infidels” and the other ones adopt the same brutal codes when exposed to sex and/or money. They, eventually, are two animalistic categories higher powers can use to destroy a targeted mass.

Cardi B likes to poison your children’s minds but not hers./credit:Cardi B Instagram

Western society has become a technocracy where social media hold the power and make justice. If one attempts to question the pornographic dictatorship which is represented by black women mostly as the music industry consider them to be nothing less but trashy individuals and sexual beats which need to be exploited just like in the times of slavery, the same person would be called an “attacker”, a “racist”, a woman hater and would face the most horrific form of treatment from the virtual society.

Today, our minds are going through a new form of extremism. The extremism of porn in pop culture. The extremism of money-worshipping through all its forms. Being exposed to the big buttoms of a black woman in a G-string thong has to be seen as normal. Watching Cardi B’s pornographic videos has to become normal. Damaging one’s frequencies by listening to W.A.P has to become normal. Killing one’s soul by listening to Beyoncé singing about “demon time” has to become normal. Being spiritually and morally corrupted by the “chasing the Birkin bag culture” has to become normal. Yet, questioning such fate, such animalization and bestiality needs to be repressed by all means necessary.

The West has become a superficial place and will be mocked by other civilizations. Once hailed as being the epitome of progress, technology and moral advancement, the third world countries and the new emerging powers from the East and Africa have more than us, Westerners. They not only kept their own form of cultural authenticity but they have also been the real civilized individuals. Not us.

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