How Spaniards and Europeans have been falsely accusing Native Mexicans of blood sacrifice to justify their genocide.


Upon reading the many books and after having listened to so many testimonies concerning the history of Latin America ever since I was fourteen, I finally realised, as a historian, that the manipulation of words truly played a factor role in the validation of criminal motives perpertuated by the dominated populations. White political entities have been using the rhetoric of “axis of good vs evil” since 1492. Yes, even before they applied it against the Middle Eastern Arabs of today and the Russians. This claim was always a manner to amplify their domination, their superpower in order to clear themselves from the evil they did in other spaces. In that sense, it is more than important to understand that the words used in history by the dominant entities from Europe aimed to manipulate the minds of the readers, on purpose, but it was also a way to influence the mixed race descendants of the Natives into thinking that their forefathers were nothing less than a group of demonic barbaric evil people who had no knowledge of life, no science, no culture for bloodthirsty. Through that said manipulation of the minds, the mixed race descendants would either unconsciously side with the dominant figure but worst, they would even claim to descend from them first and foremost.

Many South Americans I have met or listened to throughout my teenhood and adulthood now still talk about the history of South America and the Caribbean with a certain distance. They do not realise the degree of brutality of the policies led by the White Spaniards and Portuguese at the time. Many would say, explaining the origins of the region “when the Spaniards came…”.

Image result for spanish conquest of the aztecs
This is how the “Spaniards came”/Credit: Pinterest
Image result for taino invasion by spainiards
This is how the Spaniards came/Credit: Pinterest

The Spaniards did not “come”, they invaded, plundered, raped, tortured and burned an indigenous people and their civilizations. By saying that “they came” the narrators do not even realise that they have been the victims of constant manipulation from the storytellers. Once again, without they even notice it, by using the verb “coming”, they indirectly, unsconsciously welcome their presence on the soil, probably truly believing that the conquerors brought knowledge, elevation and took the Natives out of savagery. To this racist argument would be added the fantasy of a multiracial heritage. When Eva Longoria talks about “marriages” between Native women and Spanish men, she indirectly belittles the horrific reality which took place in the beginning. The Native women did not marry their oppressors but were raped by them. Yet, this false image or fantasy evolving around the obsession with exoticism, sexuality and race mixing are considered to be the reason for the beauty of the Latin Americans. In other words, they had to be raped by criminal Europeans to elevate their statuses.

The Spaniards did not “mingle” with the Natives. They raped them.
Image result for eva longoria grandparents
Unfortunately, Eva Longoria does not realise that her Native ancestors were raped by the Spaniards she acknowledges. Very sad/credit: Eva Longoria Instagram

The original account regarding mass murderers Colombus or Hernan Cortez takes root in the so-called tale of the “discovery”. Before reading the rest of the article, it is more than important to realise that the superpower of Europe only dates back to the 15th century. Since then, they have used all their platforms, whether scientific, social, cultural, historical and economic to assert their domination over the world and crush the evolution of the countries of the south. European authors and historians take great pride in the account of the said “American discovery”. For the first time, they managed to dominate the seas and could have a taste of world power. Like the Egyptians in Africa before them. Therefore, by talking about a “discovery”, the European authors keep giving power to the entity which dominated and plundered all the while diminishing the experience and the trauma of the indigenous populations. First of all, there could be no discovery if the indigenous populations were already present. Then, by talking about a “discovery”, the historians highlight the mental and intellectual superiority of the White conquerors. Such extraordinary account would, as a consequence, justify the destruction of the Natives and their civilizations.

However, the manipulation of Native history does not stop here. The winners are the ones who write about the past and the future. In many accounts and studies, White Spaniards and Portuguese have been the first to use the argument of blood sacrifice, a practice developed by the Aztecs. According to the many sources, the Aztecs engaged in sessions of torture and murder as they ripped the heart off of their victims to honor their own gods. By using their scientific powers and the study of their remains, and with the help of Eurocentrist authors, it has been easy for the Whites to destroy the image of the Native Mexicans even more.

First of all, if these blood sacrifices did take place, what evidence proved that they were practiced publicly? It is true that some satanic sects in Europe today are hidden and engage in the murder of children they sacrifice to the devil. Yet, does that mean that all the modern Europeans sacrifice children too? No. Of course. Yet, the Aztecs, like many other Native groups, were ones of the most advanced peoples in the world at the time, being extremely cultured regarding science, chemistry, astrology, the cultivation of food, medicine and spiritual understanding. How could such advanced people engage in barbaric practices for a so-called mental elevation they already had? If the blood sacrifices took place, those were surely practiced by isolated clans whose members practiced occult gatherings for their own gods. The Aztecs and the Mayans were civilized and ahead of their time.

Beautiful Native Mexican men/Credit:Pinterest

Ironically, the exploitation of this false myth of blood sacrifice was promoted to tarnish the beauty and heritage of the Natives. Worst, it was meant to justify the genocide. Indeed, unless you are familiar with Mexican culture, no one would sympathize with a people whose ancestors committed such horrific murders, supposedly. Such narrative allows any reader to justify the destruction of the indigenous people and the so-called import of civilization by the Whites as well. Indeed, Western Europeans have no legitimacy to claim for they have built their heritage and culture on the exploitation of others they purposely deemed inferior so as to shame them, out of jealousy.

The colonizers not only colonized the genes of the conquered individuals but they also kidnapped their heritage and history. Since 1492, the history of Native Americans has been recounted by racist White Eurocentric Spaniards, Portuguese, French and British people. The Europeans know about their illegitimacy when it comes to their achievements of power, but they also have never hesitated to destroy the image of their victims to justify their actions. The Europeans were the first to attack the legacy of the conquered while they were also guilty of barbaric activities in Europe before they applied the same schemes against the Natives. What about the era of the Inquisition? What about the Crusades? Wasn’t it terrorism? Isn’t spreading diseases as weapons to annihilate a population terrorism? Western Europe was built upon genocide, slavery and terrorism. Yet, no one wants to take this issue into account. Indeed, where does the wealth of Portugal come from? How come one country such as Angola be totally dominated by a small territory like Portugal? How is it even possible if murder, slavery and damage have not be caused?

Image result for spanish conquest latin america
European colonizers were the first mass terrorists the world has ever known

The Spaniards and the Portuguese were the ones who wrote about their accounts. They were the ones who chose how to elevate or destroy their victims. As we evolve in the core of Eurocentrism, only the White vision and narrative imports. Actually, few really understand how our perspective, world geography and history have been based on the narrative of the Whites and not of the indigenous populations. Worst. The indigenous populations whether in Africa or Latin America are not respected at all when sharing their oral history. Indeed, White historians would rather say “they claim” instead of approving. In this “claim” lies a racist undertone, a racist code highlighting the fact that such oral accounts need to be taken with a grain of salt for spoken by non-white people.

Modern history is politics and Eurocentrism is a machine which comprises archaeologists, scientists, and authors who work with on another to assert the domination of white people as the founders of civilizations they were never apart of. This same scheme has been applied by the same clique which wants to defend the history of ancient Egypt as being multiracial in origins when it was always black Northeast African. Data are manipulated and so is the narrative. For this reason, Natives need to get together and create their own structures and laboratories to overthrow the racist narrative promoted upon the descendants since 1492.

The Aztecs and the Mayans were way too advanced and intelligent to engage in horrific blood sacrifices at all. Those are horrendous racist accounts written to encourage a whole generation of mixed Natives to deny the origins of their ancestors. We need to support the work of Mexican scholars like Citlalli who want to change and write their own history through the lens of the Natives, first.

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