The sexual pathology of the mixed-race black woman. On how the dynamics of black relationships still rely on the legacy of slavery

Image result for laura govan tiffany pollard
Colorist Laura Govan, left and Tiffany Pollard, right/ Credit:TV ONE TV

Black people are sick. This should not be read as an insult but interpreted as a diagnosis. Indeed, how could a community heal from four hundred years of trauma, often followed by a century of European colonialism and a new form of neo-colonialism in the 21st century? These horrific events have truly damaged our essence as most of us do not even know where we come from and who we really are. Whether you were deported or not, we are all affected by a feeling of incompleteness and void. These years of enslavement have broken a link with our past many of us suffer from until this day. For this reason, if many members of the diaspora have been protesting for black rights, the real revolution should be silent. But the trauma we have experienced for so many centuries pushed the younger generations to fight on the surface all the while ignoring the inside.

Racist moment when Laura Govan complained about the show not having enough light skin/mixed people in the cast. Dark skin Tiffany Pollard put her in her place and Govan claimed in her defense, that her “father is black” as well as her children.

Black people have been marching and protesting yet, most of them refuse to evolve in silence. In their quest for revolt, they are actually looking for the approval of the white master who still shapes them and made them a part of his system. Black people can not exist without the presence of the white entity or without feeling the presence of a white gaze upon them. And for this reason, they not only fear staying in the shadows and evolve on their own but they are not strong enough to face the hurt and horror left by the consequences of these horrific eras which preceded them. Fighting for BLM (Black Lives Matter) is one thing but no one wants to dig into the inside and fix it. It hurts too much and there, the white gaze is not required.

Mentally challenged Feby Torres, as well as the other ladies from the Basketball Wives cast, bullied OG, a Nigerian Negroid woman with West African features. They called her “ugly” as a secret code and reference to her features.Then, they tried to defend themselves claiming most of the women of the panel were also brown yet trying ignore the fact that their racism was rooted in the disdain they had for OG’s Negroid features. Torres claims her daughter looks like OG to justify her racist actions/Credit:VH1

For this reason, our societies are built upon generational trauma no one wants to adress. And such issues affect all ranks of black societies as it goes from the ghetto to the black bourgeoisie. All social black castes have been exposed to generational trauma over the centuries. Yet, the most fortunate and wealthiest manage to hide their pain behind their titles, success and social triumphs all the while looking down upon the poorer black social classes to please the Whites. Most of our interactions with each other are also rooted in this pattern of shock, abuse and mental issues. And unfortunately, sexuality and love have been also greatly affected by it.

When accused of perpetuating colorist and racist views against their own people, naturally light-skin black women and the mixed ones who dominate the latter category often explode with rage while facing such accusations. Most of the time they always use the same excuse. “They call me a racist and a colorist but how could I be a racist and a colorist when my husband is BLACK and my children are even DARKER than him?” In many ways, such answer is no more different than “I can’t be racist I have black friends”. Contrary to what many can think, colorism is not the problem per se as it hides a deeper problem which few black individuals really want to evoke. The issue of featurism is the real worry in the various black communities which constitute the Great West. From that, many young black women and men have been suffering from it and have dealt with the consequences as the families have been guilty of perpetuating such racist views and visions. (Michael Jackson was one of the few black men to have experienced such sadness. This resulted in the numerous mutilations of his face)

Image result for saweetie and quavo
Singers Quavo and Saweetie responsible for the Birkin Bag controversy. The American industry loves giving millions to minorities who are not very bright in the intellect/Credit: GQ

Though slavery has been abolished, black people themselves have been guilty to have perpetuated all the horrendous tactics promoted by the slave masters at the time. Black men in the music industry were always the first to campaign for the promotion of racially ambiguous mixed women at the expense of dark skin Negroid black women. Not the white men. And unfortunately, mixed race women and black women with a lighter complexion have also greatly contributed to the expansion of such racial views. If the white master is no longer there to sexually fetichise the mixed body, you can be sure that mixed women will keep repeating it themselves and allow black men to use them as sex objects as they are now acting like the new sexual slave masters to the exotic female figures.

It is said that beauty is one of the first factors that one looks at upon meeting a significant other on a date. It is true. But in the mind of a black person, skin tone and racial features define how one man or one woman will treat you in the future. Many dark skin Negroid women who hate their own blackness spiritually look after mixed race men with lighter skin complexion. In this demise, skin color and ethnicity sexually arouse black individuals more than the spirit of the other people they meet. An evil light skin mixed Black American man with a bad heart and cruel intentions could be chosen by a dark skin black woman who despises her own self easily. He would represent a prize and an incredible door to escapism. It is more than common to see non-mixed dark skin or brown skin women tolerate horrible behavior perpetuated against them by mixed men who would disrespect their bodies and integrity. Yet, despite it all, due to the sexual power of their diluted and mixed genetics they would have no problem to embrace him and even reproduce to have the “baby trophy”.

Image result for diddy jennifer lopez
Opportunists Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez who never had an ounce of vocal talent stole art from black women, (as well as their voices) to elevate each other’s career in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Diddy, along with many other black moguls were the real responsible for the disappearence of black women in the industry as they helped Latin producers promote the Latin craze. From that point, black women were not exotic anymore. Lopez used black men to advance her career and later went back to marry Boricuas and Dominicans for the sixth time in her life/Credit: Pinterest,Getty Images

Light skin black women always have a degree of feeling of superiority regarding the dark skin black men they choose. As they already come from the side of escapism, though produced by generational rape, it is not difficult for them to go back to the deep darkness for they know their dilution will not necessarily give light to a pure dark Negroid child. Worst. Many mixed women do choose dark skin men on purpose and rejoice in the darker skin tone of their children to feel even more elevated upon looking at them. The disdain white people attribute to them is being overthrown as soon as they create their own home. Yet, many light skin and mixed women who built their relations on such foundations, actually lack confidence and would feel threatened by the presence of a beautiful dark skin woman. And in this case, if any problem opposes them to a darker skin entity, the inner racism which is rampant in the black communities will come out and the words of abuse will, unfortunately, be a part of it as well. In this scheme, the light skin woman would be the first to expose her own animosity towards the darker skin figure she deems to be a threat. Most relationships which include a light skin woman and a dark skin man are not sincere and rely on the racist tactics of colorism. A mixed woman will always be a prize to a dark skin man for he will always, to a certain degree, sexualize her and use her as a trophy for prisoners of their own sexual trauma and insanity. Trapped in the legacy of slavery, we are bound to evaluate each other through secret codes only we know. Those include the skin tone, the hair texture and the racial features.

Image result for evelyn lozada chad ochocinco
Evelyn Lozada has had a questionable behavior towards black women. She unfortunately falls into the colonial trap of the mixed Boricua to seduce clueless Black American men/Credit: Evelyn Lozada,VH1, whomever the photo belongs to but not me.

Many mixed women actually choose their black partners for the elevation of their status as we said, but also for the weakness of their thinking abilities. Indeed, a mixed female figure knows that white people will never really choose them for closer to whiteness, yet, the only space where they can find a man to dominate is among the Negroids. Yet, as she has been used to develop such tactics she is already aware of the mental conditioning of the men she sleeps with. She knows that she is nothing less than a trophy to them and will exploit such characteristics to obtain what she wants. From expensive shoes, to clothes to cars or even a house. The mixed female entity considers her own body to be above anyone else’s, especially that of a dark skin black woman she can secretly be jealous of, and will have no restraint in using it in exchange of money. Even if physically unattractive, her skin tone and features will always make her the prize to the eyes of the dark skin Negroid male. The mixed female entity is broken to the core and is only evaluated through materialism. As a consequence, many lost mixed women who hope to focus on the inside and the depth of their human experience find themselves trapped within the horrible schemes perpetuated by black people themselves. It is therefore not rare to find mixed women marry outside of the black and white range, choosing different races so as to distance themselves from the trauma of sexualization.

A mixed mother can easily feel satisfied if the child she birthed with her dark husband favors the looks of the latter for she knows her infant will not, growing up, rival with her. To the eyes of the child’s friends and to the eyes of society, she will always be at the top and regarded as the beauties among the beauties while the Negroid child will suffer from not having inherited from such privileges at all. The mother can even find indirect satisfaction in such demise. As she does not know who she is, she actually exists through the image she projects. She is the star and the children and husband are supposed to be the fans. If malicious enough, she can use her family as an example or proof of pro-blackness to the eyes of the world, all the while navigating between her deep anti-black feelings and the pro-black role she wants to portray to gain the sympathy of the Blacks. This move is similar to that of the pro-black mixed female activist who would claim to hate her loose curls, her features, green eyes and light skin she deems to be a consequence of racial sexual abuse when the black women she claims to be a part of would kill to have an ounce of what she has naturally.

Image result for black couples dark skin
Image result for black couples dark skin
Image result for black dark skin couple goals
Beautiful Negroid couple, unfortunately, the courage of these young black men who choose dark skin women is often challenged by the racism of their own family/Credit:Pinterest

The dark skin family she created can be an alibi to clear herself from any racist accusations. Indeed, if she was such a racist she would have never chosen a dark skin Negroid man in the first place.

When it comes to the sexual intensity of their relationship, the dark skin man will be aroused by the skin color of the mixed woman he chose as well as her natural attributes, such as her natural hair or curves. And the latter will be sexually excited by the feeling of domination she experiences knowing a dark skin Negroid man worships her to the fullest for being the object she is. The contrast of their two skin tones could also be a key factor in such exchange. In this sense, the mixed woman shares the same animalistic vision of the black man promoted by the slave masters four hundred years ago. He would be a brutal animal and a sex machine who is excellent at satisfying her. She would objectify him as much as he does reduce her.

However, many dark skin couples who choose to remain together or a dark skin black man who loves and chooses a dark skin woman will always be exposed to racist remarks coming from his own family. Someone will always reproach him that his wife did not bring enough fantasy, color, flavor for being too dark. There would be, therefore, no “racial balance” at all. (understand the union of a light skin entity and a dark skin man or vice versa). Choosing a dark skin Negroid man is really easy for a mixed woman for she is secured in her position of not tarnishing her heritage. Indeed, even if she reproduces with a black man, she is still the prize and can leave him for another one.

Yet, in their hypocrisy, many dark skin men use mixed women to hide their own colorist and racist feelings. Many mixed women get trapped in the sexual objectification of the black men they really love and finally have to pay the price for it. Indeed, many dark skin men who claim to be pro-black have internal conflicts for they are more attracted to mixed and white women and refuse to acknowledge it. For this reason, their pro-blackness is compromised for dishonest. Nobody should dictate what an individual wants in their hearts and their feelings for another person. This improbable schizophrenia would result in the mistreatment of the mixed woman. They would reproduce with her and refuse to acknowledge that their children are also mixed. Worst, they would do anything to deny the non-black heritage of the woman to silence their ambiguous thoughts. When making a mistake, the mixed woman will be blamed by the man who will put it on her “white” or non-black side as if to shame her. He is as proud as he is ashamed of her. The real issue is not even the mixed woman but the simple fact that the man hates his own blackness, his features and has a hard time accepting he is only attracted to mixed and white women he finds more beautiful. Going to the “other” sphere would also give them more peace of mind as the black community has also become more and more oppressive and toxic over the years.

It is in this twisted fantasy and dynamics that many cursed relationships operate as many have been guilty of perpetuating racist views promoted by the slave masters at the time.

It is in these hard conditions that generational trauma is still projected upon the next generations to come. No one wants to recognise how sick black and mixed people are.

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