The new Taino movement tells us it is time to get rid of the colonial term “LATINO”

“Name: Jorge Baracutei Estevez Age: 58 Years identified as Taíno: since age 5 My grandmother and mother always asserted that we had Native ancestry, and that our hometown of Jaibon, Dominican Republic was home to many people of Indian descent. When I entered school in the United States, however, I was told that we were extinct. This led me to research and eventually work at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.”/Photos by Haruka SAKAGUCHI

What if, actually, all the mixed-race indigenous peoples, whether from Mexico, Puerto-Rico or even Panama (among many others), decided to reject the “Latino” appellation and replace it by “Indigenous”? After four hundred years of slavery and brutality, the so-called “Latin look” is nothing less than the color of a mixed race indigenous population whose ancestors have been sexually attacked. If such revolution was to happen, then the so-called high percentage of White Latinos would definitely drop by 60 per cent, at least.

The new Taino movement is historical and is what we all needed in the west. It is the beginning of a brighter future. Yet, as surprised as I was, I also noticed one issue mentioned by one leader, Jose Baracutei Estevez. Indeed, the latter said that by the mid-19th century, many groups of Tainos in Puerto-Rico were still present but were put under the “Black “category on purpose by the Spaniards who did not know what to do with them, as they despised their culture. The leader called it a “paper genocide”. The question which remains is, how many other racial erasures have taken place since then? This same eradication was also present in Mexico with the African community. Fifteen years ago, the Mexican government claimed there were no Black Mexicans. However, since 2018, almost 3 millions of them have identified as “Afro-Mexicans”(see link at the end of the article). Why do we always have to wait for White people’s approval to rewrite our own history as colonized entities?

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Unfortunately, many modern Caribbeans cannot envision the true horrific roots of their racial makeup they always present with pride. The three cultures were not “brought together”. The Natives were invaded, raped and the Africans faced the same fate later on. There is nothing exotic about such race mixing. A Boricua IS a Native and also an African, sometimes. Not a SPANIARD/Source: Pinterest

For almost four hundred years now, our identities have been totally crushed, destroyed, annihilated to the point where any attempt to get back in touch with our ancestors and their practices is considered demonic and vilified. The diaspora and the indigenous populations from the Caribbean and South America no longer know who they are. Yet, the white and Eurocentric media have done anything in their power to hide any deep movement which promotes a return to the original roots of one’s ancestors. Indeed, since the early 2010s, the news outlets have been happy enough to write about and give space to fraudulent, criminal and racist new colonial agents such as Rachel Dolezal and Jessica Krug, in order to dissimulate the real work of self-reparation of dismembered peoples who were crushed by history.

The more one studies history, the more one understands how, since the 16th century, Europeans have done everything in their power to maintain the colonial and racist political scheme which was aimed to keep the Africans and Indigenous populations blind to the true horror of their conception. It has become almost impossible now to return to our own selves without the presence of the European block. It is always through them and them only that we owe to describe ourselves and place ourselves in any given structure.

The use of the term “Latino” or “Latina” is not only wrong to describe the majority of the Caribbeans and Central, South Americans but it is also rooted in deep colonialism. First of all, the biggest insult the colonizers/murderers could have given to their victims was to force them to embrace the identity of the same people who dominated them for four hundred years and more. A “Latino” or “Latina” refers to, just like the term “Hispanic” largely promoted under Richard Nixon, the indigenous white people from southern and western Europe. They are the French, the Portuguese, the Spaniards, the Italians and the Romanians too. Latins were always white. The term “Latin America” is colonial in essence for the colonizers erased the legacy of the Natives, through the terminology, so as to place themselves at the center of the history of the continent. It is extremely important to understand that Eurocentrism does not always mean that the dominant entity wants to place White people at the center. No. It actually means that Western Europeans want to be the FOUNDERS of a civilization they were never apart of. Calling the continent “Latin America” symbolizes that one keeps considering the Latinos as the founders and fathers of the region when they never did nothing less than kill, plunder, steal and rape for gold and to maintain their own status since 1492.


DNA23 is a corrupt and colonial company which centers its research around Europe first. The young lady in the video is Boricua and like many Caribbeans who tested in that company, the first category which comes first is EUROPEAN. Yet, she DOES NOT look like it AT ALL but rather Taina/Source Youtube Channel Natalia Garcia
Same for this beauty

It is more than crucial to exclude White people from the spheres we create to reconnect with our ancestors and past. Not out of malice but simply because, we, Africans and Indigenous, any colonized individual, have been forced to identify through the lens of the dominant figure.

Eurocentrism is a machine which works along with history, politics and science. The European and White American powers always want to insert themselves in the middle of our own issues. And in this case it goes from science to Jessica Krug in academia. Since 1492, it is true, Europeans have dominated the world thanks to the exploitation of murder of the conquered. Yet, they have never created anything new and were always jealous of other pre-Colombian cultures their own ancestors were never allowed to build. They either demonized them, like they did with the Natives or simply tried to claim them as they did with Ancient Egypt. The conquered failed to realize their schemes for they were shaped to give credence to the wealthiest dominant figure. If Europeans have been developing several technologies over the past decades then this means, in the mind of the colonized, that they should be right in everyway. Why? Because the colonized now can profit from such progress they consider to be a chance while the ancestors were already ahead of their time, even before the Whites began to invade.

The racism of the Eurocentric political body and institution goes as far as humiliating black students and scholars who aim to re-write history away from the European point of view. The latter are shunned and mocked when being often right. To discredit their claims they would often quote scientific reviews or results made by White Eurocentric scientists and archaeologists so as to demonstrate how wrong they were. “No, the ancient Egyptians were not black because the last mummies that were tested showed a great amount of European blood”. This same manipulation regarding science seems to be also inaccurate. Many Caribbeans and South Americans who were tested in the American companies showed a disturbing higher amount of European blood in them than Native or African, especially when they do not look Europeans at all. Many Boricuas who do look Tainos have been found with a 47 per cent of Spanish blood. In most cases observed, the people tested always have the European heritage in the first place and not the Native one. Why? Because the DNA companies favor their European DNA first and use the minorities from the Americas as targets to validate the false narrative regarding a so-called White Supremacy there.

Therefore, in the case of DNA testing of Caribbean populations, these white companies use European genes as the center of origin and NOT the Natives at all. Most Boricuas today and Caribbeans are strictly Afro-Indigenous yes, but in some islands just like in Puerto-Rico, the Natives are still here, yet just hidden on purpose.

Science, has always been used a deep colonial and criminal practice to lie to the people and perpetuate genocide. In the 19th century, Italian-Jewish criminologist and racist Cesare Lombroso, used the measurements of skulls from southern Italian prisoners to justify their so-called propensity for crime and murder. The extension of DNA testing companies created by and for White people always place the colonized individual in the spectrum of the European agenda.

In the quest of history, Europeans may have won the development of technology but they have lost their souls and cultures and for this reason, many Jessica Krugs are still living hidden, secretly jealous of Caribbeans, Indigenous and Africans in their hearts. The desire of the Whites to be the center of the conversation regarding the minorities, comes from the fact that their number is decreasing. For this reason, they are attempting to claim populations which were never theirs to make their group higher. In this pathetic quest, Black people from the Middle East and North African region are also considered White by the US Census, for “Caucasoid”. Whites are on the verge of disappearing and need to claim cultures at any costs.

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And rightfully so ! /Pinterest

In that sense, the Eurocentric machine allowed us not to see the obvious. The Tainos never died and are still here. Some cultural specificities may have been forgotten but the Taino race still exists today. Once again, the few Indigenous Caribe people or Afro-Caribbean people with Indigenous Taino who claimed to have had a great-grandmother from that ethnic group were called liars. Worst. Other Indigenous groups from the United States reject the idea of the Tainos as they approve the European tale. Actually, it is more than important to realise that, not one single word said by the European historians should be believed and taken seriously. In this day and age, the story of the the Caribe and South America needs to be re-explored through the lens of the NATIVES first and foremost and then, the Africans.

The Natives have been placed at the bottom since 1492, as most were looking at the top, wrongly thinking that salvation came from Spain. Yet again, millions of Caribbeans and South Americans still put a distance between their heritage and that of the Natives they see as poor merchants with no political power. The original peoples were made ashamed of their heritage by the Spaniards, French and Portuguese, when actually, the Europeans NEVER brought anything new to the culture of the space.

If a revolution must take place, then the study of the Americans should evolve around INDIGENOUS-AFRICAN identity, not the Spanish one. In that sense, it is more than important not to cut or divide but gather each other’s information so as to reject the false narrative given by the Spaniards.

If so, the next generations will stop placing the African and Indigenous movement within the stereotypical box the colonizers decided to do in the first place.

The problematic behind the term “Latino” also comes from the racist historical fantasy which comes behind it. Indeed, due to the confusion orchestrated on purpose, the Caribbeans and Central/South Americans have been sexualized and fetichized and their racial admixture has become the new platform to justify a so-called non-existent brutal past. First of all, as mentioned in the previous articles, modern day Caribbeans and South Americans often tend to downplay the brutality faced by their oppressors by talking about how three “cultures made their ethnic background”. The Latin superpowers in Europe enjoy pushing this narrative of racial mixing to not only fetichize the populations they deem “lower than them”, but to also prevent them from any type of rebellion. Being part white should be regarded as honorific.

Contrary to the northern Europeans who reject the idea of race-mixing -they were the creators of the “one drop rule”-, the White Latinos from southern Europe actually used sexual violence to confuse their descendants even more. The latter category wants to be worshipped and adored. The slave masters and colonizers not only broke their minds with the shock of the torture and invasions, but they also confused them even more when it comes to their heritage. “How can I not be Spaniard too if my great-grandfather’s lineage came from Spain?”. Instead of feeling enraged to have the colonial blood in them, many modern day Caribbeans and South Americans actually take great pride in being a part of the colonial erasure.

This same colonial tactics were also applied to Cape-Verde, at a time when, dictators such as Salazar, under lusotropicalismo denied that Portugal could not be racist at all, using the raped Cape-Verdeans and their variety of shades as an example to justify his lies.

Those were nothing less than typical Latin colonial techniques and evil strategies to confuse the oppressed people. The Latinos Whites have the tendency to create and favor the emergence of “CREOLE” societies organized around sub-racial structures. Those are not only found in the Caribbean today, but in West, Central and East Africa as well. Countries such as Angola, Cape-Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome or even Mozambique have a real problem regarding the racist racial classifications promoted by the Portuguese. There, the lighter mixed individuals will have access to more power than a Black African. Once again, many Cape-Verdeans are still in deny for they were conditioned to believe that their heritage was nothing less than a privilege given from the Portuguese, while their ancestors were not only kidnapped but tortured as well.

Let’s support each other’s works as scholars and historians. We have one serious job to do.

By VKY, All Rights Reserved

I invite to click on this link and listen to the podcast. Why did Boricuas considered themselves “White” on the last Census? Here click

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