On the disdain of Black Northerners towards the people of the South in the fight for anti-colonialism.

Marielle Franco, fresco

It’s been almost three years since Marielle Franco was murdered in Brazil and I still can not get over her death. I am still angry. Sad. I am fed up.

I always thought that her death would open black people’s eyes regarding the huge work we still have to put out in the struggle against the legacy of colonialism. Indeed, what can be more cruel than killing a female body? Though I would not try to make any comparison, there can’t be any stronger form of cowardice than sending a woman to death. A woman like Aileen Wuornos has been abused all her life, taken advantage of, sexually and mentally abused, tried to change and was always disrespected, attacked, brutalized, until she became crazy enough and began to kill random clients she had. Instead of analyzing the processes which led her to such decay, the United States decided to overlook the factors and sent her to the electric chair. It is, indeed, easier to erase a person who went wrong than looking into the factors of society which made her turn into a “monster”.

A society is always wrong when it applauds the physical death of a woman, whether black or white. Women -I am not talking about obnoxious modern feminists-, were important beings to ancient civilizations. They were mothers, vulnerable, strong, the door to the spiritual realm. So when one of them turn into a killer or ends up in the wrong way, the question should be, what did we do wrong to allow such things to happen? Yet, the Western world no longer gives place to compassion anymore, but to profit and exploitation of the weakest link.

Nican Tlaca woman standing in front of the women murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico/Credit:Unknown

Though I am not comparing Marielle Franco to a serial killer, (who was not born that way, but was forced to become one) the brutal death of the Afro-Brazilian activist allowed some of us to come to the sad realization that black people from the West do not care as they have become as opportunistic and cold as the institutions they want to be apart of. Just like Sadboy Loko, modern black women from the West- understand the United States and Northwestern Europe- want it all. They want to please the institutions, be apart of the institutions, be recognised, embraced and loved by these same colonial structures they falsely claim to resist against. Black people want to start a revolution without crushing the evil roots and foundations which hurt them in the past. They desire to change the narrative, some tools, but not the depth of their conditions for fear of losing their privileges. They eventually ended up massively voting for anti-black Kamala Harris, who always hated black men and used her position as a Californian Senator to send them to jail massively. That detail was not important for black American women at all. They still love to represent their “ten per cent” black queen until this day.

In this matter, there is a real hierarchy regarding the struggles experienced by black people themselves and they are actually the ones to evaluate such importance. The fight against colonial domination only focuses on the populations located in the Northwestern hemisphere and never on the South. It is as if, Central, South and Caribbean women, African women had asked to be treated that way. Who, among the Northern feminists can claim to truly care for the femicides in Central America? The horror which happens among the black American spheres has to make the headlines and their fights always have to be anyone else’s as well.

Women in Mexico take to the streets to protest femicide | The World from PRX
Nical Tlaca women from Mexico protest against femicides. In the US, no one cares/Al jazeera
A Rapist in Your Path': Exploring Chile's Viral Protest Anthem | The Circle  NGO
Nican Tlaca woman from Chile protesting against rape/A Rapist in Your Path’: Exploring Chile’s Viral Protest Anthem | The Circle NGO

It’s as if Black Americans have become the only acceptable individuals white institutions give a voice to, when at the same time, voices from the south are disrespected and overlooked. Their oppression is just an ordinary mess in their uncivilized political lives Northerners have been used to for decades. Black women in America and their allies in the West want to force others to believe that their condition is similar to anybody else’s. When their struggles in just a drop in an ocean of ambiguous brutality faced by Black and Brown women in both Africa and South America.

Lost In History on Twitter: ""No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nig..."  Anti-Vietnam War protest in Harlem, USA - New York City, borough of  Manhattan, 1967… https://t.co/DDzgI1H6CT"
Black Panthers protesting against the colonial war in Vietnam. What happened in sixty years then? Why aren’t Black Americans protesting against the wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen supported by Barack Obama they love so much?

This colonial hierarchy was also supported by history. If only five per cent of enslaved Africans were sent to the United States, millions of African-Americans today despise the legacy of slavery in th Caribbean and South America for many consider they were the only ones to have suffered. This is also the reason why you were never interested in reading about Caribbean, South American, Cape-Verdean, Angolan, Algerian or Sudanese history because you have been programmed to think that the only black history which matters is that of the Black Northerners. For this reason, your ignorance of the South is not a problem for you at all for you have been raised to despise it.

The black fight for liberation was always rooted in capitalism. If millions of Peruvians, Bolivians or Brazilians also descend from enslaved Africans brought there centuries ago, their experience is not interesting enough to the eyes of the black Northerners for, contrary to them, the Black Peruvians do not evolve in the richest and most powerful nation on earth, are not Black Americans and for this reason, their legacy remains in isolation. They could be killed and threatened by white corporations supported by Black Americans everytime they vote for evil politicians who make black people promises they will never keep.

Mexico imagines a world without women, in strike against gender violence -  CNN

Marielle’s death never sparked the change I thought it would. She was just another woman of a third world country who succumbed to the corruption of her government. Marielle was just another case similar to the millions of Mexican and Central American women who disappeared or were assassinated by drug lords for no reason. Just for being women. And if we were used to such disdain from white people, it is harder to realise that black people have become the new white people and that the ones living in the northern hemisphere are now carrying the same contempt for the black people of the south they deem inferior.

Black women or mixed Black women who promote the sexual liberation agenda, which is nothing more than a patriarchal white propaganda supported by white women to dumb down our elevation of consciousness, make a mockery of the real issues we face in the Western hemisphere. The sexual propaganda is another way to silence us, all the while exposing us to the improbable pleasures of materialism, making us new soulless enslaved beings to their white institutions. This spectacle is orchestrated to make you forget that the black female body is perceived as an attack, a danger to these same institutions.

Why Chile's New Constitution Is a Feminist Victory
Protests, Chile/Foreign Policy

If a black woman or mixed black woman desires to step away from the social box she was put into, if she refuses to be sexualized, nurture her body in any form, if she raises her voice to expose the brutality of her condition, she will be gunned down, murdered and silenced. The circus promoted by Cardi B and other women of color regarding the exploitation of their vaginas is just another way to make you believe that the fight against colonialism belongs in the past, and that our generations, privileged and exposed to the rules of mass consumerism do not need to see any form of discrimination anymore. Even when murders of Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland and the thousands of other unnamed black and brown women make it to the news.

A black woman who promotes the prostitution of the soul and body to the Great Capital, is not only an enemy, but an agent who clearly contributes to the isolation of the rebel voices. Worst, they reinforce the stereotypes pushed under slavery regarding the automatic silencing of black women’s voices made to be sexual beings.

Whose Knowledge? | The Life and Death of Marielle Franco on Wikipedia
Whose Knowledge? | The Life and Death of Marielle Franco on Wikipedia

A real feminism rooted in the depth of social resistance and anti-colonialism can not be understood by black people from the West who are actually looking after capitalism in all its forms. Franco somehow encouraged her followers and those touched by her story and testimony to change their conception of life from the core. It is therefore impossible to call for a revolution without changing from the core.

Black people reading the text would without a doubt use the excuse of trauma to justify their lack of engagement but they can’t. People know but do not care. And for this reason they can not be taken into account and considered allies. At some point, black people need to choose what they want. You either want to resist against these evil institutions or you bow down to them forever. As mentioned previously in the blog, Black people from the West have been under study for more than four hundred years with the only purpose to be used by the white government which dominates them. Black Europeans and Black Americans know what they are doing and have become apart of the system they say they want to fight against. This has nothing to do with trauma at all. This has to do with everybody trying to lay in the bed of their own interests and close their eyes to the real revolution taking place in the other sphere no one cares about.

The separation is real and women from the South should no longer be ashamed of their struggles and fights. They DO MATTER and the hierarchy rooted in the importance of a given struggle can no longer be accepted.

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