White feminists are weak, spoiled and will never have the courage of our Black and Brown female ancestors.

Sandinista woman, Nicaragua/BBC -unknown photographer

Just like Kevin Samuels said, “You can only be a feminist in a first world country”. And yet again, Karens are mad.

Who needs Gloria Steinhem when you have the Sandinistas? White women’s queens are not ours. And will never be.

Kevin Samuels put a privileged Karen in her place. Thank you!

In every society affected by colonialism, one notices one thing specific. African and Nican Tlaca women* always go to the front in times of war. Indeed. No white woman in our sphere would have the courage and the strength to risk their lives like the Sandinistas did in the 1970s and 1980s. The same fate happened in Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea and many other African countries during the wars against colonialism. African women fought and endured torture. Yet, how come the most privileged women in our sphere -understand white women- have the audacity to complain about men but run to toilet papers and to the police in times of human crisis like we experienced with the early days of Covid 19 ? Feminism was ALWAYS a SPOILED white woman’s narrative promoted as a colonial tool to silence the voices of the oppressed and the tortured Native and African bodies. Still, the question remains. How did we, as women of color in the sphere, (as if white was not a color), manage to look at the fights of our own from a distance without trying to reappropriate their actions?


Unfortunately, Black and Brown women have been the victims of double oppression from their men and the white male institutions. It is true. Colonialism did contribute to the eradication of any traditional mark received by our ancestors so as to merge into conformism. Indeed, a child of immigrants must do anything in his power not to draw attention and avoid rejection from the white institutions. Recognition, to the eyes of many of our parents, came from the upper class and their opinions towards us were even more important than that of our own family members. Our femininity was always colorful, raw, passionate, strong and rooted in work, discipline, dedication and truth. However, white feminism, in its colonial glory, was a weapon used against us to attack such specifities into forcing us to conform into a society which was never ours. At least, it was built on our backs but was not for us.

Cabindan women soldiers take part to the conflict with Angola, around 1975. Cabinda, former Portuguese protectorate, fights for a separate independence from Angola during the decolonization process, following the declaration of Angolan independence in November 1975. Cabinda was invaded by forces of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), with the support of Cuban troops. (Photo by – / AFP) (Photo by -/AFP via Getty Images)

Today, the Western society promotes false Black and Brown feminist figures like Michelle Obama who are the worst examples for they sold their essence to conform and submit to the white institutions which oppress us. On the other hand, the media now use female clowns such as Lizzo, Amber Rose or Cardi B, women of color whose goal is to push another white feminist narrative which claims that sexual exploitation through the use of money is the only door to success for a black woman in the West. Only white women could support such narrative for it keeps us at the bottom. While living in the first world, and privileged to the maximum, they do not know anything about pain, suffering, social rejection, and systemic violence and find themselves trapped in their racial and social advantages. Now at the bottom after having used any vain option to make themselves relevant, they are now fighting for the adoption of a new grammar to extend their agenda of inclusivity and so, gender-neutral propaganda. The exploitation of sex, money and silly causes such as the one lastly quoted are clear indications that these women have nothing more to say. They are bored. They are the establishment and are the system they say they want to fight against.

Our bodies, though sometimes naked in both Africa and Native America were not sexualized. Yet, white feminists from the music industry as well, exploit the imagery of slavery, a time when black women were valued through their physical assets and deprived of essence and humanity. Nicki Minaj’s behind or Beyoncé’s figure which was copied by an irrelevant Armenian coven of desperate bimbos living in Hollywood, are reminders to us all that a black woman can only be recognised and respected by white institutions if she prostitutes herself to the elite she serves. In ancient times, our breasts and bodies were not perceived as assets of sexual temptation at all. Our men saw us as women. Simply. Human beings. Mothers of the earth, humanity, spiritual beings, the door to the unknown and the present, the sacred. Just like they, as men, saw themselves as sacred beings as well.

Lilica Boal, a well-known Cape-Verdean female fighter during the war for independence along with Amilcar Cabral.

It is important to remember that white women were always the greatest contributors to the system of oppression which hurt our male ancestors in the past. Their revolts will never be ours at all. Yet, they never had any restraint using their anger to manipulate female minorities and include them in their own decaying visions regarding femininity. The concept of white feminism in itself follows a pattern of colonialism in a sense that it favors the dichotomy of our own perceptions. If race-mixing and sexual abuse did contribute to the confusion of our identities and the fact that we have issues finding our place in a given sphere, Western feminism is an attack on our minds but also on our female bodies. Due to the false political propaganda pushed by white female activists, we tend to think that their fight is not only inclusive, but also incorporates our own issues. In reality, the white female leaders are secretly jealous of the minorities’ inner strength, envious of the authenticity of their experience. If most of us complain about the harsh pain we have been going through for generations, white women envy such dynamic for they have always been spoiled and have no other choice but to create false fights and problems to ask for changes they do not deserve. Our pain is their fantasy and the motivation behind their secret jealousy.

In this colonial aspect of the feminine body, or the opposition between the northern and southern female body, the feminist leaders want to contribute to the eradication of the legacy left by our female ancestors. White supremacy is not just based on one specific machine, it is plural and various. Catholicism/Evangelical cults were designed to blast our own ancestral beliefs, science and laboratories were created to give credence to material evidence controlled and detained by white institutions, the financial system was designed to allow one certain group to keep the domination and feminism is a branch used to attack the relationship African and Native women had regarding their own bodies. For more than four hundred years now, our temples have been separated from our own spirits. Before white women promoted the use of the pills and other birth control medicine for instance, our own African and Nican Tlaca female ancestors knew how to treat their own bodies, through the exploitation of herbs and traditional treatment. Yet, due to years of colonialism and slavery, the transmission was forgotten. Worst, a few indigenous groups remain in south America today but they are still despised by their descendants and are accused of practicing witchcraft as well. In that case, White feminists want to be our new models and our new examples regarding our place as minorities in the West and the treatment of our own bodies.

A picture speaks a thousand words/Credit:unknown

In reality, none of these white female leaders should have the right to open their mouths and give us any lessons on life and femininity. None of them would have the courage to go to war, to fight, to engage in resistance, to endure torture, to support their men, and defend a country like women of the south did for more than four hundred years.

All African and South American nations which fought against colonialism always counted women in their ranks. And yes, they did fight. Yet, why do the fights of the unknown Sandinistas, Angolan, Cape Verdean, Guinean or Algerian female soldiers and resistant remain isolated and treated like exceptional cases? Why do White feminists always want to accentuate a distance between us and our own women? Why do Western feminists contribute to this? And worst. Why would members of minorities in the West complain about not being included in their groups, crying about their white counterparts not focusing on “intersectionality” enough? When are these lost black and brown women going to understand that no one among us needs feminism for our male ancestors, whether in America or Africa, always held women in high esteem, loved them, cherished them, until White European colonial agents came in our spheres to impose patriarchy and domination?

Better yet. Though not all of our ancestors were kings and queens contrary to Afrocentrists’ claims, we knew about the value of hard work. Indeed. Black and Brown women are way too often strangers to privilege, break their backs and burn their hands by working endless hours to provide for their children. Yet, white feminism still want you to look up to them when many of our own mothers are direct examples of resistance, work, dedication, discipline and focus we automatically despise and look over for not being approved by the white hand.

The Words of Marielle Franco: Love and Dedication to Justice and the Favela  #2YearsWithoutMarielle - RioOnWatch
Marielle Franco/Credit:RioOnWatch

In order to abolish white feminism in our spheres, it more than important to decolonize the Black and Brown women who follow this colonial cult, in the first place. They need to learn that the journey to our past can not include white women at all but must be a return to our own basis, according to the different societies we came from initially. The Sandinistas or the Angolan female warriors reveal that we all carry an essence of rebellion and domination we were forced to tarnish and tone down due to elitism and the desire of our families to merge into a whiteness deemed elevated. We were born fighters. Not modern white women.

If many of them dare to claim that they could survive without men, remember well that none of them would have the courage to abandon their digital privilege, their Instagram pages, followers, superficiality to walk in our shoes for a day. Everything is always safer through the Instagram. And while they parade and debate regarding the importance of their inclusive grammar and sexual freedom, do not forget that, a few miles away, Native women from Mexico and Central America are still decimated, tortured and kidnapped. Remember that Black Colombian, Venezueluan and/or Afro-Brazilian women such as Marielle Franco, still pay the price for their causes white women ALSO want to exploit and appropriate as fights “for all women”. No. It is not all women. Those are OUR women. OUR fighters. OUR sisters. OUR MOTHERS. OUR ANCESTORS. Those are US. NOT YOURS.

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*In this website, I refuse to use colonial terms imposed by conquistadores to define populations which had nothing to do with Europe in the first place. For this reason, the term “Nican Tlaca”, “indigenous” or “Afro-indigenous” to refer to citizens of African descent in the Americas will always be used.

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