The forced “African-Americanization” of the Black and Brown diaporas


Over the past years, a real problem has been taking place. African-Americans are no longer those they were in the 1960s. Their desire to be united to the other oppressed people of the southern sphere is long gone. If many of them refused to fight in Vietnam out of solidarity for the oppressed Asians and as a way to denounce the hypocrisy of the American government, they did not hesitate to fight in Iraq, voted for war criminal Barack Obama, knowing very well about his criminal activities in Libya, Syria, and they keep supporting political parties which enable their pawns to preserve their political domination over the world. The African-American community has been bought by the corporations they serve and hope to fight anti-colonialism, oppression and inequality through the spectrum of consumerism and financial game. They do not want to be the change or abolish the system at all but desire to modify some of its aspects to further a comfort.

The Western sphere is extremely self-centered. After having dominated and influenced the world for more than four hundred years, the politicians consider their problematics to be superior and better than any other political leader who would not come from the “sacred North”. Therefore, their successes -or models of success- should be imposed upon anybody else as well as their failures. And in that sense, the history of their minorities should be considered way more important than any other members of the diaspora. Unfortunately, though the African-Americans did fight in the past to resist against their submission and horrific condition, they, in the previous decades, belonged to a group of oppressed African descendants among many others and never attempted to place themselves at the center of everything. Poets such as Langston Hughes wrote about African leaders, Malcolm X was heavily supportive of Patrice Lumumba, after whom one of his daughters has been named, but they remained one group among many such as the Afro-Caribbeans, and the Africans in South America. However, such dynamic and unity was broken as soon as the white American establishments exposed the African-Americans to the joys of consumerism and capitalism in the early 1970s. From there, the latter would be contaminated by the arrogance of their oppressors and would consider their problems to be the center of the black identity, worldwide.

Indian Kamala Harris, the new black queen of Black American women though she has always despised black men she used to send to jail

In that sense, since the late 1960s, other African descendants living in Western Europe, or Caribbean and South American immigrants to the United States have seen the importance of their experience being crushed as they did not fit into the African-American narrative, and worst, Black Americans themselves can use their position of privilege regarding their geographical position as Blacks living in the most powerful sphere to decide about the validity of some accounts or not. The recent Afro-Latin movement exposed such problematics. Even before that, many Boricuas or Cubans who came from multiracial or black backgrounds were considered not black enough and saw their heritage questioned when their heritage culturally was way more African than that of the Black Americans. Recently, the rapper Cardi B, of Dominican and Trinidadian descent, was exposed to the same problematic. Though she clearly has African features, many African-Americans refused to recognise her blackness all the while considering multiracial women such as Lena Horne or Beyoncé’s mother Tina Lawson, as fully black when not.

The Caribbeans and South Americans really want to express themselves regarding the oppression of their experience but find themselves alone once facing the disdain of African-Americans who do not consider them at all, unless they come from English speaking countries such as Jamaica, The Bahamas or Barbados. Yet, the Spanish speaking ones have a hard time finding their place.

Photo credit: Vox
The fight of this Indigenous Colombian guard does not count. He, unfortunately is not a North American and therefore does not have importance to the eyes of the Northerners./

Over the past years, African diasporas have desperately tried to copy, emulate, imitate and appropriate African-American political problematics when theirs, often, did not have anything in common with the others. The only African descendants who can find a proximity with the African-American experience are the Black Europeans living in the North, in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and the rest. This category of White European colonizers are Anglo-Saxons and distinguish themselves through their ability to reject race-mixing. If they did attempt to rape and dilute through forced marriages in South Africa, Australia among others, they quickly came to the realization that such issues would not work. They, therefore, created laws such as the “one drop rule” to separate their whiteness from the others. In that sense, a Black Belgian, Black Dutch, Black German could find similarities with the Black Americans, but not a Black French, Black Spaniard or Black Portuguese.

Indeed, the methodology of the Latin colonizers differed from that of the Northerners. The Latin leaders have used racial mixing and dilution as a proper way to confuse, dominate and submit their political bodies to the bottom. Their heritage is also far greater than one thinks. Indeed, the Portuguese, French and Spaniards have also created their own Creole societies in Africa, in countries such as Cape-Verde, within Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Equatorial Guinea, La Reunion Island, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guyana and even the Polynesian islands. In that sense, their relation to the Black Americans who were shaped by Northern Europeans is far more different.

Famous quotes from Alexandre Dumas
Black Europeans have no reason to imitate the African-Americans. They have their own problematics. Though racist, Europeans have always been more progressive. In ancient times, Greeks and Romans had Black citizens too and held Africa in high regards. In the apex of slavery, Alexandre Dumas, a quadroon and descendant of a female enslaved African from Haiti became one of the fathers of French literature.

If globalism has truly damaged European nations and the nations of the South, it has also favored a homogeneity among the various experiences of the diaspora. And though plural in their forms and distinction, the black experience has to comply with the Black American model.

Though thousands of Afro-Colombians, Native Colombians, Native Bolivians, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Peruvians, Native Peruvians, Chileans, Mexicans, Salvadorans get in the streets every day to fight against systemic racism, colonialism and the horrific effects of the politics led by the United States, no one cares in the Northern hemisphere. Their experiences do not count for they evolve in the weakest political spheres. Only the African-American experience matters for they are living in the wealthiest and most influencial political area. The cultural beauty of Cuban, Aruban, Trinidadian literatures for example remains unknown for the creators came from the third world. In that sense, not all black lives matter at all.

The political farce has been to lie to millions of young black boys and girls into encouraging them to believe that the Black American experience was theirs. For this sense, one will notice the lack of authenticity regarding the expression of black issues in Western and Southwestern Europe. All movements created by the African-Americans are now automatically reproduced by the Black Europeans who do not even understand why they do it. These same problematics do not even correspond to their own issues at all. Though Europe has been guilty of crime against humanity, the first Europeans were always much more open-minded than their descendants today.

Chile hit by protests against police killing of Mapuche activist | Green  Left
Protests in Chile against the killings of Mapuche Indigenous activist Camilo Catrillanca. Yet no one cares in Northern sphere/Green Left

Indeed, the world has been shaped since 1492 in domination, racism and exclusion. However, before that horrible year, the Europeans did not hold such visions. The ancient history of Greece and the Roman civilization proved it as Africans and Europeans both colonized one another for territories. The Ancient Romans did not base their culture and heritage on race but on a rather shared set of values. And though the civilization was white contrary to what Afrocentrists want to say, there were Black Roman citizens, as much as there were Black Greek citizens. The White Hellens themselves held Africa in high regard and had an admiration for African features and culture. The European racism only became a political force in 1492 with the expulsion of the Moors from Spain.

Even during the apex of slavery and its heritage, Europe was always a complex place where the most racist individuals still gave recognition to mixed Blacks and Black peoples. Alexandre Dumas, a quadroon and grandson of a Black Haitian enslaved woman, managed to become the most influential author in France. Alexander Pushkin, grandson of Hannibal a well-known Black Russian fighter, has been considered the father of Russian literature, yet being mixed race. Later on, during the 1920s, many African-Americans escaped the harsh condition of racial segregation and immigrated to France where they found freedom. Europe was therefore racist, yes, but sometimes way more progressive than many other places. As a consequence, Black Europeans have a far more interesting and diverse history and relation with Europe which goes back to the ancient times of Greece. Their condition can not be reduced to the African-American experience.

The West has therefore chosen their black examples all minorities should follow. Michelle Obama, Indian Kamala Harris, Meghan Markle or Beyoncé should be women to admire. Yet, they have all submitted to the establishment and represent a whitewashed model approved by the institutions. This manipulation is rooted in the disdain of the North for the people of the South. Why should Harris, a future war criminal and a fraud who hates black American men, be more important than Maria Elena Moyano in Peru, Marielle Franco in Brazil, Tupac Amaru Shakur in Bolivia/Peru or the numerous Mexican activists who stand up against femicides? Why should RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop be more important than Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa, Rumba, Axe, Samba and the other genres created by the descendants of the diaspora?

Only 5 per cent of enslaved Africans were shipped to the United States, the other ones to the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Yet, in the prism of consumerism, only the Black American experience counts.

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