Black American men and the sexual fetichism of the black female Caribbean body

Offset - Clout ft. Cardi B (Official Video) - YouTube
Cardi B has been extremely oversexualized and used as an agent to promote porn as soon as she got involved with a black American man who fetichized her.
Video: Offset feat. Cardi B – 'Clout' | Rap-Up
Here lies the colonial problem

As reported in the blog in older posts, many activists have been eager to expose the direct results of colonial rules from a White oppressor towards the crushed black entity. In reality, the legacy of such brutality had a direct effect within the behavior of the members of the diaspora themselves. From that point, their respective position is influenced by the origin of their colonizers, the language they speak and the geographical space they evolve into. In that sense, the descendants of Africans living in the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of northern Europe, hence political bodies which were colonized by the Anglo-Saxons, are given a much more important place when it comes to the exploitation of their social issues at the expense of the people of the southern sphere, either colonized by the French, the Spaniards and the Portuguese and for whom, nobody has ever had any form of compassion. Because of this scheme, an internal colonial design has been taking place over the centuries where Black people from the north are given a better treatment, and have a better ability to penetrate southern sphere and so, even if they are oppressed in the sphere they originally come from. On the contrary, such ability would not be granted that easily to a southern individual who would like to be apart of the northern sphere, as Spanish speaking Caribbeans who migrated to the East Coast, in this case, the Boricuas or the Dominicans, have been met with a rejection whenever some of their activists tried to highlight their African heritage.

A few years ago, an old audio dating back to the mid 2010s leaked on the Internet and sparked anger among Black Twitter users. Starlett Cyn Santana, of Salvadoran and Dominican descent, boasted about her attraction to Black men and how the latter took more care of “Spanish” women than anybody else. The TV Show, Love and Hip-Hop New York eventually showcased Santana’s turmoil as her black American then fiancé, Joe Budden, with whom she shares a child, was unavailable, despised her and her depression. The comments Cyn made on the radio a few years ago sparked a lot of backlash from Black women who failed to see and understand why millions of women such as Santana consider fetichism as attraction. Joe Budden never truly cared for her and only perceived her as a sexual object. And for many men, including black men, the perpetuation of the disrespect towards the Caribbean identity begins with the sexualization of the female body.

Cyn Santana, Instagram Cyn Santana
Joe Budden sexually fetichizing her ex-woman he never cared for and despised after having sexually used her.

All colonized women have been sexually fetichized and exploited, yet the consequences of such issues vary. If Indigenous Mexican women were one of the early victims of colonial rape as early as the 15th century, the Mexican-American community, though also traumatized by centuries of oppression and horror, is still extremely proud and overprotective of their heritage, women and legacy. The problem regarding femicides and the culture of machism which were brought by the colonizers and still plagues Mexico, Central and South America highlight such dichotomy. The overprotection of the Indigenous Mexican women can also lead to crime and excesses as they still have to pay the price for the brutality of society through the hands of the man they marry. The same problematics are also present in Chile where millions of women are fed up with the sexual brutality they have to deal with on a daily basis.

In the Caribbean, sex has become a brutal trauma left by the Spaniards who let generations of women shape their identity and pride within lust and sexual exploitation. As everything has been taken away from the original Natives millions of Caribbeans descend from today, since the times of slavery, the female Caribbean found a gratification in their sexual exploitation and through the mixed-race kids they gave birth to. They never intended to be this way but dissociated themselves due to the shock and trapped themselves within this horrific wall.

Colonial postcards from a dark past, 1890-1914 - Rare Historical Photos
Colonial postcard showing the sexual exploitation of White men towards mixed Malagasy women. Now Black men are doing it too
Vue de Southern (African) Belles & the Aesthetic Forms of Seduction:  Portraying Zulu Women in Early Twentieth Century Postcards | L'Atelier
Early images of Africa showing how photographers from Europe used to sexually fetichize the black body

The sexual exploitation of the Caribbean body is also linked to the geographical colonial aspect of the space. Mexico was colonized by different agents, it is true, however, the country is not an island but a closed large territory with frontiers attached to a greater land and continent, the Americas. Such position gives way to a more static identity and to the real recognition of an indigenous Native people, such as the Mayas and the Aztecas among many others. The Mexicans have roots in one land, not several islands and the idea of nationalism is therefore clearer. On the contrary, the Caribbean are a vast space made of islands surrounded by waters. There was never a sense of stability as people came and left and it that sense, as the inhabitants never lived on a land attached to a continent like the Mexicans or the Colombians, the question of nationalism, authenticity and the validity of the genocide can be questioned. It is indeed easier to manipulate the readers into encouraging them to believe that waves of genocide and rape never really happened in the Caribbean as the image of the place always evolves around sunshine, music, sexy women,sex and territorial lack of stability. Who can prove, then, that the Spanish presence was an invasion and not a simple exploration? Yet, the Natives there experienced the same horror shared by their brothers living in the land and the Africans dealt with the same harsh reality as well, and still do.

I am so sorry for those who can not understand or speak French but this video had to be shared

Colonial geography introduced by the Europeans therefore portrayed the Caribbean island as a place of openness, race mixing, with islands which did not belong to any particular entity as the modern day population has been way too mixed. Once again, the race-mixing argument is still being used to justify the illegal presence of foreign colonial agents and entities. And unfortunately, the female body, either black or mixed, is submitted to such colonial violence. The validity of a Caribbean woman relies on her sexual prowesses. And if White men have been guilty of perpetuating this image it is Black men who greatly contribute to the fetichism today.

Music videos by rappers or R’N’B singers always portray the Caribbean islands as sexual lands where the different race mixing (understand colonial rape) have given light to the most marvelous creatures. In many minds, the Caribbeans can not suffer for they live under the sun, have sex by the sea and dance everyday in a bathsuit. The recent crisis in Borinken (original name of Puerto-Rico), or the abandonment of islands when destroyed by hurricanes are a clear evidence proving that the Caribbean peoples are not perceived as real human beings with feelings but rather as sexual objects made to satisfy the foreign entities.

As Black American men become more and more dissatisfied with the behavior of their Black women who, according to them are becoming way too agressive and angry, they travel to Latinized America and the Caribbean to find their new women. It has become common to find Black American men in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Borinken or even Colombia where they find partners, and exploit them sexually. Their political and geographical position give them access to the different women who do not hesitate to take care of them. Once again, these travels are not rooted in the desire to unite the people of the north with the south but made to further the sexual exploitation of the Latinized body already sexualized by the legacy of slavery in the region.

Black men living in these zones behave like the Spaniards in the past. They enjoy a great space and a disposable body for a few moments. When Cyn Santana claimed that Black men loved Spanish speaking Caribbean women more she was right. They do not care about their feelings but only envision their sexuality, their curves, their assets, breasts and behinds. The Spanish Caribbean woman is a perfect compromise for the colorist man. The hair is long and natural and the assets remind them of Black women as well. Caribbean women are therefore the perfect ideal goal for a colorist and a man who loves to exploit women sexually. In that sense, Black men and the old White women who travel to the Caribbean to take advantage of male Black bodies are no more different than the French and the Portuguese who travelled to Asia, North and West Africa to pose next to naked black and brown bodies as they enjoy the sex they had with the colonized women. In that sense, such colonial practices should be denounced.

STJ decide sobre federalização de Caso Marielle Franco; confira aqui –  Paraíba Master
While women are being sexualized and still sexualize themselves, the opposition is killed.
Why Chile's New Constitution Is a Feminist Victory
Protests held by Native Chilean women against femicides
Puerto Rico's week of massive protests, explained - Vox
Boricua women protesting/Vox

Not one single Latinized country escapes from the sexualization of the female body. And such dehumanization clashes with a great contrast when these same women have sacrificed their bodies in wars against colonialism throughout history. Latinized America is a place where the female body is not safe and constantly under attack. If a woman decides to be sexual she will be left alone yet if she decides to revolt, desexualize her body and fight against colonial brutality, she will be killed. Brazil is still one country of contrasts where Black women only exist through sex but where they are also gunned down and attacked when revolting. Marielle Franco paid the price for such issues. In the 1970s, and the 1980s, the female Sandinistas spent days in the jungle to fight against the far-right Contras. Yet, such heroic figures are erased by Latinized women themselves who perpetuate the pride in the fetichism which has been passed down from generations to generations.

When evoking the term “LATINA” no man would first think about the women with respect at all as sex would be the first element to come to mind. Horrible vocalists such as Jennifer Lopez (a great culture vulture), or even the great artist Shakira, have been guilty of letting the industry sexualize their image and disrespect the heritage of the Caribbean, a place which has become the paradise of the foreign degenerate sexual tourists.

In many cases, many Caribbean girls will justify the oversexualization of their behavior by the fact that they are from the Caribbean. In reality, they have been manipulated for centuries into thinking that sex is the only thing they can offer. And in a world dominated by colonial aspects, women can find a satisfaction wherever they have attention. Cardi B, born to a Trinidadian mother and a Dominican father, has had her image tarnished and trashed by the corporation she serves. In her early stages of her career, she was always funny but also vulgar sometimes. In her first studio mixtapes, she did rap about sexuality but rather in a way to assert her desire to embrace her femininity in a male-dominated environment. Yet, as soon as she married Offset, a colorist black American man, Cardi B began to oversexualize her image, going as far as rapping about her WAP. This degradation is also rooted in colonialism as many Caribbean women like her are encouraged by Black men to become the sexual fantasy they want them to be. In that sense, they only think that sex is the only product they can offer before anything else.

Cyn Santana was fetichized by Joe Budden. The sexual obsession for the female Caribbean body is also applied to the Caribbean men who, though the descendants of fierced fighters, are only considered by foreign women, including black American women, as sexual objects with gigantic members whose only purpose is to satisfy the women. Once again, this silent brutality is rooted in the consequences of slavery. And unfortunately, no body seems to care at all. The Caribbean are still being exploited in resources and human beings as well.

It is time to decolonize our minds, educate our young sisters and brothers and teach them that the glory of a soul can not be sold for sex and false attention.

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For those who speak French, here is a video of Pascal Blanchard a scholar who wrote several books about colonial rape and sexuality
Basic White French woman sexually exploiting Black men from the Caribbean
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