How is Natasha Bannan different from all the other White usurpators you support in Latinized America?


The members of the Latinx movement have attempted to use the case of Natasha Bannan to create a new controversy regarding the issue of women and men lying about their racial heritage to have a career in academics. It has been recently discovered that a lawyer, known as Natasha Bannan had been lying for decades about being “Latina”. Though perfectly bilingual, she posed as a Boricua and a Colombian woman with Italian and Irish roots. Yet, it has been revealed that her family actually came from Italy, Ireland and Russia and were also Sephardic Jews. The “exposure” created a backlash in the Boricua community as Bannan had been using her voice to speak on the behalf of the citizens of the island. Actually, the feeling of hatred felt by the activists regarding the Bannan case makes no sense at all. Indeed, why should they be angry at her when they have been supporting the false propaganda of “triracial ideology” to further their desire into being accepted and placed at the center of Spanish, understand white, identity?

The LatinX activists have no legitimacy to be angry. First of all, as we wrote previously in the blog, the LatinX movement is just a new colonial movement made to be accepted by WHITE CREOLES. It is not decolonial at all for it keeps the Latin White heritage at the center instead of removing it so as to put back the original Natives as the founders.

Prominent 'Latina' Lawyer Pretended to be Puerto Rican and Colombian
Bannon/Instagram Bannon
GASTRONOMIA SALVADOR: Camarote Claudia Leite
That’s right. A White privileged Brazilian who has been exploited axe music at the expense of black people the original creators is the face of Africa’s culture.
100 mil curtidas, 3,261 comentários - Veveta (@ivetesangalo) no Instagram:  “#NaoMeOlheAs… | African wedding attire, African print fashion, African  inspired clothing
Ivete Sangalo is not a bad woman at all and has the audacity to be humble. Yet, the exploitation of a culture which is not hers has been approved by many but not for any longer. She is not even the originator of axe music

If the LatinX platforms are so quick to recognise all races of Latinos as one, ignoring the colonial racism and background of the European white groups towards the Afro descendants and Indigenous, why are they angry for? The hypocrisy is irrelevant and makes no sense. In the history of Latinized culture, millions of Black and Brown Latinized individuals have been the great supporters of white figures representing the essence of cultures created by Natives and Africans. If one is angry with Bannan for her “usurpation”, then the LatinX activists should have had protested for years, against the whitewashing of the political life of Latinized America as well. Nobody really stood up to ask why the Peruvian rulers in official institutions had little to no blood attach to the land? Why would Peruvians vote for a Polish or a Japanese president instead of a son of the land? If you are mad at Bannan then you should also be enraged regarding the whitewashing of Black Brazilian culture represented by Claudia Leitte, Daniela Mercury or Ivete Sangalo, when the real originators remain in the back. If you are really upset, then why don’t you consider Ricky Martin’s family to be usurpators too? Why is the election of a descendant of Spanish colonizers and Lebanese at the head of the Dominican Republic not protested neither?

Indeed. If one considers Thalia to be as Mexican as an Indigenous Native Mexican woman such as Selena Quintanilla or Yalitza Aparicio Martínez, then, in the name of the holy racial trilogy which erases black and brown bodies, then there is no reason to be angry with Bannan.

What Gisele Bundchen eats to stay in shape

Academics involved in the LatinX movement refuse to admit their wrongs and the lack of logic behind their platforms. There can not be any revolution within compromise at all. As long as Spain and Portugal remain the center of sphere through which we are supposed to be united in shared languages, usurpators will keep coming and actually, LatinX academics and historians have been guilty of supporting the erasure of the Native body they still want to replace by the White one.

Bannan never truly lied about her heritage when she called herself “Latina”. Actually, she is the real Latina here, as she is Italian. Why condemn her when millions of Germans, Swiss, Czech have passed as actual Argentinians, Chileans, Brazilians or Mexicans? Though descendants of colonizers and racist, great supporters of racial castes, they have never been exposed but rather cheered regarding their addition to the variation of the Latinized identity LatinX academics love so much. If Gisele Bundchen, a descendant of German colonizers can claim to be Brazilian and is being recognised as such by the LatinX media, then how is Natasha Bannan a liar?

The case of Natasha Bannan can not be compared to that of Jessica Krug at all, a racist and colonial agent who hoped to exploit black people for her own gain. Bannan is like many other usurpators whose families have built their privileges on the backs of Native Americans and Africans and who do not like to share their advantages with populations they deem inferior. Yet, when activists attempt to expose such disparity when it comes to the racism of White colonial agents and their direct descendants in the sphere, they are automatically met with rejection as their opinions are crushed by a perpetual accusion of trying to pull the race card at anytime.

When millions of Afro-Indigenous people such as Amara La Negra were explaining their struggle you told them to remain silent, that such struggles were the product of their imagination. When Black Colombian female activists die at the hands of the Colombian police for fighting for the rights of their people, you silence such topics in the name of a triracial ideology. When Black Panamian activists and authors attempt to highlight the visible whitewashing of reggaeton, a genre created by Black people, they are called obsessed and confused.

If you desire to keep the Black and Brown identities close to the Spanish/Portuguese heritage, then it is unfair to mistreat Natasha Bannan. When you support racist channels such as Univision or magazines which contribute to the erasure of the original founders of the Latinized culture: Black and Brown peoples. On the contrary, academics would rather keep supporting the ideology of racial plurality, directly contributing to the demise of the oppressed.

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