VKY: The Podcast “For the Recognition of Caribbean Multiracial Whiteness”

The recognition of multiracial whiteness, as advocated by scholar and critic A.D. Powell is more than important, especially when it comes to the fight against colonialism in our spheres. The recent case of Jessica Krug revealed that many intruders can penetrate the sphere of African descendants so easily as, since slavery and colonialism, new socio-racial categories have not been recognised. In that effect, the various bodies were either placed in a “Black” or “White” box when millions navigate between the two. If one desires to heal from the pain of slavery, the study of the whitewashed individuals throughout history is more than necessary. Multiracial White people, should be free to organize their own category and enjoy the freedom of claiming their African lineages without fully Black people reject them brutally for the color of their skin. Consequently, such creation would deeply prevent white frauds such as Jessica Krug or Rachel Dolezal to invade black spaces by the octoroon door.


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