VKY: The Podcast “White Feminists are Desperate and Spoiled. They Want our Essence”

This video is a direct response to Kevin Samuels, a dating coach who has been extremely honest regarding the position of modern women in society. A few weeks ago, Samuels confronted a White feminist who boasted about having managed to create her space in a male-dominated environment. This podcast is response to all Western feminists, black and white, who have become the new agents of the institutions they serve and who, due to their political domination as they evolve in the most powerful sphere -the West-, are being supported by the media when their fight is illegitimate. Modern women are spoiled, privileged even in their demise and hope to create false fights such as “gender neutral issues”, “inclusive grammar” to cope with the fact that they have gained all things they wanted. They are bored and should never be compared to the courageous Mexican, Central, South Americans, Caribbean and African women who actually went to war to fight against colonialism. When millions of Central American women suffer from femicides, White feminists from the West have the audacity to cry for invalid fights, all the while being arrogant towards white men who have become hopeless.


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