Derrick Jaxn is THE Satanist. Not Lil Nas X: On Black Christians’ Hypocrisy

Instagram/Derrick Jaxn

Busted rapper Lil Nas X released a horrible video entitled Montero (Call Me By Your Name) which received a tough backlash. In the short film, X comes out as an official devil worshipper, grinds and twerks on a visibly red Satan with black features who, angry and sitting on his throne, lets the rapper twerk on him. However, at the same time, love expert and guru, Derrick Jaxn was exposed by blogger Tasha K as being unfaithful to his wife for ten years with sexy black women he met on the Internet.

These two events rocked the sphere and took incredible proportions on Twitter at the same time. Many critics have accused Lil Nas X of having gone too far in his video, as revealing himself as a true Satan worshipper. Yet, though Derrick Jaxn was exposed and mocked by black men for his masquerade, nobody really understood that the rapper and the guru share the same Satanic essence. Indeed. Lil Nas X worships and reveals the source of evil while Derrick Jaxn hides behind a Bible to dissimulate the fact that he too, is impacted by the same evil influence. Actually, he is the ULTIMATE Satanist. His actions are much more ugly and disgusting than the monsters shown in Lil Nas X’s videos, but our programmed hypocrisy will encourage us to throw a stone at the rapper and not at the guru who steal preserves his good image due to his beauty and amazing shape. Out of the two, Lil Nas X took a stand and chose his side openly while Jaxn is not a Christian at all, but a Satanist who hides his purpose behind the Word of his God.

Interestingly enough, the Book of Revelations 3:16 in the New Testament reads one important passage from God himself: “

“So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” “But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!” 

Lil Nas X made his choice and showed you what side he was on, from then on, but not Derrick Jaxn, who still has the possibility to hide his real purposes behind his beauty, not choosing a stable camp to deceive even more. In this matter, Lil Nas X is the least dangerous as he, as a free human being with free will, will eventually harm less than a person who does evil all the while hiding behind good purposes. Many celebrities in Hollywood such as Cardi B now refuse to be related to Lil Nas X , as many others turned their backs on him. However, Cardi B, a self-proclaimed Christian, is the same hypocrite woman who encourages young Black and Brown women to whore themselves out, promoting lies regarding sex and self-confidence all the while refusing to let her little daughter listen to WAP. The most important Satanists are the ones no one would even think of them as being Satanic. The bearers of beauty and light, they are. Not the monsters who actually call themselves Satanists.

In reality, Satan’s purpose is so evil and dangerous that his ways to achieve his goals will be perceived as fun, game-changing, new and liberating. He will come to the people with a smile on his face, all dressed in beauty but will poison your mind and hurt you.

And that is the reason why X was attacked as he came out with what he believes is the truth in its most brutal and darkest force. Yet, is he more dangerous than Jaxn? Indeed, the X faces a backlash as he exposed the world to ugliness and monsters, hence attributes which are a part of Derrick Jaxn but which are also easily dissimulated behind his good image. Lil Nas X does not have the muscles, the good light and perfect facial features to perpetuate his chaos. And this is how Montero highlights the hypocrisy of a gullible Western people, who, in a matter of fifteen years have let governments plunge us into a global sphere geared towards a New World Order. The backlash means nothing. In a matter of twenty years, more and more Satanic videos will be released and Lil Nas X will be remembered as a groundbreaking artist who took risks.

One of the man is a believer of Satan while the other claimed to be a follower of Christ. However, the Satanic one appeared to be much more honest as he did not decide to hide his true Satanic beliefs anymore and declared it to the world. The Christian one actually is the one who took great pleasure in manipulating, lying, cheating, stealing, destroying, taking advantage of weak women out of malice, out of a desire to feel an immense sentiment of power over his followers, all the while dissimulating his true colors behind a Bible. In that sense, between the two, Derrick Jaxn is the real Satanic being, not Lil Nas X, who has just declared to be a part of the Satanic realm but did not actually decided to pervert and lie to his audience for money.

Jaxn is nothing more than the product of the modern Black Christian Church. There, the Jesus of the Bible, who was actually killed for having rebelled against the Pharisees and their lies, has been toned down and false pastors do not preach the truth but tell the crowd what they feel like hearing. Out of despair, many individuals go to Church hoping they will find an answer, but the pastors and the groups, filled with hypocrisy themselves, preaching one thing publicly and doing another thing in secrecy, would rather judge, condemn and attack the members who would question the topics. Any individual who does not fit in the Church narrative is either perceived as an outsider sent by the devil or is made to be blamed for his own problem when in reality, the said Church is weak and does not have any spiritual power to answer the questions.

The Black Churches have become a place where desperate Africans with problems have let go of their common sense and let their spirits into the hands of evil pastors who take advantage of them through particular techniques, words spoken and intonations. Derrick Jaxn knew how to reproduce such tactics as he was formed and learned from the Church. Interestingly enough, many Christians claim to fight against the devil but are the first to create new Satanists as the many individuals who were looking for answers in their congregations were rejected, judged and misunderstood falsely said to have an existence Christ can not approve. Out of despair and anger, these same rejected individuals went to the other side, to black magic where they learned occultism and decided to be vengeful towards those who hurt them.

Christianity of today, not only still practices Satanic practices such as celebrations such as Easter-The latter was originally Ishtar, a celebration cult dedicated to the female Satanic goddess and to whom, babies were to be sacrificed in the Ancient Levant. Over the years, the worshippers decided to replace the babies with eggs, as a symbol of fertility, those would be made into chocolate centuries later to celebrate Easter or Paque/Pasqua- but also encourages the people to dissociate from their own common sense and place their lives into the hands of their gurus. The pastors do not care about the well being of their members but would rather tell them what they want to hear so as to keep their church full and the money going. Their revelations are made up and are lies aimed to control and manipulate a fragile soul which has become dependent on an entity.

It is beyond belief to see how Jaxn was never truly exposed and attacked on his blasphemy and constant exploitation of the Word of God to either dissimulate or justify his character. He cheated, lied and manipulated, and the Bible itself calls Satan, the father of all lies. However, his good image and proper visibility does not allow the people to see the real monster he truly is.

On the contrary, one would rather focus on the apparent ugliness of Lil Nas X’s videos and art.

When you dance with the devil, you don’t get to choose when the music stops.

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