Asian Activists Blame Black People for Their Silence: The Audacity Needs to Stop #STOPASIANHATE

Child victim Latasha Harlins (left) and her racist Korean killer (right)

Latasha Harlins was only a child, a young teenage black girl when she was cowardly shot by a racist Korean shop owner in the United States in 1991. Deemed agressive and falsely accused of trying to steal orange juice from the shop, when the police discovered she held her money in her hand as she was about to pay as she laid on the floor once the coroner came, the white female judge Joyce Karlin (yes, I will not hide her name as it is important for the world to know her), decided not to give any jail time to the Korean killer Soon Ja Du all the while blaming Latasha. Yet, if modern day Asian activists whether of Indian, Cambodian, Chinese or Thai descent love to denounce a system they say oppress them, killer Soon Ja Du had no problem benefitting from white supremacy. In reality, as shocking as it may sounds, Asians always greatly benefited from the horrible system of white supremacy.

Therefore, it is one thing for Asian activists to defend their people against the oppression and the racial crimes they have been exposed to, but it is another thing to have the audacity to blame black people for their lack of support when their people are being attacked. Over the years, and especially due to centuries of oppression, Black people whether in the US or in Western Europe have been either used to be crushed and help other racist non-Black populations such as the Asians, the Sicilians or the White Arabs feel better about themselves, claiming a closeness to whiteness or exploited, manipulated and exposed to a fake compassion from the same people when these non-black populations go through oppressive periods at the hands of the WASPs community they want to claim so badly. The White Arab Palestinian activists are guilty of it as well. And just like the Asians, they remain silent when their societies were built upon racism, anti-blackness and disdain for the black Negroid body.

Mahatma Gandhi | Sky HISTORY TV Channel
Ghandi was a racist

It is not as if the Asian hatred for black people was a thing of the past. It is even more than correct to say that Asians can highlight more racist behaviors towards Black people than white people themselves, at times. The same Asian community not only despises the African descendants and members of the diasporas but do not hesitate to create their shops in the toughest black districts in the United States so as to avoid competition. Their main source of income comes from the Black people they exploit but yet despise at the same time. Modern day Asian shop owners do have contempt for Africans and are filled with prejudices as well. A Black person who enters a store will be directly associated with crime. Worst, before Latasha Harlins was murdered in a hate crime for being black, her family had warned several times about not going there, as Soon Ju Da was known in the barrio as being extremely racist and violent. Yet, this element was not taken into account by the judge Joyce Karlins.

Asian activists who blame black people for not supporting the movement enough are not only possessed by the spirit of hypocrisy but they also have a spirit of jealousy and competition with black causes, when they are privileged, were granted privileges by white institutions to further their disdain and domination towards Black.

ChinaMac explains why Asians open shops in tough districts

In the neo-colonial era, China has become, in a matter of only twenty years, the new main colonial agent which greatly exploits the natural resources of the Mother Land to advance their own political structures. Though Chinese have implanted their pawns, through electronic devices and Huawei to spy on political African reunions, hundred of Africans have been facing racism on national Chinese television, but also in universities. During the outbreak of the covid 19 crisis, the Chinese population did not hesitate to blame Africans for the disease and used them as scapegoats, refusing to grant them homes they would, purposedly, contaminate. In South American and Caribbean countries such as Guayana or Trinidad and Tobago, the Indian community has been politically trying to dominate the Afro-Guyanaese to distance themselves from them. Brought to the area as labourers by the Whites, the Indians always were angry with being compared with Black Guayanese of African descent who, according to the colonial criteria, belonged to the lowest sphere. This same disdain is not only present in India where the original dark skin black Indians bleach their skin, ashamed of their brown color as they aspire to fit in a colonized nation which still favors light skin individuals, but mirrors the racism of political Indian leader Ghandi. Falsely elevated as a symbol of peace, Ghandi was a known racist who hated South African Blacks. For Ghandi, Africans and Indians could not be put in the same case at all and such issue aggravated him very much.

The case of the mixed-race Japanese in Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Extremely present in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Chinese community has managed to dominate many spheres over there. Yet, it is in Katanga that one interesting episode in the history of the country was erased. In the 1970s, Japanese doctors were sent to the Congolese province by Japan and as they remained for a short time, they began to have affairs with local Congolese women. Some of them became pregnant, and once the Japanese heard of it, the women were forced to abort. However, some children managed to survive and have been fighting to be either recognised by Japan, trying to find their fathers or be issued an apology from the Japansese government. In vain.

Asian activists need to stop coming for Black people and impose or oblige them to include them when they are numerous enough to stand with one another. Black people do not owe them any loyalty when they have always been considered as low individuals, treated like animals who did not deserve any respect. Black activists can no longer support and defend non-black people who have always abused their power to dominate and crush them when Africans never did nothing wrong to the Asians. The work that YOU have to do as Asian activists is to put your parents, your family and their constant inner racism in their place through the means of education and teaching them about life. It is not up to Black people to cape for you and support your causes for you to be more heard. As long as the issues will remain unresolved, there is no reason for Blacks to support you. In that sense, the saddened Asian activists can find solace within the arms of the gullible black activists who have always been stupid enough to welcome everybody among their spheres, accepting to embrace the card of miserability, a title attributed by history, and become the “Mother Theresa of the Disrespected Non Whites Of The World“. Beyoncé was stupid enough to include the issues of colorism regarding dark skin Tamil women and men in her Brown Skin Girl video, when Indians would never include Africans in their problematics.

Black activists do not deserve to show you any form of loyalty especially when you have refused to talk publicly about the racism you have been raised into.

In this era, each group needs to stand up for their own. As grown, respectable and intelligent folks. It is about my people first, then, we will see. Depending on your attitude towards my own and how your own reacts around my own. The era of full compassion is over.

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