The Borders of Africa Are Much More Bigger Than What European Historians Claim.


Before Africans became Africans, before they were referred to as “black people” they belonged to lineages. If one studies ancient religious books such as the Quran or the Torah, which gives us solid and valid examples regarding georgraphy, one realises that the borders known today as “Africa”, the continent of the Mother Land, are fraudulent and greater than one thinks. First of all, Africa came from “Ifrikiya“, was never the original name of the continent known today as Africa. The province of Ifriqiya was created in 703 CE when the Umayyads seized “Africa” from the Byzantine Empire and thus only designed the northern coasts of the Maghreb, not the entirety of the sphere. In reality, ancient religious texts reveal several aspects which need to be re-evaluated. First of all, blackness can not only be thought as one specific characteristic only attached to the modern delimited continent of Africa as we know it today. Blackness was attributed to several spaces which did also belong to the delimited African continent today. The place known as the Levant today was Northeast Africa and the Black Palestinians, Black Syrians or Black Jordanians present overthere are the evidence of such indigenous blackness. The Arabian Peninsula which has now become Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman which extends as far as Asia was also the extension of the Horn of Africa where remnants of Cushites can be found there.

The Black Iranians were therefore a mix between these Cushitic who lived in the Arabian Peninsula, Black Asians, the enslaved West and North Africans who were brought there and the Turkic invaders. The area of the Mediterranean, before the arrival of the Hellens (a white people) at the fall of the Late Bronze Age was also populated by an indigenous black Mediterranean people whose ancestors descended from the Egyptian branch of the Caphtorites. (Caphtoréens) Though their features were so-called “Caucasoid”, their skin was brown to black and they were the Minoans. Other authors or historians such as Runoko Rashidi or several Indian scholars have spoken about the indigenous blackness of the first Asiatic man. Many Indigenous Natives from Latinized America and the Caribbean had brown to black skin as well with their own features.

Therefore, it is more than important, for the accuracy of history, to debunk and reject the European vision of the earth and its conception of the world, especially when it comes to race. It is beyond belief to realise that colonial and racist terms such as “Mongoloid”, “Negroid/Congoid”, “Red” or “Caucasoid” are still used by the medicine corpus whose members have pursued the evil legacy of racist scientific scholars from the 18th century, by reducing the entire population of the world under four false categories we still submit to these days. A racist country built by colonial institutions, the United States of America still force its population to reduce their various ethnic backgrounds under four categories, all the while lying by claiming multiracial populations such as the North Africans and the Middle Easterners, even when Black, to refer to themselves as “White” as White people are in decline in the whole world.

The limits of the real “Africa” can not be reduced to the defined continent as we know it today at all. The various invasions from the Romans, Greeks, Turks and Arabs have crushed the existence of these different peoples, and the cultural link which brought them together through the Sahara belt which allowed many groups to transit from West Africa to the East and the Arabian world, was also weakened as the various colonial authorities began to claim their stolen lands by creating erroneous new states dividing the populations even more. By the time the Europeans begin to colonize the area, their ignorant historians decided to establish a separation regarding the races of the populations. There would be, therefore, a “White Africa” in the North and a “Sub-Saharan” Africa further south.

There is no such thing as “White Africa” at all. Nobody in the Maghreb is white but rather “multiracial”. Even the whitest Algerian, who would look like legendary player Zinedine Zidane, still carries Black blood. The colonial myth of “Sub-Saharan Africa” was created by ignorant, racist and uneducated White European historians with no skills to undertand Africa at all. They made this false category out of disdain for the Negroid features. In many ancient colonial photos taken in Algeria or Morocco by the French colonizers, Black Algerians with West African features would be called “Negro” as if to not give them the right to claim their indigenous rights to be apart of the Algerian area due to their West African features. In the minds of these colonizers, Negroid blackness only began below the Sahara belt. This false colonial and racist term is inaccurate but also aims at erasing the indigenous black presence in the Maghreb area as well. If blackness only appears below the Sahara Belt, then what can be said about the Indigenous Black Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians, Lybians who live in the south of Maghreb and in the Sahara? Their presence exists within the so-called Sub-Saharan area where Imazigh peoples such as the Wodaabe/Bororo people can be found in northern Cameroon, northern Democratic Republic of Congo or even West Africa and the East around North Sudan and even the Horn.

This deconstruction of the black body which followed centuries of slavery and preceded a century of colonialism favored confusion and inner racism. Until this day, as they were wrongly called the “true Negroes” due to their wide noses and features, the Bantu people from Central Africa, still deny the Africanity of other black populations who carry various phenotypes, as they were made to believe that the Bantu phenotypes are the real Black African essence. In reality, they are just a part of the various African phenotypes which exist today. A Central African is also diverse and admixed with different sides and shades as well but they mostly belong to one stock, it is true. Yet, they are not much more African in essence than a Somali, an Eritrean or a Khoi San, the latter belonging to the oldest African population on earth.

In that sense, it is more than important and crucial to debunk and reject the European vision and conception of Africa and Africans, as their historians remain ignorant, clueless and have taken the power of science into hostage, through laboratories and machines to justify their key to knowledge, when in reality, they are not qualified at all to study such given regions and world areas at all. Geography should be reviewed through ancient oral knowledge from the elders, outside of the European, North American, White gaze. For this reason, teaching in our own schools and universities is more than necessary as the savoir-faire should be given back to the people of the south. As we were programmed to believe that our diplomas and educations could not be validated if not approved by the north. Geography should be decolonized too.

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