Decolonizing Science and the Necessity To Create Database, Laboratories For Natives and Africans

Dominican Tainas/Pinterest

DNA companies have been extremely important in the recent years for many people who desired to explore their heritages. It was even more important for those who descend from colonized areas or deported populations. However, though the Western world has always boasted about their scientific advancement and their superiority, their DNA companies are not only colonial, but they also lack a great data of populations from around the world.

This lady looks Taina. Yet, why is her European per centage higher than the Taino one?
She looks Taina yet why is her percentage so high in Europe?

Whether in DNA 23, Ancestry DNA or others, the companies have good elements which allow one individual to recreate and explore their past. However, their agenda is clear as they have spent many years developing their scientific approach through the only use and exploitation of Western European DNA. The creators of these companies want to secure White DNA first and study their impact and their importance in the world they colonized, disregarding the true indigenous origins of the people they have dominated. And unfortunately, Africans and Natives will never fully have the answers they desire. White people are decreasing and will become a minority in the years to come. For this reason, they need to claim populations who carry their genes as waves of colonial rape happened since 1492.

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Boricua mother and child in Miami. Does this woman look European? Not at all. She is Taina/BORGEN Magazine
Boricua mother and child who look strictly Native and African not European/Pinterest

The results need to be interpreted from the point of view of the European geneticians first and then of the Natives’. That order of importance regarding the domination of science is truly colonial and is the continuity of the “official” written worldwide history as we know it today, whose narrative has been controlled by White people who always used to discredit the thesis or oral history of ancient peoples as they considered such evidence to be vain and not advanced enough. Science in this case follows the same pattern and purpose of European domination. Through laboratories, Europeans want to manipulate the narrative into forcing submitted colonized peoples to embrace the false idea that they descend from Europeans first, before the Natives or the Africans.

Old photo of a Native Chilean Mapuche couple.
This Chilean woman is a descendant of the Mapuche (see photo above please). Yet, like many modern Chileans, her lineage has been diluted and this European admixture is clearly visible on her even if she still carries Native features. The case of the Chileans can not be compared to that of the Boricuas and other Caribbeans who are still HEAVILY visibly Native ! Racial dilution is ALWAYS seen VISIBLY. /BORGEN Magazine

First of all, when it comes to Africa, the data are extremely poor and weak. The Mother Land is the place where the most diverse phenotypes can be found in the world, from so-called “Asian features” in the Khoi Sans, to Caucasoid-esque features in the Horn, to blue eyes and blonde hair, straight and kinky hair. The continent in itself embodies the world and its variety in its entirety. However, as the companies only focus on their European DNA data and the history of the “New World”, the African populations tested always evolve around the same places they deem important in the history of that said New World: Nigerian Yoruba, Ghanaians and Igbo people. For this reason, if millions of Africans from other parts of the world submit their genes to the companies, they will be left in the red as an abnormal proportion of Nigerian blood will dominate and make it for the lack of data they have in their laboratories. If a Kenyan Luhya man, with Rwandan roots and Yemeni heritage gets tested, his Nigerian per centage could be as high as 67 per cent even if in reality, they have only 3 per cent, as the unidentified roots will be overshadowed by the found Nigerian heritage. However, a Ghanaian who gets tested and happens to be 67 per cent Nigerian is not exposed to lies as the regions are nearby and DNA does not take into account false imaginary and African nationalism to determine territories. Some Sudanese clients who thought they were North Sudanese had a DNA test and realized they were more Ethiopians than Sudanese as migrations took place and many of their family members probably decided to “pass for” Sudanese out of shame of being other.

Months After Puerto Rico Earthquakes, Thousands Are Still Living Outside -  The New York Times
Boricua family victims of hurracan. Like many Boricuas today, they are Native and their facial features show it/New York Times

The DNA companies also work along with an algorithm too as the DNA tested are automatically linked to other populations which give credence to their validation of history. A Nigerian man can see his real DNA be totally explored by the companies as the European scientists have linked Nigerians to the New World, attaching their heritage to that of the Natives and the colonial Europeans from Ireland, England or Scottland. They, therefore, belong to the African population which is included within their spectrum. However, a Bantu Kongo, as I have decided to do the experience on a full Kongo Luba person from my family, will be directly excluded from the history of the world. Why? First of all, the Europeans do not know how to collect data and ignore everything when it comes to the classification of Africans. So, the Bantu people (in its variety) have been excluded and drown into the “unidentified”. Even if a Bantu can carry direct blood from White Turks, Italians or Scotts, they will be excluded as their population are not considered a part of their European spectrum. Plus, many Sub-Saharan populations are isolated on purpose as their DNA carry the blood of real Native ancient populations from the Middle East who were black before the Turkic invasions. It is not a myth to assert that it is more than possible that some Bantu people probably carry the blood of ancient Israelites, ancient Greeks or Romans within them (black and white people) who migrated further south over the centuries.

Boricua/Dominican lady. Taina with African. Does not look European/Pinterest, Twitter

The DNA companies also nurture the confusion when it comes to history and race. Indeed, when it comes to North Africa and the Middle East, the whitewashed populations will be used a reference as the indigenous populations of the region and will be heavily stocked in their data. Their colonialism wants to make you believe that the mixed and diluted populations who are the results of colonial rape are the original ones and that an original black people, which still exists today, are gone. White Moroccans are the ones one sees on TV, but in reality, modern day Moroccans in Morocco are still brown and black. However, just like when it comes to Algeria, the indigenous Black Algerians from the south who live in the area of Tamanrasset are not tested and considered as natives at all. The region of the Levant and the Arabian Peninsula go through the same racist classifications. It is only the whitewashed Levantines and Arabs who are considered Natives and not the Blacks. Black Palestinians and Black Israeli Bedouins from southern Israel and the West Bank are never tested when they have been there for ages. What about the Iraqi Blacks too? It seems like the indigenous black populations are left aside on purpose to further the white domination and confusion.

Are North Africans Arabs, White, Black OR AFRICAN? #Africans #Berbers  #Arabs #IKYG - YouTube
White North Africans are multiracial and descend from the Black Indigenous Berber Imazighs now living in the south. Yet, the DNA companies will only take the DNA of those who look like Zinedine Zidane as the main basis of “indigenous” identity to elevate their white European influence. The Black Tuaregs will NOT be tested. Therefore, no one knows to which group Black Berber belong to genetically

The case of the Natives in the Americas is even worst. In islands such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, or Boriken, the results are always the same. The individuals tested always carry a high proportion of European Iberian blood first, then African and finally Native, when the populations tested still look visibily NATIVE and not European at all. This discrepancy can be explained by the data themselves. Once again, the companies will develop their European genes to the fullest but will restrain the Native DNA variations. Thousands of Native clans are still alive today yet, they are only reduced to three or five groups owned by these companies. It is true that the Europeans massively raped, however, not everybody carries European blood at all, as many countries in South America prove that the triracial myth is a lie. In modern nations such as Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela or Colombia, hence, true Native lands in culture and essence as well, millions of individuals are the direct descendants of admixted populations which united Natives and Africans only. Many Afro-Peruvians stricly look Native in the face but carry African features such as the afro hair or a darker skin tone. Latinized America is the home of millions of Native and African heritages, not necessarily European like in whitewashed colonized nations such as Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay where the indigenous population has not only been raped but also invaded by white immigrants to serve the racist colonial purposes of the dominant governers. (Know that Chile still refuses to recognise the Mapuches and the other Natives officially)

Taino Women | Ashley aka "Princess" | Flickr
Modern Taina| Ashley aka “Princess” | Flickr /Pinterest

Many Boricuas with visible Native traits and color had an abnormal European blood quantum when they looked more Native than Europeans. The whitewashing within the modern mixed Native Chilean populations is visible physically. Indeed, though they still carry Native features, their faces show a huge amount of European blood as well. But not the Boricuas and other Caribbeans, Mexicans and Central Americans who still look Native. The higher per centage of White European blood is due to the fact that modern day Boricuas are not considered Natives by these companies and Eurocentric historians at all, but as direct descendants of Europeans not of the Natives first. In the consequence of 1492, Europeans through white supremacy still want to preserve their domination and false narrative by manipulating data so as to remain at the top.

Wallpaper Quotes Sad Boy Loko Newsmax | Quotes All 2
Sadboy Loko is still Native Mexican/Pinterest

This same problem lies in history today. Eurocentric tools such as Wikipedia and other agents want to decide which population exists or not, when the people are still living here. How can the Boricuas disappear if modern day Boricuas still carry their blood and look like them? The culture can have weakened as the Tainos were damaged and their artifacts burned, however, they are still here, especially when the Taino vocabulary has greatly influenced the Caribbean.

Yet, though the facts are before our eyes, we remain oblivious as we falsely think that European scientific corpus is the only one which gives glory and salvation for ourselves. We doubt the evidence as long as the Europeans have not confirmed it, when our bodies, features and behaviors, our souls speak for themselves and claim the truth and our original identities from the start. We need to reject any form of European interpretation regarding our bodies and get together to create our new scientific data to further the discovery of our real history.

We had contact with one another before 1492, but we remain clueless for no one knows who we are anymore. It is our duty, to us, historians to break away from the colonial structure of education and approach history differently as well.

It is not up to Europeans to decide who we are.

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