White Institutions in Music and Politics Use Black People as the new faces of their Institutions. They Know they are dying

Old Joe and Cardi B/Elle

As we mentioned it several times in other articles, the main purpose of black people in the Western sphere is to be used by their white political powers. If the Black Europeans were to open their eyes and organize to put an end to the colonial movement known as “Françafrique” through which various White French politicians have organized to either foment coup or promote their corrupt African minions at the heads of African states formerly colonized by France to exploit the material resources, the French power would crumble from within. At the same time, if African-Americans were to open their eyes and realise the different degrees of manipulation they have been submitted to for centuries, the US, they built, would also crumble from within. Therefore, in order to restraint them from committing such revolt, they are heavily exposed to capitalism, merchandising, false propaganda as well as entertainment. It is not unusual to notice that most black figures promoted as “successful” always come from the world of entertainment. If, by the 1960s, the famous black people counted also authors, writers, journalists as well as dancers, singers and actors, the spectrum has been only reduced to entertainment. This is a way to insult the Black Americans as a way to remind them that, for the white institutions which govern them, they will forever be infantilized babies used by them and who serve their interests. The constant exploitation of slavery furthers the feeling of dependency from the Blacks towards the white institutions as many have been waiting to be accepted by the white institutions. Therefore, musicians who managed to “succeed” and are applauded by black people for “making it rain” (making a significant amount of money), have become the new dumb leaders of a lost people who no longer knows where to stand after years of manipulations.

House Negroes Beyoncé and Jay-Z who like to boast about their power towards the black community they manipulate but who bow down to white entities whose members could either make, remake or break their careers if they step out/CNN

The recent opposition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has exposed such infantilization of the black body. The community in the US never joined forces to create an independent party or vote green. Many were still waiting to be accepted and embraced by the white institutions, especially those who voted for the Democrats. The latter, extremely blood thirsty and the first to foment wars outside to profit from the business of war and conflicts through the exploitation of weapons, have a deep disdain for Black Americans and would insult them everytime then can, by electing mixed foreign Blacks and not them. The selection of the first biracial American president Barack Obama was one clear example. Born to a Kenyan father, Obama, raised by white people on his mother’s side, only became approved by Black Americans by the time he married Michelle, an African-American. His selection was a secret insult form the Democrats to Black Americans as they showcased how they would rather pick the son of an African than an African-American, descendant of slaves, themselves. The same scheme was repeated again with Indian Kamala Harris who was selected as the first female VP of the US. Though black to ten per cent, she always claimed to be Asian-American, used her power to massively incarcerate black men, going as far as hiding evidence to lock them up but was deeply encouraged by black women who suffer from a feeling of inferiority complex in front of mixed race women they consider to be superior. On the contrary, interestingly enough, Republicans, though racist, would rather pick Black Americans with dark skin and Negroid features rather than mixed foreigners to represent America.

Biracial Obama and his friend Hillary Clinton who called black men “super predators” and has untreated brain issues/CNN

In the game of politics, black people are pawns used to advance the system and tactics of their dominant entities. Many black individuals from the Western sphere do not understand that their main use in the area is to be used. Black Americans were never freed out of love and respect for their human condition. Indeed, slavery was abolished only because white people no longer needed it, as they managed to develop machines thanks to the era of industrialization in the 19th century. Blacks owe their freedom to the machines and technology. They are the left overs no one knows what to do with when it comes to politics. And in that sense, as the world has entered the second stage of global politics and power, color will no longer be a problem. In the near future, the relations between Black and White people will only focus on the shared love and submission to the machines, technology, the same political agenda, thoughts and a shared occult Western way of live.

As we enter the phase of the New World Order, races will not be a problem anymore as everybody will be mixed and the different cultures erased.

And as white institutions know that they are dying and that White people will become a minority in the centuries to come, they have been manipulating the people into being used to the presence of black people in their sphere. Yet, they do not do it as a matter of benevolence, but see Blacks as exotic beings which can be greatly used as weapons of destructions along with the Gays and the LGBT community, whenever they decide to mark the passage of an era to another. The fight against dying nationalism and the heritage of the nation-state, has been enthusiastically supported by black political figures who have sold themselves to the white institutions for their own personal gains and to be accepted into power. In our era, white politicians no longer see color, but have no other choices but to exploit minorities into following their political agenda so as to perpetuate their twisted propaganda in the near future.

Out of all the black people old Joe Biden could have chosen, Cardi B and her degenerate values was chosen. It is another insult towards the Black Americans and another way to infantilize them/CNN

Just like war criminal Obama was the biracial face of white imperialism in the Middle East with the wars on Yemen, Libya and Syria among others, the music industry, which serves the purpose of politics, is also being filled with new agents whose mission is to extend the political agenda of these politicians. If the 1990s, known as the last golden era of music, were embodied by authentic black musicians such as Mary J Blige or Lauryn Hill, the new era has split. Indeed, it is only black people who promote the most destructive musical messages in their songs, mixing the excess of capitalism -knowing that black people kill themselves everyday for issues related to money in the ghettos-, sexual degeneration (WAP), social decay or straight satanism, like Lil Nas X. Black people in the West have become the new black faces of white imperialism whose aim is to dumb down the masses and help politicians promote their tactics.

Institutions know color is no longer a factor but they still need to promote the issue of slavery to further the emotional dependency of Black people towards them and to spark hatred in their hearts against white people so as to create chaos in the future, if an chosen president refuses to serve the purposes of the elites. The leaders still want the public to think that color is still a problem when all the events we have been through over the last years have been orchestrated.

Indian Kamala and her army of infantilized, gullible black American women who suffer from inferiority complex and who love claiming non-black people who only carry ten per cent of blackness. They fear the day mixed individuals will create their own categories as they refuse to be left in the dark, as they hate their own blackness. Though aware that Kamala is a corrupt leader who used her power to massively incarcerate black men, going as far as hiding evidence to lock them up and increase her personal rates, black American women voted for her massively and even wore pearls for their Indian queen. Yet, she is the one to stand up against anti-Asian hate but remains quiet on black issues, as she is not black and her 10 per cent Negroid blood won’t change it.

The media therefore, along with their new digital social media platform, have become the key to such masquerade. Success is no longer real but made, fomented and fabricated. Indeed, though she was always a thief and unable to create by herself, Beyoncé, a product of the industry, has been hailed as the most important cultural figure by social media and the media. Her success, though interesting, has been crafted by the technicians and can not be compared to that of a Alanis Morrissette or Cat Stevans at the time. The music industry and the media work like a machine where the last sold out product to the industry is being crafted, and once they release a project, a team of writers is here to elevate them through the manipulation of the content of their article so as to push the musical brand to the status of god/goddess. Though Beyoncé’s music is not memorable at all, all her releases have been widely acclaimed by the media who crafted her. At the same time, their scandals are overshadowed and they serve the interests of the politicians they promote on their own platforms to encourage the masses which follow them on social media to believe everything they do, say and vote for the same corrupt system which will forever take advantage of them.

Yet, the same masses do not realise that the modern day media are fraudulent and detained by the most powerful elites in the planet. They are the ones to control what to say, brodcast or not. By the time Michael Jackson began to revolt against the industry, the same media and journalists had a great time destroying his legacy via their platforms. As early as 1995, before the arrival of social media, Jackson would denounce such manipulation in his album HIStory in songs such as Money, This Time Around, They Don’t Care About Us, or Tabloid Junkie.

The issue still evolves around black people themselves who remain problematic. Indeed, if Whites are brainwashed, Blacks are the most eager to fall for the illusion and believe the masquerade they have been exposed to. Their support to brand Beyoncé is one example. Since the beginning of her solo career, the latter has never ceased to show her affiliation to the elitist corporation which has been crafting her. She is Maria from Metropolis. A young woman chosen by an evil elite so as to be sent back to her community and be exposed as a leader. However, the black masses remain gullible and blinded by the exposure to raw capitalism and money. They were not only brought to the Americas as disposable bodies, but were valued through their prices as demonic racist individuals would be buying them off the markets. Yet, five hundred years ago, the black celebrities pushed by the media still want to force black people to evaluate their value through the amount of money they generate and make.

If White people, as manipulated as they are, still have their authors, scientists or entertainers, the black spectrum of success is only reduced to entertainment only. So as to further the infantilization, control and use these individuals as the new faces of the white institutions in the near future when white people totally disappear.

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