Madonna Was The Mother of White Female Power. Yet, She Ended Up Miserable And Fell Into Her Own Lies.

Madonna/Instagram Madonna

The Generation Z will not even know or remember that the old white lady taking milk bath in her luxurious home on Instagram was the original mother who gave birth to female pop culture and the white feminist crap which ensued. There would be no Beyoncé, no Christina Aguilera, no Katy Perry, no slutiness in your music videos without Madonna, a music thief but one of the hardest working white women in the industry. If Michael Jackson was the epitome of dedication and excellence, Madonna always knew she was mediocre at best but had an incredible perseverance, desire to make it, with no particular talent. With the release of sexual songs and videos, which have now become iconic, such as Justify My Love or Erotica, Madge was the one who understood how to exploit the media as a circus to be the main conversation.

Madonna : On The Cover Of A Magazine OTCOAM rare madonna photos best  madonna photos : 1989 Madonna Photographed by Alberto Tolot
Madonna was THAT bitch/Esquire, 1989 Madonna Photographed by Alberto Tolot

In her youth, she was a rebel, and contrary to hypocritical celebrities such as Beyoncé who like to promote OnlyFans to young black women, when she would never dare have one, Madge never gave a hoot and was always honest about her intentions. She was not here to save your back and send you to heaven at all. She was an opportunist with no talent who used mercilessly and slept her way to the top. An unapologetic aging Italian woman who has been flopping since 2009, she unfortunately got caught into her own lies, as she never had an ounce of decency to retire, live in a remote farm and enjoy the end of her life in all her money. Madonna, like any untalented individual with a complex of inferiority, always felt the need to come back on the scene to speak nonsense, boast about being Madonna or give life lessons to poor peasants from the normal world especially when she loves, along with horrible vocalist and certified homewrecker Alicia Keys,to listen to herself talk about politics.

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery – With Before And After Photos
Aguilera: Emancipation they said or slavery to the corporations?

Madonna owned what she said and was the first to have taken real risks in her career back in the day. There will forever be one and unique Madonna, the other ones being poor replicas whose doors were opened by Ciccone. Yet, the discourse she had in her youth no longer catches up with her now. Indeed, when she was young with a fresher body, Madge-though never a beauty- could boast about using her sexuality to make it in life and empower herself. Such arrogance was heard and important at a time in a society which had been crushed by the first waves of feminism in the 1960s. If men can be emancipated without having to take their pants off, Madonna, like the Beyoncés or Mariah Careys after her, always wanted to reveal their “spiritual emancipation” by being naked or by sexualizing their assets. It is beyond pathetic to now realise that Beyoncé can not have a normal performance without showing her naked buttoms when her husband, Jay-Z, remains covered. In the fight for sexual freedom, why do women always have to be the ones to uncover themselves and not the men?

mick on Twitter in 2021 | Beyonce, Fashion, Queen b
Beyoncé can no longer take a pose without showing her behind. Though she claims to be strong and independent, she remains insecure and still wants to compete with the younger generation. Despite it all, her husband remains always covered but not her. Like Madonna, she is probably obsessed with not aging and will degrade her image to surpass the newcomers who will outdo her, for younger and fresher. A modern feminist will be recognised by her ability to bow down to capitalistic institutions/Ivy Park Photoshoot

Madonna represented to herself the fraud that is white feminism and how much of a damage it is. As many authors have said before, feminism was a double alienation to women. If they rejected the pressure of marriage, family and of their husbands, they then became enslaved to marketing, consumerism, their bosses and capitalism in itself. Feminism was not a real form of emancipation, but another way to enslave and tie the female body to the principles of consumerism, either sexually or financially. The creation of platforms such as OnlyFans and the attitude of Hollywood towards female performers who are forced to be naked is a direct insult to womanhood, an element which is highly despised by the dominant entities which govern us.

Madonna 62 Along With Her 26 Year Old Boyfriend Enjoys A Vacay At Kenya:  Take A Look | IWMBuzz
Madge has to pay 20ers to have sex with her so as to compensate for her desperation, loneliness and drain their vitality./Instagram Madonna

Madonna was the first to push such narrative in the past when she was young as she wrongly thought that her influence and wealth would turn over the course of time. If she was hailed as the queen of pop back in her days, she could not escape the laws of nature. No woman gains value with time when it comes to beauty and the amount of money and power can not impress a man at all.

If Madge was the the one to encourage women to dominate through slavery (capitalism and sexual exploitation), the law of nature put her in her place. She not only has to face the consequences of ageism in a harsh and brutal Hollywood spectrum, but she also entered the world of competition as she refuses to let the younger generation shine, always begging after new acts who do not want to have nothing to do with her. Indeed, the problem that many white and black feminists from the West refuse to understand is that, when one bases their success upon materialism and debauchery, it will never last as a new and younger person will come out to outdo you in evil and provocation. If Madonna had changed her image for good in her forties, she would have had the respect today. Yet, she remained brutal and filled with disdain towards men who no longer want her anymore. In her despair, she is even forced to pay younger men to have sexual relationships with her as she faces loneliness, even in her wealth. Not even her black children can change that.

Madonna Visits Kenya With Boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams: 'A Special Moment  For All Of Us' |
Madonna Instagram
Cardi B Revealed Her Natural Face and Got Accused of Getting Botched  Plastic Surgery
Cardi B no longer looks like before… Insecurity

Women who hoped to follow the false feminist bandwagon will meet the same end as they will deal with the consequences of sexual enslavement through the body to follow a pattern of capitalism. In the industry, women are not encouraged to outdo one another through the power of their minds as their elevation comes from the body. Interestingly enough, it is the women raised by men who are more often encouraged to study and become ingeneers or doctors, remaining covered for the purpose of science. Patriarchy, though somehow abusive, supports women more than the busted Westernized vision of matriarchy.

Madonna wanted to be the representant of the “strong independent woman” imagery but fell hard. Women can not escape their nature. They are vulnerable beings, intelligent who are made to welcome as their value will never increase with time.

Madonna's Official biggest selling albums revealed

Worst. The narrative pushed by Madonna and later on Christina Aguilera, Cardi B or Beyoncé is false. If Madge has the courage to remain alone in her improbable vision of the truth, these women were supposed to represent extreme confidence in their womanhood and sexuality. Yet, they remain the products of the male-dominated music industry, are obsessed with the codes of youth, are slaves to other people’s opinions, and do not love themselves enough as they do not stop using cosmetic surgery to outdo themselves and kill their opponents. These women are not strong but truly insecure and sell a dream they can not even achieve. How come all the feminsit celebrities from the 1990s and early 00s claimed to be strong and independent but display attitudes which reveal their dependence on criteria established by their industry? They are products submitted to the power of rich white men who can either make them or break them. And in her delusion, Madge thought she would escape from it when the same rich white men have thrown her out like a dirty sock for being too old. At her age, she no longer appeals to the younger generation as she refuses to acknowledge that her time is done.

All these ladies did was to prove that a woman can exist without a man. But in the end, this is a lie as the essence of a woman will, no matter what, always be tied to the evolution of a man. It is them who give access and those who close the doors. In her desperate attempt to claim otherwise, Madonna spent forty years running around to finally deal with the consequences of what she tried to avoid. She may be rich but no would give her any access, embrace her or fill her loneliness at night as she built her life on a lie.

Madge and her female singers are therefore much more enslaved then liberated, as capitalism will forever have a huge disdain for the female body they just use to destroy the family and have a bigger hold onto the next generations.

Madonna is still desperate and does not like aging. Beyoncé is not independent but a product who will never leave Jay-Z her handler and Christina Aguilera will forever be addicted to making her face even more plastic as she also is scared of looking different.

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