Never Let the Media and White Palestinian Activists Make You Think Your Causes are Less Important Than Theirs

Chile Protests/CNN

Chile is winning after months of protest and uprising. Yet, the Western media which need to be boycotted as they consider themselves to be the center of world information and science, is still reluctant to talk about the progress of the Chileans regarding their Constitution. The people has managed to put an end to the consequences of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet but no one finds it cool enough to celebrate, all the eyes focusing on Palestine. If one refuses to react to the consequences of, the attacks in Gaza and the West Bank, one is a Zionist or a heartless people. In the logic of capitalism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one which is extremely profitable. It implies the Protestant and Catholic Churches, world leaders of the West and their African minions, and the paranoid white leftist leaders who want to change the world thinking they know colonialism better than anybody else, including colonized people themselves.

The Palestinian cause is being used as the media as much as Beyoncé. Both machines want the singer and the Palestinian issue “to happen” and become the next legendary causes or representants of the oppressed. This will not happen. First of all, most individuals in the West do not care that much about a conflict which has nothing to do with them. Only lost populations such as the Arabized North Africans with no specific identity would like to live through the problematic only to express their jealousy and hatred of Israel, when they should be focusing on their own anti-blackness and loss of identity due to years of colonialism.

The ultra exposure of a simplified Palestinian cause is a mark of disdain for all the other oppressed people who have to fight everyday against the horrible consequences of 1492. Of course, the white Palestinians who descend themselves from the first colonial agents of the Levant, understand the Greeks, Macedonians, Turks and Central Asians have no reason to side with the case of the Colombians, Mapuches from Chile, the Boricuas or the West Africans as they have never experienced their pain at all. They were not the ones to see their land being stolen, the victims of a genocide or enslaved in boats at all. The piece of land the white Palestinians claim is theirs is nothing less than Northeast Africa, the land of Canaan the original black territory of the black Palestinians, the direct descendants of the Canaanites who never disappeared.

Colombia's president withdrawing tax reforms after mass protests | Protests  News | Al Jazeera
Colombian protestors ignored by the West/Al Jazeera

Calls for an alinement with the Palestinian cause which should federate all that of the oppressed people of the south is not only an insult but above all a tool of manipulation to serve the interests of the pro-Palestinian side and white Palestinians living abroad who only think about themselves and ignore on purpose the damage they cause to the black Canaanite Palestinians. Such alinement makes no sense at all and is a way to break us more, people of the South, into ignoring our various specificities. There can not be one South, but several forms of South within a South. Within the spectrum of oppression, those who claim to be oppressed are also the oppressors. Just like the white Palestinians are the oppressors to their black counterparts.

The Palestinian cause is capitalism in itself as the activists whether Palestinian by blood or not truly believe in a hierarchy of political causes. They are not looking for justice per se but want this specific cause to be deemed superior to any other. While most Boricuas have been colonized since 1898 by the United States, while Chileans deal with the consequences of colonialism and Pinochet’s dictatorship, while Yemen is still under siege, the Palestinian activists in the West can not have the right to speak against capitalism when their mechanism expresses their strong belief in such characteristic. Capitalism crushes humanity and encourages the individuals to lie, deceive, ignore the causes of the others so as to remain under the limelight of the white Westerners who control the narratives and the conception of the South. Pro-Palestinians, crush, exclude and have become as selective in pain and struggle as their manipulative Western agents.

In that sense, why should the case of Palestine matter to a poor black Brazilian victim of social isolation and racism on a daily basis? How and why could they feel connected to such issues when the Arab world despise black bodies, including the white Palestinians? It is more than important to reject the media narrative from the West and stop thinking that our causes are less important than that promoted up there. If this is not your fight, this is not your fight. The call for unity needs to cease ultimately when it is just propaganda.

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