The Strange Selectivity Regarding Political Indignation of the Pro-Palestinians

Gullible pro-Palestinians thinking they are going to change the world/CNN

While Colombia is burning, the protestors being killed by their government, while Chileans have been fighting for months to change their constitution and resist against the oppression, the treatment of the Mapuches, while Yemen is still under siege and its people the victims of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, while Eastern Congo is still facing conflict, only one problem in the world’s region has been on everybody’s mouth since the past few weeks: ISRAEL and PALESTINE. In the new chapter of the Netflix episode opposing the two entities, one could not ask for more.

The problem not only highlights the inability of the Hamas to form a decent army with technological weapons to defeat their Israeli opponents as they wish they could, but it also illustrates how stupid, gullible, manipulated and pathetic the Western protestors are. If the West has become the epitome of technological progress and excellence, its people, on the contrary, are filled with a spirit of void, a “prêt-à-penser”/ “ready to think” attitude as they easily stick to the manichaean propaganda which has been promoted by both sides, either the pro-Palestinians or the Zionists. The new conflict has definitely surpassed that of the orchestrated Black Lives Matter movement of last year. The escalation in the Gaza Strip has become the ultimate playground for any Twitter finger, any digital activist with a 10K community, for any anti-colonial fighter who would never have the courage to leave the West and its privilege to go back to the land of their ancestors, too scared to waste their privileges.

The conflict, as everyone knows, has been reduced to that simple rhetoric: Israel is the ULTIMATE oppressor, while the poor Palestinians are being attacked and brutalized, they, the original inhabitants of the land. In reality, the Palestinian-Israeli issue has highlighted the lack of intellectual stimulation from the Western militants who have proven to be unable to go beyond the arguments presented before them. If both parties are a mess, whether Zionists or pro-Palestinians, the latter are the most manipulative out of all and are ready to lie and deceive as much as they can to rally more people to their causes.

1 On the Hypocrisy of the Boycott of Israel by the pro-Palestinian activists

First of all, it is totally impossible to explain the conflict basing our arguments on a manichaean vision only when it comes to oppression. Yet, this infantilized way of thinking has fooled so many individuals, or, should we say, Internet activists and virtual revolutionaries from the Instagram who believe they will change the world as they assist to a few rallies in the real world.

The pro-Palestinians and Palestinians themselves living abroad are calling for the entire boycott and destruction of the problematic Zionist State on the sole pretense that the Israeli government, led by brutal individuals it is true, supports Apartheid, division and human crime. The problem is that, these activists actually live in countries, which are older than Israel and whose leaders have endlessly built their power upon the destruction of the South. The development of the North was secured by the massacre of Africa and Latinized America. Yet, in their selectivity, the pro-Palestinian activists will never ask for the destruction of Spain, Portugal, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Italy or even Switzerland and Germany when the latter have built their wealth on the genocide of the Native Americans and the enslavement of African bodies for more than four centuries. Many Palestinians and pro-Palestinians fighting for the freedom of their piece of land actually live in the United States and will never go out to ask for the destruction of such racist and colonial political structure at all. Why? Because of the financial interests they can obtain over there.

According to the stupid racial pathetic of the United States, and in an attempt to preserve their whiteness in the world, the Palestinians, like the other Middle Easterners are considered white by the American Census. Therefore, if they can experience xenophobia, they remain white and will also be given privileges and advantages. In that sense, the pro-Palestinian whether Palestinian by blood or not, loves the money, the comfort and success.

When fighting for the boycott of Israel, they purposedly ignore the fact that their cause not only unfairly overshadows all the others, that the other throw their fights under the bus to privilege that of the Palestinians (when their problematics are sometimes even worst than that of the Palestinians and not even mentioned in the media out of lack of interest), and do not want you to remember that millions of individuals in Latinized America and Africa are dealing with the horrible consequences of 1492, colonization, abuse, slavery and untreated trauma. Why should the Palestinian problematic become the symbol of all southern struggles when many are not related to it at all? Why should the Palestinian problematic be deemed more important than that of violence in El Salvador, the oppression of the Mapuches in Chile, the fight in Eastern Congo or the femicides in Mexico?

The pro-Palestinians and Palestinian activists living abroad are true capitalistic individuals who believe in the hierarchy of political causes and want to remain at the top, before any body else when the fight for freedom should never be a competition but a right given to everybody. As Puerto-Rico is still under US colonialism, the Boricuas poisoned through food and the exploitation of their resources, not one single activist is asking for the liberation of a people whose members have been oppressed since 1898. Sensationalism is capitalism and in that sense, the Boricua fight is not deemed important. The lives of islanders do not matter even if they experience colonialism to the bone.

Pro-Palestinian activists are not looking for justice but are seeking for a way to maintain their cause at the top, above anybody else’s.

2 White Palestinians have benefited from white supremacy: Their Racism and Hypocrisy Toward Black Canaanite Palestinians

One thing the white Palestinian activists will never tell you about is their inner racism. Since the beginning of the Arabization of the region of the Levant and Egypt in the 7th century which also coincided with the explosion of the Slave Trade in the Arabo-Muslim world, the latter has developped a real disdain for black bodies and black people. Every Arab or Arabized individual, even the most pro-black, were raised to consider the Blacks to be lower than dogs. Therefore, when one of them stand up for their rights in the Arab world, their mere desire to revolt and expose the treatment of their own threaten the self-esteem of the white Arabs who now feel ashamed a black Arabized individual had the audacity to revolt. If the condition of black people in the world has been crushed, some progress can be observed in the West, somehow but not in the Arab world where a black person is not even referred to as a human being, but as a “abid” or “slave”, sometimes “monkey”.

In that sense, the white Palestinian activists will never confess the truth. If they accuse the Israeli institutions to be extremely racist, as they always pick up the example of the Ethiopian Jews to illustrate their point (the Ethiopians being extremely racist towards the Arabs and other Africans), the Palestinian institutions are not better neither. They are even more racist than the Israelis. Indeed, though the black Canaanite Palestinians have been also oppressed on the Israeli side, for being black and unclassifiable, hence relegated to the Palestinian side, they are mostly invisible. But on the Palestinian side, they are less than dogs. A Zionist, even the most racist, can treat a black person with more dignity than a Palestinian. In the region, the problematic can not be applied to the regular manichaean vision at all. The most powerful entity will always crush the weakest one and in that sense, the black Palestinians have been the punching ball of their white counterparts who need to destroy them so as to elevate themselves.

Out of solidarity, no Black Canaanite from Jerusalem will admit their relief to live on the Israeli side. If there is one oppression nobody wants to face it is that of the Arabs.


In the fantasy illustrated by the war, the white leftist Westerners who hope to change the world through their computer and their newfound non-binary identity and dreadlocks, want to claim that the Palestinians are natives to the land. It is false. The white Palestinians are as fraudulent as the white Jews who claim God gave them a piece of land centuries of ages ago. The invasions began in 332 BCE, under Alexander the Great. The original inhabitants of the region, known as Canaan, are the black Palestinians now spread between Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. They are the original Canaanites and Egyptians descendants of the area. Yet, they are excluded from every party and from the historian spectrum. Indeed, if the black Palestinians who are not Palestinians but original Canaanites, both parties, either Zionist or Palestinian will have to face one important truth. Both of them have stolen a land which was originally the land of Canaan, a black inhabited area which was nothing less than Africa. If one focuses on the case of the black Canaanite Palestinians one will realize that the issue can not be reduced to Israel and Palestine at all. There is no Middle East or Arab world, the region known as such being the extension of Northeast Africa and the Horn of the Motherland.

White Palestinians cry about their piece of land being stolen when they are not even Natives and descend from former colonial powers, such as the Greeks, the Romans, the Turks and the people from the Balkans who have crushed the African heritage of the black Palestinians formerly known as the Canaanites. They, along with their ancestors, have been exploiting a land which was never theirs all the while having the audacity to despise the original black Palestinian inhabitants too.

Including the black Canaanite Palestinians would be problematic as their narrative would be questioned all over again. The Palestinian identity, named after a colonial term imposed by the Romans, is a fabrication just like the Israeli one. It is similar to a “porte manteau”. When an individual is deemed unclassifiable by the Israelis they become Palestinians. In that sense, the Palestinians from Jerusalem or even Jaffa are originally Moroccans, Tunisians, Saudis, white Jordanians, Lebanese whose recent ancestors have migrated a few years ago.

In that sense, a separation should be made between the white faces of the region. Some descend from the black Canaanite lineage, though having been whitewashed over the years while the others descend from straight invaders from the Caucasus mountains claiming to be Canaanites when they are not.


The only reason why the pro-Palestinian and Palestinian activists refuse to call for a boycott of the United States or Spain comes from the fact that they have no real interests there. It was not them who were crushed by centuries of genocide (the Natives) and enslavement (Africans). Yet, though Israel is a younger nation than the US, the call for boycott are also strong because the leaders of the state are Jews. In their mutual rivalry which began in ancient times, the Arabized individuals can not bear in mind the fact that Jews have managed to develop their country with high technology. When it comes to these problematic white Jews, the dynamic of race can not be compared to that of the Western European whites. Indeed, the latter used to oppress the Jews, have betrayed and massacred them during the Holocaust. Though considered a minority by everybody, until this day, the Jews experience a lot of jealousy from the many other minorities whose members wished they could also have the same energy, and unity, hard work ethic to create an institution as strong as that of Israel, despite their own craziness.

If the the Arabized North Africans wish to be everybody but themselves, understand descendants of black Africans from the North of the continent, aspiring to emulate the Turks, the Iranians and the Levantines, their anger and rage towards Israel stems from straight jealousy.

When it comes to the pro-Palestinians and white Palestinians themselves, the rivalry is there, but their activism is a way to gain time and gather as many individuals as they can. They are aware of the fact that they are hiding incriminating facts towards themselves and refuse to accuse the other main culprits, hence the Arab Palestinian Authority themselves as well as the Arab countries from the Gulf. The more Israel progresses, the more the white Palestinians are jealous to notice that there is no solidarity on their side as they are being abandoned by their own. The Palestinian refugees are not even welcomed by the Gulf countries whose leaders do not want them at all. It is easier for a Palestinian to find help in Venezuela, Colombia or El Salvador than in the Arabian Gulf. However, no Arab call for the boycott of such region of the world at all.

The other issue at stake is also that of corruption. If Palestine receives world help every year why is the country so unable to develop itself when Palestinians are brilliant and intelligent? Where does the money go and why can’t the people benefit from it at all? Palestinian millionaires even build their own villas in the West Bank when the people die of hunger. Yet, where is the outcry?

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