They Fight for Freedom but Are Scared to Abandon Their Privileges: On the Fake Pro-Palestinian Activists

Lazy pro-Palestinian activists who would never leave their UK privilege to fight in Palestine. They just want to be all dolled up and woke to boost their egos on Instagram/ London, Britain May 11, 2021. REUTERS/Toby Melville

It is no secret. Several other articles published on the website have evoked and mentioned the actual political manipulation of the white Palestinian activists who find an important interest in nurturing the simple manichaean vision as they desire to portray themselves as the original oppressed people in the region. In reality, they have managed to make their cause relevant through the manipulation of several tactics. Though the Palestinian society is extremely racist towards black people, like any Arab or Arabized one since the 7th century and the expansion of slavery in the Arab/Arabized world, the white Palestinian activists hide such reality for they want to target one specific minority group, the Western media want to deem the most important, and who are the African-Americans. The white Palestinian activists are using a specific tactic of seduction in their desire to create a “super alliance” of the South which would first begin with the African-Americans as they evolve in the most powerful country on earth. In that sense, the manipulation through manichaeanism is more than relevant and important.

In the present Western world, the sheep culture has prevailed. The Westerners, both black and white, have become extremely lazy and consume not on the material level but also mentally. Their thoughts have to be bought. No one desires to live in the real world (hence the success of social media) as superficiality is being nourished and elevated. That dissociation creates a void within the individuals who hope to compensate for it through an extra exposition of their causes. In that sense, the white Palestinian activists have become, in their political deception the first sellers of dreams and false interpretations when it comes to the political issue of Palestine.

Indeed, the political issue regarding the dynamic of power in both Palestine and Israel can not be summed up to Israel being the agressor and the Palestinians the victims. The region operates like a dysfunctional family where the most powerful entity oppresses the other one. In that sense, the white Palestinians are oppressors too as they despise the original inhabitants of the land, the black Palestinians. They are oppressors too. But out of fear and after having been despised for so many centuries as they were Arabized and cut off from their black African roots and Egypt, the black Palestinians accept such fate and bow down claiming there can be no real racism when the state of the Arab world regarding blackness is more than primitive.

Yet, in their privilege, the Western activists enjoy the “ready to think” narrative. Indeed, as they have erased the importance of their souls, and as they have been nurturing superficiality increased by a desire to be seen at all costs, claiming to be pro-Palestinian boosts their egos and give them a sense of political consciousness. The fight against colonialism has now become lazy as the individuals only rely on the hard work done by the likes of Malcolm X in the past and are unable to propose anything new unless it is being orchestrated like the Black Lives Matter mess. In that “ready to think” attitude, no one wants to read, explore and think for themselves fearing the cancel culture, a problem which would expose their lack of confidence hidden behind a false image promoted on Instagram.

Colombian protestors/Al Jazeera

However, no body in the West, among these trendy social activists whether black or white (we are now living in an era where black Westerners have proven to have become worst than their white “oppressors”), would dare to take real actions. If thousands of protestors, in protests orchestrated through social media the new battefield of the best activists, get down in the streets to chant “FREE PALESTINE”, claiming to take part in a conflict they don’t know nothing about, the latter could as well take further actions: leave their privileges of the West, the Netflix comfort, the social media comfort, the food comfort, and go fight for Palestine directly on the battlefield yet they will not do this. Why? For the superficiality of their motivations. Fighting in Palestine on the battlefield would be the exposure of their inner selves: fraudulent. Social media has become the safe shield behind which everyone can hide. In that sense, nobody in the West, whether black or white, can claim to be oppressed as the main modern day “activists” are looking for the glory of their selves through social media hoping to achieve the status of “consciousness hero”, or “community savior”,

In reality, protests is the only valid point that the white Palestinians have as a safety and that is why they often rely on the support of the outside world. They hide the fact that their vision of the black man as an individual is primitive -though many black Palestinians will claim that everybody is the same out of fear-, that they are oppressors whose many of them do not even belong to the land as they also descend from former colonial powers who attacked the black Canaanites the way the Israelis can do them, they refuse to acknowledge, above all, the incompetent actions of their government whose members steal money from the Palestinian people dying in hunger. And to finish, the Hamas, an organized mess, does not hesitate to send their children and wives at the front as human shields as the army leaders refuse to understand that in order to attack Israel, you have, at least, to invest in solid weapons not just rocks.

The privilege of the Westerners have become more visible if we compare their attitude to that of the southern inhabitants of the globe. The Chileans, Colombians, or Boricuas who stood up and are still standing up for the freedom of their nation, had no time to debate, sit at a table around a podcast in an attempt to change the world. They just stood up and walked and resisted and risked their lives on the ground. They were shot by the police. However, just like in the Black Lives Matter orchestrated protests of last year, the Westerners with political consciousness wanted to play it safe by importing the causes of black Americans in their nations, whether in Portugal, France, the UK, and many more. They do not care about the struggle of Latinized America at all for the black populations living there come from nations with no real political power. However, importing the issue of the black Americans is more profitable as the latter evolve in the most powerful country on earth and what the Western protestors with political consciousness want is to be seen and worshipped, they need political damage to nurture their superficial image when they have no real knowledge of the said issue. A real oppressed individual does not have time to think before acting or prepare themselves for a protest all the while filming on Instagram. They just fight and live in the moment.

And that what makes a difference between a Chilean, Boricua, Colombian fighter and a fraudulent pro-Palestinian Westerner.

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