Why White Arabs Want to Stand Up for Palestine while Yemen Is Still Burning In Silence?

TOPSHOT – A fighter of the UAE-trained Security Belt Force, dominated by members of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) which seeks independence for south Yemen, walks with a separatist flag past an oil tanker set ablaze during clashes between the separatists and the Saudi-backed government forces at the Fayush-Alam crossroads on the eastern entrance Aden from the Abyan province in southern Yemen on August 30, 2019. – The intensifying conflict between the Emirati-backed separatists and the government forces in southern Yemen undermines the coalition, and poses a headache for regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia, which is focused on fighting the Huthis who are aligned with Riyadh’s arch foe Iran. (Photo by Nabil HASAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read NABIL HASAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The proxy war on Yemen opposing two main important political forces of the so-called Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia, has been going on for six years now. While the lives of innocent Yemeni children and people are being threatened every day, the political agression is not deemed, in the spectrum of capitalism, profitable enough. Therefore, the individuals there are totally abandoned and the Yemeni case has not been properly covered since the attacks began. However, as social media have become the new battlefield of the privileged Westerner who wants to act “woke” and “conscious”, the selectivity of indignation has become essential again.

As of today, the Yemeni problem is one of the worst colonial fiascos of the past few years, from which the United States do profit.

The fight for Palestine is not sincere at all. It is the expression of several issues expressed through one fraudulent desire to free a land from its oppressors when a huge portion of the oppressed people descend from Greek, Roman and Oghuz Turk invaders who stole the land from the black Canaanites now known as the black Palestinians and who remain in silence. First of all, most pro-Palestinians have a problem with Israel due to the identity of the leaders. The minorities living in the West, especially black Africans and their Arabized counterparts are actually jealous of the progress of the Jews. Formerly oppressed and massacred by the white European powers, they somehow, despite the theft of the land of Canaan, managed to organize politically and develop their country through an extreme high technification of their structures. In their ongoing rivalry, white Arabs want the boycott of Israel out of pure jealousy to see their comrades having surpassed them. The jealousy of the Arabized North Africans stems from their loss of identity, culture, the hatred of their own North African blackness highlighted through a constant desire to emulate other Arabized populations whether in the Levant or the Arabian Peninsula and even the Persian land of Iran. The boycott of Israel flows from such jealousy as well when it comes to the black Westerners who have an issue with Israel being so protective of their heritage, reluctant to race mixing in their desire to protect themselves. As they have been suffering from centuries of low self esteem provoked by four hundred years of slavery, the black Westerners fear rejection and would love to be included within the Israeli society.

In reality, Israel is a young nation and the minorities never call for the boycott of other nations built upon the blood of their ancestors. While they claim that Israel does not exist, these anti-Zionists are still travelling to the United States, live there, travel to Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom or even Sweden, trying to find their place there and secure their spot when these lands were built through the blood of the slain Natives and the deportation and exploitation of enslaved Africans. Yet, as long as the modern day anti-Zionist activists find a safe place where they can earn their money well, they turn a blind eye to the real issues on purpose as none of them wants to lose their money and privileges. The so-called activists have no issue finding a spot within the heart of the murderers’ homes.

Though Yemen is still being crushed and burning, the two powers involved are never exposed by the pro-Palestinian activists as the main enemy is not a white Jew. In a desire to maintain solidarity between populations of the Arabized world, these activists will remain silent and not denounce the brutality of both the Iranian and Saudi governments there, out of cultural and religious brotherhood. In that sense, this tactic is no more different than that of the black French who only expose racial issues and protest them when the attacker is white when the bigger problem of their waste community is the black on black violence as the issue of Loic Kamtchouang highlights our point.

Therefore, the hypocrisy of the “woke” white Arabs or Arabized individuals hides on purpose the consequences of the barbarity of the inner violence in the Arab world. The white Iraqis had waited for the orchestration of the BLM protests to also protest and ask for justice for Jalal Diab. In that case, if there is no blueprint coming from the United States, no resistance ensues.

Yet, the Yemenis deal with much worst than what the Palestinians have been going through. And worst, they are dying in silence as no media in the West wants to cover it. As the politics of selectivity has taken over, with people becoming sheeps submitted to the “ready to think” doctrine, the relevancy of a political cause is measured through its mention in the media. As social media accentuated ignorance, a factor already present before but hidden, individuals forget issues as quick as they begin to fade. Such dynamic took over music in the late 2000s, after the death of Michael Jackson when the old codes of success built on hard work were then thrown out to rely on the media machine to promote mediocre artists instead of focusing on good music. Such tactics saw the rise of the Lady Gaga, BeyoncĂ© and many others wrongly deemed “legends” when their fame was crafted by the same machine which controls politics. Yet, as they have been nurtured in ignorance, the individuals do not think for themselves and want to be told what to do.

Therefore, if Yemen is no longer mentioned in the media, it is no longer important just like most African political troubles. If the Eastern Congolese can suffer, no one really cares as, in the minds of the Westerners, Africa is a problematic land just like in Latinized America. They need sensationalism and a political issue which is profitable for their image, some causes which can guarantee likes and support. That of the Palestinians, always evoked in the media HAS to be the most important, when it is not at all. The pro-Palestinians have no issue abandoning the Yemenis to secure their spot of importance in the spectrum of the Great West where money is found. In that sense, such actions prove once again how the Arab world lacks solidarity and support from one another when all they can do is blame Israel out of jealousy and rivalry.

There should be no competition in politics and exploitation at all. Yet, the firm believers in such issue are always those who claim to fight against oppression. They would contribute to the silence of an issue to privilege their own at the expense of human losses.

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