Aaliyah In the Place of Technology

Cover photo by Marc Baptiste

This academic work focuses on the legacy of the late Aaliyah Dana Haughton who tragically passed away in August 2001 and her impact in the spectrum of technology and in the Internet digital era of music video visuals at the time. This paper here aims to be read as a humble remembrance of Aaliyah as well as a celebration of black culture through the incredible and fascinating avant-garde of Haughton’s team whose members composed and wrote most of her work. They were Static Major, Missy Elliott but also Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley and they brought the sound of the 2000s in the 1990s. Without knowing it, the group was laying down the foundations of what 2000s RNB should be sounding like. Unfortunately, as soon as Aaliyah passed away, such progress was lost and RNB became traditional again. Though remembered for her fashion style only, Aaliyah was the first black artist at the time to have understood the importance of technology in the spectrum of the then upcoming 2000s, especially with the exploitation of the industrial aspect of music an element one can notice in her last album, Aaliyah released in 2001. (The Red Album) By the late 90s, her music was no longer RNB, but something else.

This work has for purpose, a real desire to fight against the erasure of Aaliyah’s legacy and to further her heritage within the next generations as well. It is also a way to commemorate her loss and celebrate her 20th death anniversary.

All our thoughts and prayers to the victims of the tragic plane accident which happened twenty years ago. May they rest in peace.


Please Read the file down here

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