Cuba, Ayiti, Chile, Colombia: Is there a New Wave of Revolution in Latinized America? (Pdt Moise)

Rest in peace President Jovenel Moise.

Ayiti, the “land of the high mountains”, as named by the Native ancestors, will forever be iconic and the center of African pride for the diaspora. The first black republic, the Ayissian people always showcased an incredible form of courage, resistance in their desire to refuse to bow down to their colonizers. After having humiliated France under the great Toussaint L’Ouverture, they eventually had to deal with a backlash. They not only managed to free themselves from their oppressors but these latter made them pay for their resistance through debts, orchestrated coups, and fomented crises. Recently, after months of protest from the Ayissian people who have been suffering from years of struggles, the horrific news made headlines: Jovenel Moise has been assassinated by a commando of almost thirty individuals, many of whom hailed from Colombia. Often presented as a brutal dictator and an oppressor to his citizens, the people not familiar with the political life of Ayiti failed to understand the real issues. Since the assassination, Ayiti appears once again as the “problematic” island where black people kill one another and practice voodoo while eating rocks for lack of food. The “chaos” is attributed to the black Ayissian people themselves. They are the main culprits and presented by the media as irresponsible, barbaric black people who fought for their independence but remain unable to protect their own interests when in reality, the said chaos has been caused by foreign powers including the United States, as usual, whose members owe a great dose of hatred towards the people of Ayiti.

Elisa Loncon is the first Mapuche woman to preside over the Chilean Assembly/ Getty Images

However, despite the gruesome assassination and the shadiness of such event, the Ayissian people can not be easily manipulated, especially when a great part of them supported the slain president.

In Cuba, for the first time in decades, the people went to the streets of Matanzas and La Habana to protest against the Covid 19 improbable vaccine campaign, the food restrictions and the impossibility to move as the people want. As surprising as it may seem, the case of Cuba is totally similar to that of Nicaragua. A group of rebels expell the real oppressors, white, colonial rulers to become the new oppressors as well, the Ortega-Castro clan representing such problematic.

In Pictures: Chileans celebrate landmark referendum victory | Latin America  News | Al Jazeera
Chileans celebrating the new constitution/Rodrigo Garrido/Reuters

Yet, who really opened up the door to such wave of protestations over the past few years? The Chilean revolution must have been the beginning of such revolt in the Latinized part of America and the Caribbean. The Chileans have endlessly faced the brutality of their government, dying for their ideas and finally managed to overthrow a racist constitution dating back from the days of Augusto Pinochet. Now, the leader of the assembly is a Mapuche woman, giving back apart of its rights to the indigenous people of the country. The Colombians wished to follow the Chilean model as they have been fighting for months against the brutality of their own leaders. The Colombians hope to be as resilient as the Chileans and tire their leaders so as to overthrow their political schemes as well. This chain of resistance and the success of Chile led to the beginning of a growing wave of revolt which is slowly spreading throughout Latinized America and the Caribbean. However, if Ayiti succeeds in overthrowing the schemes orchestrated by those who plotted against their leaders, it is more than probable that the island of Borinken (original name of the colonized region known as Puerto-Rico) starts a new revolution which could be bigger, and probably leading to severe ruptures with the colonial American entity.

One can wonder if these revolts could mark the beginning of the end for the American domination? In reality, one interesting scheme could take place in the new future. The United States still maintain their power, however, this political phase we are going through will see the rise of a multipolar world where other powers will come forward. Russia, India, China are rising even more, have a real power of decision and are at the forefront for the technological war and competition which is taking place. Worst for them, many African nations such as Rwanda, Gabon or Centrafrique Republic are growing disgusted with the French/Latin dominant entity and want to turn to the English-speaking world more. For the Central Africans formerly dominated by Bokassa Ier, Russia is the power which has taken over. Therefore, in this day and age, the colonial/proxy domination of the era of the Cold War which never ended in reality, is here again yet, the dominants also have to remain careful as the new generations of Africans also are rejecting the brutal tactics of colonialism imposed before. The new colonialism has to therefore be subtle, as Africans could also, in some countries, explode and become the new Chileans.

Though the Chilean revolution must be greeted and embraced, it is more than important for the people, whether in Chile, Colombia, Ayiti or Cuba to remain careful in times of victory as the technique of divide and rule can easily be used by the United States and the Western Europeans.

In this article, I want to share my deepest condolences to the late president Jovenel Moise, his wife and their children. To the Ayissian people and all the fighters for freedom in the Caribbean and Latinized America.

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