Why Cubans Have to Remain Careful in this Second Revolution

Cubans protesting in La Habana, July 2021,Photo by YAMIL LAGE/AFP via Getty Image

Only few nations in Latinized America and the Caribbean can claim to have been proudly rooted within the spectrum of the revolution. If Ayiti has always been mentioned since they overthrew the French and Napoleon, Mexico and Cuba are also countries which directly come to mind.

As the world is once again entering a new political phase since the beginning of the pandemic, Cuba is also facing a new turn in their political evolution. Hurt by the United States since Fidel Castro overthrew the imperialist Western power, the people have been dealing with a set of problems from the embargo, the boycott, the hidden poverty, the depression and sadness experienced by the individuals as a result of all these issues combined. Now that Raul Castro has left, Miguel Diaz-Canel, another revolutionary leader of Spanish European descent has been applying the same technique of silencing.

It is true that the 1959 revolution was necessary, it is also true that Fidel Castro, though white Spaniard, did what he had to do regarding the elitism of the leaders and their exploitation of the African and Native bodies on the island. However, just like in Nicaragua and many other Latinized American countries, the leaders of change became the new oppressors of their population by restricting them at the maximum. Yet, this time things can change in an even greater manner since 1959, as the anger grew from the people themselves, and has not been fomented by leaders per se.

Fidel in 1960

Yet, as the younger generation revolts and as the individuals do not necessarily see a real connection to the legendary 1959 revolution, as they only remember the phases of restrictions, if the people do not stand firm at all, it is more than easy for the United States to divide and conquer Cuba and let their white Miami Cuban racist Creoles take over the island to avenge themselves when their forefathers greatly contributed to slavery.

In reality, despite the 1959 revolution, a problem remains in Cuba. Indeed, the leaders who ousted the former government of Fulgencio Batista more than sixty decades ago, have unfortunately reproduced the same technique again. And in that sense, Cuba needs a new revolution in every way.

First of all, the leaders of the country are always white people of Spanish descent, perpetuating the ideology of racial supremacy as only white individuals who are not native at all to the island should be deemed intelligent enough to lead the others. Cuba should see the rise of its first indigenous or Afro descendant especially when the latter group gave so much to shape the Cuban culture. Then, it is more than important to find a solution to the dying and oppressive system of communism which no longer works in the 21st century. Though Cuba will forever find allies in Russia, the political system simply can not work anymore. The youth needs more and better things.

As usual, the anger of Cubans will give a space to the exiled racist white Cubans to justify their joy in such demise as many claim their family members were political prisoners when they were spies, agents and compliant to the racist agenda of Fulgencio Batista. This disgusting class will attempt to come back to rule, yet, the Cubans from Cuba need to remain careful and look out for their best interests before leaving anybody else make decisions over them. In this battle for their freedom they will be on their own and will need resilience and strength like never before for they will have to deal with their oppressive leaders, the wolves (USA, Canada, Western Europe), and the enemies from within.

It has now become a fight for the preservation of the 1959 popular spirit of rebellion while placing black and brown bodies, justice, equality at the center.

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