African-Americans Have No Right to Evaluate Caribbean and South American Blackness and Multiracialism

Cubanitos/Getty Image

It is not new. White slave owners are responsible for the division of the world and its populations based on made up concepts of races related to skin color. Though perceived as the most important sphere on earth, as they managed to influence our lives since 1947, the United States institutions only had disdain for the “minorities” they were never able to understand. They created a sphere for them and for the others whose main mission was to survive in the brutality of capitalism. There, within the spectrum of the abandoned, live black Americans, Mexicans, Afro-Indigenous people (Boricuas, Dominicans, Cubans) and many others. In that spectrum, contrary to what pro-black thinkers may say, the brutality of both capitalism and white supremacy is bigger. In that sense, a given minority will always use of their privilege to dominate and attack the others. These attacks can be economic, political or simply based upon identity.

The black Americans’ fight for freedom has been placed at the center for political reasons. They are a displaced black minority whose experience was deemed better than any other enslaved group as they evolve in the most powerful country on earth, the United States. The BLM protests of last year 2020 are a proof of that. The most pathetic and opportunistic black French associations tried everything to bring their causes to that of the black Americans when the Blacks living in Latin countries, understand France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, have nothing in common with the black Americans. The only black Europeans who could claim a proximity to the black American experience are those living in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg. Northern Europe is the land of the original colonizers of the United States and Canada. And therefore, the European countries mentioned are nothing less than the extension of the US but also the point of beginning. The concept of apartheid comes from Northern Europe.

Afro-Indigenous Caribbeans/ Unknown photographer

In that sense, due to their status, black Americans are no longer Africans but have turned into agents of capitalism. Due to their political position, even though despised, they still maintain a power over the other minorities, being black Americans. In that sense, they are the ones who get to brush away the complexity of Caribbean and Latinized American identity. When opposing an African-American to a Mexican or Caribbean, one confronts the Latin colonial technique of enslavement to that of the Northern European one. This could be read as a proxy colonial war pushed in the 21st century. Black Americans are therefore aware of their political dominion over the other minorities and do not hesitate to impose the same colonial tactics of division first imported by their white dominant entities from Northern Europe.

Behind the wish of many Afro-Indigenous groups whose desire is to be unified with the black Americans lies a strong desire to be recognised by them, and to be approved as black people as well.

The blackness of Caribbeans and Latinized Americans who carry such heritage (it is totally wrong to think that all Cubans are black or that all South Americans are black. Some countries such as Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, can have black heritages, but the majority of the population either descend from European colonial agents or are diluted Native whose ancestors were raped and forcibly mixed with the same European colonial agents) is questioned by African-Americans. The latter really know about them being the victims of slavery, but their blackness will never be accepted at all. If the black Americans were to include the Boricuas into their sphere, then their political status would be threatened. Yet, by questioning their black identity, the black Americans are denying the trauma endured by the Caribbeans as well. In this dynamic of power, only black Americans suffer. The other immigrants have nothing to complain about, when their ancestors dealt with the same pain. The Caribbeans, just like many other Latin American societies were built upon the massacre of the Natives which constitute a huge shock as millions of their descendants today have been lost and unaware of their ancestors’ past and work. Such terrible past has been ignored by the black American institutions.

Dominican/ Pinterest

The Latin conquest was even more brutal and sadistic than that of the Northern Europeans who placed apartheid right away. The Latinos or Southern Europeans, not only raped, but used this race mixing propaganda as a way to prove that all individuals were the same. The consequences of 1492 is still engraved into the blood of these Caribbeans and South Americans. Therefore, the trauma of a Caribbean is expressed through its triracial heritage.

Yet, behind the disdain of many black Americans towards the latter, lies a political war of geographical dynamic of power which opposes the North against the South. The disdain of the black American is actually the contempt of his white master of Northern European origin.

Princess Nokia African heritage is denied when she is made of Native Boricua and African/NME photo

In reality, the concept of blackness for the black Americans makes no sense at all. In their world, being black means that one has to be visibly black. This evaluation goes back to the stupidity of their masters and their inability to understand world history. A person who looks black is not necessarily black at all. The case of Tiger Woods illustrates our point. Though brown skin, Woods carries several heritages, including black but is not. A visibly black or brown person could be only 40 per cent black. And what about the concept of black? How could one color replace a lineage? Southern Indians Dravidians are black in color, yet are they West Africans? No. Yet, the most powerful country on earth, understand the United States, boasts about their grandeur but are unable to make a difference between color and lineage.

However, the concept of blackness in the Caribbean or Latinized America is greatly different. First of all, contrary to the experience of the enslaved Africans in the United States, the Spanish and Portuguese colonial agents kept traces of the origins of the enslaved Africans and even allowed them to, sometimes, celebrate their folklore. For this reason, even the whitest Cuban with a small African percentage can know, orally, about the origins of their African ancestors, whether Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani or even Kongo. Not the African-Americans in their majority.

The black Americans do not want to understand that the blackness of a Boricua or Cuban is not always visible. Due to the race mixing imposed by rape, many societies in Latinized America have seen the birth of new races. Nations like Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia or Venezuela count millions of people whose lineages directly descend from Natives and Africans through five hundred years. Such phenotypes can not be defined by the stupid and improbable social structure of apartheid. In that sense, the same Boricua family can have members with blonde hair, fair skin with Negroid features or simply brown or black in color. A white Cuban with a small percentage of African in him, can be more African in the customs than an African-American.

Yet, the peculiarity of such issues has been reduced to the apartheid-like structure of the United States. In that war of political power dynamic, the black American individual wants to crush the unknown and deny the pain and suffering endured.

It is time for the Caribbeans to detach themselves from the horrible spectrum of capitalism so as to give themselves the value that they deserve. Apartheid can not be tolerated in the restructuration of our identities and heritages.

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