Who Is a “White Latino/a”?: On Fabricated Whiteness vs Euro-colonial Whiteness

From Left to Right: Veronica Vega, Danileigh, Gisele Bundchen

What is whiteness? What is blackness?

The concept of race and identity only dates back to 1492. Before the barbaric European invasions of the Americas and slavery, the ancestors, whether Native Americans or Africans, did not refer to themselves depending on their skin color. They would rather mention their nations/ethnic group/lineages. They were Yoruba, Igbo, Cushite or Moors (among many many other ethnic names). Yet, they did not refer to themselves as “black”. The concept of color as the basis of identity follows the beginning of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. At the time, once the barbaric slavemasters settled in West Africa, the captives became “black” and the oppressed ones would refer to the Europeans as “white”. In the years preceding racial segregation, out of disdain and lack of interest for the respect of their true lineages, white Americans left the black Americans in confusion on purpose. Though black Americans have given us amazing authors, historians, writers or politicians, their concept of race is limited, just like that of the Northern European colonizers, also known as white Americans. With them, all concepts of lineages, ethnic groups have been erased as color only had to remain the sole basis. Therefore, a North African, either white or black, is considered “white” on the Census. In North America, the concept of race is weak. And when blended into the feeling of inferiority of some Blacks who are dying upon the rejection they face from the White Wasps, it has become weaker.

The Adriana Lima Beauty Routine | Into The Gloss
Adriana Lima is mixed on both sides. She identified as Afro-Brazilian.

A Black American individual considers a black person based on their color only. Indeed, for them, if the person appears to be black or brown they will consider them “black”. When in reality, especially in spaces which have been invaded, the color of an individual does not reflect the genetic codes. First of all, there is a pure blackness in the United States with millions of Afro-Americans with little to no admixture who still carry the phenotypes of their Bantu and West African ancestors. Yet, in an improbable scheme, the same Black Americans claim to want to gatekeep their race/ethnic group but also extend blackness to an improbable end. There, mixed people are denied the title of “mixed” and are rather called “light skin”. If they claim “light skin”, then the Blacks refute them the right to be “other”, hence “mixed” which they are, as they claim that “Black comes in all shades”. As a consequence, a biracial man who marries a white woman and conceives a family with her, will be called a black man and the children called “white passing” or “mixed race”, when the latter are closer to whiteness than blackness. Just because the man “looks” brown or black in color, his white side will be ignored by the White community whose members want to remain pure and by the Black community who refuse to let mixed people go. Therefore, many artists such as Halsey, Mariah Carey or Eartha Kitt have been wrongly called respectively biracial or black, when they are actually quadroons (Carey, Halsey, born to a mixed black father and a white mother) and mixed race (Eartha Kitt, Tina Knowles, Beyoncé Knowles). By calling mixed race individuals fully black, one actually excludes, especially within the colonial spectrum of the media, the non-mixed black Negroid individuals who remain in the dark, especially when they are black women.


DaniLeigh Net Worth: How Rich is the Singer Actually in 2021?
Danileigh blackfishes to dissimulate her Iberianness. She is a multiracial white woman with African ancestry/Danileigh Instagram
What is DaniLeigh's ethnicity? What we know about her parents - TheNetline
A photo of Danileigh’s parents. She clearly is not black but mostly Iberian. However, her father has African ancestry. She is, therefore, a multiracial white woman or an Iberian with African ancestry but she is not black Dominican at all and she is not white neither/Danileigh Instagram

As a consequence, the codes for the validation of blackness have been dictated by the Black Americans due to the economic power they have inherited from, as living in the most powerful country on earth, the United States. Though the American concept of race is improbable and makes no sense at all, it is still validated as long as it protects the “pure” white leaders from race mixing. In that sense, the black Americans have no desire for understanding the concept of race mixing and slavery within the Caribbean community. To them, if not visibly “black”, a person is not “black”. This lack of understanding also involves a dynamic of power. The Northern bodies, whether black or white, have no interest for the Southerners in the Americas. The latter do not deserve to be given the privilege to be racially understood.

Boricuas, Cubans, Dominicans or Colombians, Venezuelians and some Central Americans are submitted to the constant inquiry from the Northern Blacks: “Are they black?”.

Cardi B Revealed Her Natural Hair and Says She's 'So Proud' of It — Photos  | Allure
Cardi B

When Cardi B became successful, her identity and race were questioned. Though she displays Negroid features and has kinky African hair, looking no other different than a mixed race black American or mixed race African woman, she was denied any connection to blackness due to the skin tone of her parents. It is true, none of them are Negroid at all. However, the black Americans block any access to blackness to the Caribbeans when the same issues of multiracialism has happened in their South, in spaces such as Louisiana for instance. If many consider Tina Knowles to be a “real black woman” or Nicki Minaj, of Afro-Asian descent, as being a “real black woman”, Cardi B has been denied such entry. Louisiana Creoles, though dark skin Negroid and mixed race, have been, for many, racially mixed for centuries giving birth to different phenotypes.

Veronica Vega - Net Worth, Biography, Love & Hip Hop: Miami - Famous People  Today
Very problematic, yet just like Danileigh, Veronica Vega is a multiracial white woman with African ancestry too and also Native on her Venezuela side with a high percentage of European. However, many Caribbean Whites with her features and skin can carry up to 30 per cent of African blood. Vega must descend from mixed individuals who intermarried with white over the years. She is not black but she is not white neither.

Therefore, the conception of race in the Caribbean and the Caribbean coast is similar to that of Louisiana. When individuals have been forcibly mixed for over four hundred years, new races and phenotypes have been created as some Caribbeans mostly descend from Europeans and Africans (Danileigh), from Native and Africans (Cardi B), from mixed people with other mixed people or white/Middle Eastern individuals (Veronica Vega) or from purely white people who wanted to preserve their heritage (Gisele Bundchen, Kat Von D, Thalia, Shakira, Sofia Vergara, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin etc)

Evelyn Lozada is leaving 'Basketball Wives' after nine seasons
Evelyn Lozada has made colorist comments against Nigerian athlete OG. Though she claimed Afro-Latinidad after the backlash, Lozada has always been a confused being confusing nationality with race. Her black identity was denied as viewers noticed that, like Cardi B, her parents are not black and do not have African features like her or even the same skin tone. In reality, both her parents are Afro-Indigenous people whose ancestors mixed over centuries. In that sense, Lozada is brown in color and favors blackness, but she also mostly looks like the Taino ancestors who were brown like her.
That's Your Sister and Little Brother': Fans Rave Over Evelyn Lozada's  Youthful Looks After She Shares a Photo with Her Children
Young Evelyn Lozada, clearly Afro-Indigenous Taino
Sylvia Ferrer on Twitter: "#NewProfilePic… "
Sylvia Ferrer is Evelyn Lozada’s mother. Though she doesn’t look black, her daughter having more African features and darker skin, she is no more different than million of other Boricuas with Afro-Indigenous ancestry. Sylvia is certainly Taino with African ancestry too whose ancestors intermarried over the centuries.

There is no difference for Cardi B who is the descendant of Native Taino and African unions which have occured for several generations. Just like Princess Nokia, a Boricua, descends from Native Tainos and Africans, though she looks more Taino and European her Yoruba heritage is still living inside of her. Spanish speaking Caribbeans can be also brown however, such brown skin not always comes from the West Africans but from the Natives. There are, therefore, millions of Indigenous Arawaks who wrongly believe they are Afro-Indigenous.

Cyn Santana Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth
Just like Erica Mena or Julissa Bermudez, Cyn Santana born to Salvadorian and Dominican parents is mostly Native with African ancestry too.

Thus, as the case of Cardi B appeared to be unclassifiable to the eyes of the Black Americans, many of them would rather call her a “white Latina” or a “spicy white woman”. Colorists Danileigh and Evelyn Lozada were also called the same as well as Taino/European Jennifer Lopez. Whiteness is therefore the category into which unclassifiable women and men fall into. Fat Joe, Big Pun or Cuban Link could also be the victims of such confusion when they always claimed their Africanness which is apparent.

Fat Joe Recalls Passing on Eminem's Demo More Than Once | Complex
Though white in color, Fat Joe has Negroid features and looks more African.
Fat Joe with his Mom during Fat Joe Computer Donation to P.S.146 in... News  Photo - Getty Images
Fat Joe’s mother is not physically black but she surely is multiracial, carrying African and Native
Big Pun’s Widow Sues Walmart Over Unauthorized Merch | Billboard |  Billboard
Big Pun was a proud Afro-Indigenous Taino man responsible for the wave of Latin Caribbean pride movement from the 2000s. He was a precursor in Afro-Indigenous identity. He died at the age of 28 in February 2000 and also married a black Boricua, Liza Rios with whom he fathered three children./ Big Pun Estate

Caribbean whiteness has been fabricated. The majority of the white Caribbeans are not truly white but multiracial white people with distant or close African ancestry. The ignorance of a Veronica Vega who thinks her African heritage equates that of Amara La Negra explains our point. Though Vega should be referred to as a “multiracial white woman” or “a mixed white woman”, the latter has used the excuse of common African ancestry in the Caribbean and the influence in the culture as the equivalent of a black experience. Amara, though also mixed, is mostly African and does not have to rely on a certain distant ancestor from Africa, when Vega uses such “common” argument to shut down the conversation. Most white Caribbeans, descend from mixed people, depending on their highest racial per centage, who intermarried to protect their privileges. In that case, many Veronica Vegas exist and are either the descendants of mixed people who either married white or other mixed white people over the years. In that sense, it is very common to realise that the skin tone is not always an indicator of the ancestry. A so-called white Caribbean, whose whiteness was fabricated to support the interests of the Criollos, can carry up to 40 per cent of African blood, though not looking West African. At the same time, a Boricua with brown skin, such as Evelyn Lozada, can only carry 25 per cent of African blood when looking “black”. The brownness, coming, also from the Arawaks and Tainos.

Angie Martinez Finally Sheds Light On Why She Left Hot 97 - MTV
Angie Martinez is not a “white Latina” or “spicy white woman” at all but the result of European and Native heritage with some distant African. However, a person with her phenotype can clearly carry up to 40 per cent African though not visible at all.
How this Latina DJ became 'The Voice of New York'
In this photo of her family, Martinez poses next to her father, a Boricua who also appears to have African ancestry/Angie Martinez IG

Other individuals such as Danileigh, though ignorant and a colorist, are mostly white Caribbeans whose ancestors were mostly mixed with Africans. Danileigh is not black at all, as her parents are mostly Iberian, her father looking like a quadroon. To her defense, the choreographer claimed that she could not be white, as of Dominican heritage. In their ignorance and confusion, many consider nationality to be an explanation for race. White Dominicans of purely European descent do exist. And not all Dominicans descend from Africans, as some are sons and daughters of Arabs, Ashkenazi Jews, Asians from Japan or China, or from Ireland. The race mixing depends on each family and each history of migration.


I Never Go a Day Without Dessert”—This and More, From Gisele Bündchen's New  Book, Lessons | Vogue
German Gisele Bundchen

As seen previously, whiteness in the Caribbean has been fabricated and is multiracial. However, the real whiteness coming from those who refused to mix so as to remain pure, is present in South America mostly. Countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and even Brazil count communities of White colonial agents and white immigrants of Spanish, Italian, Irish, Portuguese, French, German, Swizz or Eastern European descent. They are Europeans who took over and supported systems to enable their own powers. Other Caribbean countries (kind of geographically) such as Colombia, Venezuela find European descendants as well of Italian groups also.

There, the so-called White Caribbeans would never be considered “white” for mixed race. The white South Americans often do not mix, especially when coming from wealthy backgrounds and are sometimes very attached to their Euro heritages.

Who is the White individual? The White European women who call themselves Chileans at the center of the gallery are pure and true Euro South Americans. That category could never consider Veronica Vega and Danileigh as being white like them.

They do not look like Jennifer Lopez, Angie Martinez, Cardi B, Danileigh or Natty Natasha at all. And certainly not like Amara la Negra. There, their feeling of superiority surpasses other groups. Their European lifestyle make them believe they are better than the others. However, though they dominate their spaces, the same racism between the Criollos and the Europeans who remained in the Old Continent exists. The whitest Uruguayan of purest Italian descent will be despised by the Spanish administrations whose members will call him/her “Sudaka”, a derogatory term for South Americans newcomers. White Argentinians though Europeans, also deal with the same problematic.

A Brief History of Anya Taylor-Joy's Dramatic Beauty Looks
Ana Jo Taylor has been wrongly called a “woman of color” when she is Scottish but was born and raised in Argentina. This is the face of the true white community in South America

In reality, their whiteness give them, in their minds, a feeling of detaining culture, knowledge over the Caribbeans, Mexicans and Central Americans. These white individuals mostly detain the most important fields of power and are also quiet and are also the ones who control the main “Hispanic media markets” including Univision. Worst, nations such as Argentina or Chile have hidden Nazi criminals for years whose descendants still carry the Nazi agenda and despise the Native and African bodies.

Yet, just because these white South Americans are far away from the black American reality, they have stayed away from the discussion linked to whiteness.

Therefore, the basis of whiteness only depends on the feelings of North Americans and not on solid, valid, tough historical and scientific points.

Sofia Vergara heats up Instagram with throwback bikini photo from the '90s  | Fox News
Sofia Vergara is European Colombian, not Native or African at all.
Arquivos Claudia Leitte - Revista Cifras
Claudia Leitte is a white cultural colonial agent who made money off of black Brazilians who have to remain at the back of the bus.

Examples of white South Americans/Caribbeans: Christina Aguilera, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek, Thalia, Paulina Rubio, Bella Thorne, Cameron Diaz, Guillermo Del Toro, Pitbull, Claudia Leite, Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, Gisele Bundchen, Kat Von D, Majandra Delfino, Anya Taylor-Joy, Andy Garcia, Raquel Welsh, Dilma Roussef, Oscar de la Renta, Lionel Messi, Fidel Castro, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Ricardo Rossello, Maria Montez, Juanes, Maria Montez …

Hennessy Carolina Talks 'MTV's The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars' | Billboard  | Billboard
Hennessy, Afro-Indigenous Taino
Pose' star Indya Moore is spreading holiday cheer to trans youth
Indya Moore, Afro-Taino Indigenous
Court Dismisses Anti-Trans Assault Lawsuit Against Rosario Dawson | Vanity  Fair
Rosario Dawson Afro Taino
Robyn Hood 🇵🇸 on Twitter: "Amara La Negra and her mom #LHHMIA… "
Amara, Afro Indigenous Taino

Examples of African/Native South Americans/Caribbeans: Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina, Cyn Santana, Evelyn Lozada, Erica Mena, Amara la Negra, Joseline Hernandez, Don Omar, Ivy Queen, Romeo Santos, N.O.R.E, Big Pun, Princess Nokia, Fat Joe, Cuban Link, Julissa Bermudez, Lala Vasquez, Indya Moore, Nitty Scott, Tego Calderon, Ibeyi sisters, Hugo Chavez, Cristian Zapata, Rosario Dawson, Gina Torres, Christina Millian

Jennifer Lopez CFDA Icon Award Best Looks Through the Years - PAPER
Lopez, Taino and European
Benicio Del Toro in Talks to Star in Shane Black's 'Predator' Reboot – The  Hollywood Reporter
Legend Benicio Del Toro, Indigenous Taino and European. Still Indigenous

Examples of Native Caribbean/South American and European: Angie Martinez, Jennifer Lopez, Diego Maradona, Dany Pino, Benicio del Toro, Eva Longoria

Examples of African/Euro South Americans/Caribbeans: Danileigh, Anitta, Natty Natasha, Veronica Vega,

Afropop Worldwide | Ticket Giveaway: Daymé Arocena at Pioneer Works
Dayme Arocena is the definition of THE PURE Afro Caribbean or Afro South American woman. Little to NO admixture. She is the FACE OF WEST AFRICANNESS
DWTS: Skai Jackson Opens Up About Her Anxiety | PEOPLE.com
Skai Jackson, Honduras
New Pop Smoke Album Announced, Coming Next Month | Pitchfork
Pop Smoke, Panama
Pelé - Wikipedia
Real Black Brazilian Pelé !

Examples of African Spanish speaking Caribbean descendants: Dayme Arocena (Cuba), Celia Cruz, Caterine Ibarguen, Raul Cuero, Luis Gilberto Murillo, Pelé, Bienkos Bioho, Lola Falana, Sara Gomez, Skai Jackson

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