The Ukrainian Crisis Is The Consequence of Zelensky’s Irresponsability. Not Putin’s

After having put his people in a position of danger due to his weak political logic, Zelenzky and his wife found the time to pose for VOGUE Magazine.

Written by Victoria Kabeya/VKY. All Rights Reserved.

The Western media are still applying the same tactics. Now that Vladimir Putin took actions to protect the security of his country, the Covid 19 pandemic has vanished from the news. A week ago, the Ukrainian crisis was still a little problem barely talked about in the media.

Interestingly enough, by the late 2000s and early 2010s, a division already formed between the mainstream media machine and the independent journalists as the latter asserted that the official news were flawed, twisted, manipulated, distorted for submitted to powerful politicians and billionaires. These statements were, at the time, judged as fraudulent and said to have been nurtured by conspiracy theories. However, by the end of the last decade, independent journalists in France proved how mainstream media channels were bought and ruled by French billionaires, among them, Vincent Bolloré and Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH. In this demise, the mainstream media tactics are clear. They no longer even try to hide or dissimulate their total allegiance to the billionaires they bow down to.

Even before the Ukrainian crisis began, the line was clear. Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and the East as a whole had to be depicted as the “axis of pure evil”. This media war against the East was already visible during sports events and cultural movements organized by either Russia or China. It was becoming more and more difficult to watch these ceremonies for hidden from the Western channels, especially the French ones. When it comes to the news, the reports regarding Vladimir Putin’s achievements in Syria were not evoked, when the Russian leader humiliated the Westerners by crushing the terrorists to pieces. The newfound stability of Syria was, in part, the consequences of Russian politics.

As stated prior in the blog, Russians and Chinese are enemies as they too, want to build empires, a crime of lese majesty for the Western politicians. In their minds, there can be one world leader. Clearly, the 500 year domination has not been sufficient enough for them as they refuse to share.

To attack the Russian and Chinese blocs, the mainstream Western European media would accuse them of abuse or corruption, while the US was responsible for the destruction of the Middle East, neo-colonialism in Africa and Latinized America, and have let billionaires take over their media to control and lie to the public. Many fingers were pointed and truths were dissimulated. Actually, the West in itself acquired power through the genocide of the Natives, the massive enslavement of Africans and the neo-colonial politics of Africa, hence an excessive imperialistic control which has led to the underdevelopment of the continent and the constant support of brutal dictators to reinforce the supremacy of the Europeans. This reality is even clearer in French Africa as the nations stagnate at a frightening pace due to this orchestrated underdevelopment.

Since the beginning of the Russian intervention, the Western media ought to nurture the viewers’ emotions by using the term “invasion”. As the masses follow what they hear for being reluctant to read about history on their own, to forge their own opinions as programmed to consume in everyway, they are gullible enough to believe such narrative and hate a Russian leader, a nation they ignore all about. The case of Vladimir Putin is not more different than that of Donald Trump. How many Trump haters really read about his program? How many did try to know him better, on the political level? Most Trump haters were consumerist followers who loathed him since the day the media decided he was a devil.

The regions annexed to Russia were culturally, ethnically and politically Russian. Vladimir Putin did not invade a territory which was not Russian. Yet, the Western media do not teach the viewers about the complex yet fascinating heritage and history of Russia. The nation is way too often presented as that of a danger for Western Europe. In the recent ceremonies organized to commemorate the end of the WWII and the liberation from the Nazis, Russia was still ignored by the West when it played a very important role in the destruction of Nazism. The constant provocation and insults of the Democrat leaders, whether with Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden led to this situation. The disdain of the West whose weakened power relies upon an arrogance inherited from the past will be their biggest downfall and crush.

The reality is. Western European countries should learn about the Ukrainian crisis and understand that the US will never be a trustworthy ally to them. The US power used Ukraine to test the limits of a Vladimir Putin they belittled for being an Eastern European. The contempt of the West for the Eastern culture and its population is not new. Regarded as sub-Europeans, primitive and less advanced, their cultural and religious diversity are constantly insulted out of racism. In their legendary hypocrisy, the same Westerners are now displaying compassion towards the thousands of Ukrainian refugees fleeing home. The latter are even said to be welcomed if they desire to find refuge in France or Belgium. Indeed, their blond hair and blue eyes are not threatening the Westerners as much as the Middle Eastern and Negroid features of the Syrians and West Africans who have been drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and for whom, nobody has compassion.

The US will keep exploiting Western Europe too, but will not fight their battles.

As predicted in our article, Ukrainian president, Mr Zelensky is now fearing for his life and cries about the absence of support from the Western allies. Actually, the crisis is the consequence of both the US provocation and the irresponsability of the Ukrainian president who, out of arrogance as he thought he could either defeat or thwart Putin’s plans, finds himself abandoned by his Western friends whose main interests in his country were financial. As Joe Biden realized that the Russian response was too serious, and judging by the importance of Russia as a gas provider, going at war with the Russians would be a danger. Zelensky was not careful enough to think twice before putting his population in danger.

The Ukrainian army is composed of extremely racist individuals, members of Neo-Nazi ideologies as attested by the existence of the Azov Battalion, an extremely anti-Russian and brutal militia which joined the Ukrainian National Guard in 2014. However, the Western media do not mention it all.

From the Russian part, the government clearly stated that their targets were these Neo-Nazi groups whose members desire to harm Russia and pro-Russians. Yersterday, Sergei Lavrov and Vladimir Putin warned the Russians and the world that some of these Ukrainian militias could counterattack to later hide in places hosting thousands of civilians as a way of accusing Russia of warcrime against civilians in case they fought back.

The silence of the Western media when it comes to the infiltration and presence of neo-nazis in the Ukrainian government and patrol reminds us of the Lybian and Syrian crises. Indeed, there again, the West were the first to support the terrorists and barbaric militias paid by foreign powers to further chaos as the planned and orchestrated destruction of the Middle East was in full effect. Western media and politicians ought to introduce themselves as the guardians of democracy but have sided and supported the most despicable and evil beings in wars causing thousands of civil deaths and cases of torture in the Middle East and North Africa so as to further and support their propaganda at any costs.

Interestingly enough, Vladimir Putin is being sanctioned like a child but neither the US nor the West have interests in fighting a direct war as they would clearly lose and block their own economy. The weak punishments imposed against the Russians will eventually backfire. Western Europe in its legendary dependency could never recover well if the people deal with the explosion of the gas price as Putin could easily stop providing them with fuel.

The Ukrainian crisis is not Russia’s problem at all but the result of Zelensky’s irresponsability. The latter clearly placed the West on a pedestal, and believed in whatever promises were made to him. Yet, the West only trusts in the West and regards their non-Western allies as sub-human trolls they can exploit mercilessly for their own interests.

And that time, Zelensky thought he would be the exception to the rule, but he remains, now, alone and abandoned.

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