On The Importance of Abolishing Hollywood and Celebrity Worship Culture

Will Smith assaulting comedian Chris Rock/Academy Awards

According to Argentinian thinker and writer Walter Mignolo, the decline of the West will be marked by two main things: the movement of decoloniality and the rise of the East as a new global power. The domination of the Russian army in Ukraine after years of sneaky attacks from the American government which treated Vladimir Putin wit great disdain for being an Eastern European man, is starting to put an end to the US worldwide supremacy which was nothing less than a constant neo-colonial tactique put in place to keep the southern global sphere at the bottom. What Walter Mignolo asserted is clearly true, but who could have thought that such “decline” would also be displayed thanks to high technology?

The West is facing a real dichotomy when it comes to its evolution. Though is has plundered Central African resources to support their high technological advancements for decades, thus supporting wars in Eastern Congo to illegally exploit the Congolese mines, the Western population has entered a deep phase of social decay. The more the West develops its technology, the more Westerners display an intellectual void which contradicts the tale of constant social progress.

With the rise of the big tech, following the selection of Barack Obama in 2008-2009, the social media have been used as a part of the political synchronicity promoted by the US and Western European governments to assert their political propaganda worldwide. The explosion of technology increased the world anarchy, somehow, and facilitated the division of our space as it clearly proved the existence of a clueless mass whose main interests focus on the big tech and the cult of Hollywood and a rare a small group of fighters who want to internally abolish the brutality of capitalism.

Due to the rapid spread of social media content which can elevate random folks to the rank of celebrity, even the least intelligent individual can aspire to reach the celebrity status. Indeed, back in the 1980s and 1990s, celebrity was attributed to people for a specific thing known as talent. At the time, the status of celebrity was much more regulated and appreciated as the famous chosen ones, except for Madonna, could either sing, write, act or dance. They had something unique and also promoted the idea of hard work which was real. Yet, twenty five years later, irrelevant and untalented Armenian-American women can have access to fame for selling a sex tape. The worst part in the story is that millions of individuals follow and emulate them when having literally not one single talent besides theft and manipulation.

As a consequence, if social media was used in the fight against colonialism, though clearly orchestrated for going along the spectrum of controlled opposition, it also gave birth to a generation of degenerate and desperate dumb individuals, called influencers, who are granted deals and contracts to enter the circle of Hollywood.

What can be said about Hollywood, then? In the 1980s, Hollywood serves the political machine, thus explaining why Michelle Obama could lower her standards by claiming she wished she was Beyoncé or make apparences at the BET Awards, a place where a first lady can not stand judging by the political stature her status represents.

A shift clearly occured between the 1980s and our time as the notion of privacy and distance no longer exist and social media helped increase such fact. Why? In all things, the culture of fanatics serve the political purposes of the Western elite whose members need to fuel their masses and favor the status of submission. The social media users are generally delusional beings who can easily be manipulated. In their virtual world, they nourish the idea of dissociation for no one is real anymore but plays a role. The more individuals believe in the superiority of celebrities over them, the more politicians can use various strategies to assert their power. Indeed, celebrities are surely regarded as powerful by the lower members of the pyramid, but in reality, these same celebs are the bottom of the power dynamic. The influence of an actor or singer has to do with their ability to entertain, lie and sell dreams to the masses. Inside of the Hollywood stratosphere, the real power remains in the shadow and its members are ugly, both inside and out.

The constant emulation of celebrities also says a lot about the Western masses themselves. The latter are unhappy and symbolize the coming decline of the West as a tired society which drained all its resources due to centuries of political arrogance and unfair domination. White Americans no longer have any culture and hide such void behind massive consumerism. Black Americans, and soon Black Europeans if they do not learn, will never be able to go back to their authenticity as they, too, eventually decided to submit to the elitist group which governs them. In this constant void, celebrities comfort them through the projection.

Ironically, the poorest individuals who have been crushed by the worst capitalistic political decisions will support those who have hurt them as they believe that their poverty is the result of their lack of achievements. How is it possible to let thousand of celebrities win so much money, accumulate to much when cities such as Flint lack good water? How can this dichotomy be accepted, tolerated and supported by the poorest of the poorest? Has capitalism finally helped us become the manipulated childlike beings our forefathers once fought against? Without knowing it, Hollywood culture is elitism, capitalism at its finest and a constant evil lesson which teaches people from the bottom that the pyramid should not change at all and that the unfair domination of a chosen clique should be protected at all costs.

Hollywood does not promote culture or advancement at all. It is a symbol of union between politicians and celebrities who serve their agenda and bow down to a machine. Real culture exists in the underground movement, and is created by independent film makers, producers, singers, whose incredible work can be stolen by the corporations but ignored enough for being too real and not marketable.

The Hollywood worship culture is even worst for black communities. Deprived of everything, not knowing anything about their African roots, the latter are always the first target in the dumbing down of culture and intellect. The orchestrated rise of a Beyoncé is presented by the media as a progress for the black community whose members greatly embrace it. If a crooked performer generates millions, then their wrongdoings or hypocrisy have to be disregarded. The disdain for the Black Americans is such that their elite does not even try to hide their racism in the celebrities they choose for them: rappers, singers and actors are their leaders, while the real intellectuals and authors are either studied by Whites themselves or ignored. As a consequence, millions of lost Black girls would consider the oversexualization of the black female body as a feminist act when being a racist sexual exploitation put on display for the world to see.

The Academy Awards just like any of their shows including the Grammys are so played out and nothing less than a self-gratification between elitist folks who belong to the same clique. It’s not about movie performances or the everlasting impact of a creative piece but just rich folks propped by the media machine ahd who serve a political agenda who gratify one another with a gold statue. Real art that lasts doesn’t need any Grammy or Oscar. Hollywood culture and the cult of celebrities really have to be abolished.

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