Are Western Blacks Exploiting The Pain Of Their Ancestors Through The Capitalization Of “Trauma”?

Written by VKY/Victoria Kabeya. All Rights Reserved.

Social media was most importantly used in the late 2000s to help support the selection of Barack Obama which was reinforced by the spectrum of political synchronicity. The whole world was reunited under one man who had then been presented as the new hope for mankind and the so-called first “Black” president of the United States. Originally, the Internet was the privileged space for the social underground as most users in the 2000s until the mid 2010s had either been banned or disgusted with the mainstream media culture symbolized by the supremacy of television. Back then, the Internet was a counterpower to mainstream media. For example, as early as 2001, Hollywood engaged in a campaign against piracy as groups of Internet users shared copies of movies upon their release or leaked new songs by wealthy Rnb or rock singers at the time, thus annoying the mainstream superpowers. The net was the evil opposite place which threatened the safety of the mainstream world. Yet, as the power of the big tech evolved and was nurtured by the political group, the constant censorship and lack of respect towards the users’ privacy led to the “mainstreamification” of a space which has been first occupied by the isolated from the tv machine.

However, interestingly, the 2010s saw the rise of orchestrated political revolts which gave rise to a movement of decoloniality through social media. For the first time, African, Asian and South American descendants used Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to create online articles to denounce the micro-agressions or racism they dealt with on a daily basis. It was through the Internet that these various minorities also exposed the anti-blackness which was the core of their non-black societies. Any public figure who committed any act of racism was exposed or rather “cancelled” by the social media users. Isolated groups never mentioned before such as the Black Iranians or Black Latinos were talked about and shared their experiences through numerous hashtags.

Yet, if the sincerity of some social media users regarding their experience to racism helped the situation progress, others did not refrain from exploiting the brutality of police abuse and the pain of their African ancestors to value their selves and pages through lament as they adopted a pain they never really endured in the first place. As a consequence, grown individuals with bad characters used the excuse of the historical trauma to justify their bad behavior, while others used the brutality of the past to increase their following, present themselves as traumatized pro-black human beings while being aware that they would never have the courage to act and do anything to change the state of their community.

In that sense, the exploitation of that historical pain deeply affected the black communities in both the US and Western Europe as the black causes became similar to a joke which allowed endless egomaniacs in the making to present themselves as new political leaders of the black group in the West. Their laziness and inability to organize politically to fight for a real change ruined any real hope for evolution but gave false hopes to those who really wanted to invest themselves in a fight to advance the world.

These manipulators, through their lack of actions, hurt the black fight which appeared as desperate and with zero solutions. They not only nurtured toxic black identity politics which stupidly promoted manichaeanism as presenting white people as the axis of evil when colonialism, a human fact, can be both applied by black and white individuals for domination and supremacy. Then, the fake pro-black supporters do not want to protect their community but rather annihilate it through total desperation. For them, Blacks can not exist as individuals at all but have to evolve through a group and for the group only. They do not understand that genius actually is the product of individualism and that placing all Blacks in the same group makes no sense at all.

The so-called trauma endured by the Gen-Zeers is a myth and a reason which gives them an explanation to remain lazy and not to act. In reality, most pro-Blacks will not sacrifice anything they own as they are the first agents of capitalism and consumerism. Only a minority of Black Westerners actually love their community. The anger of these pro-black Afro descendants is nothing less than a shout of anger towards the white elite they wish would accept them within their ranks. As a consequence, they do not want to start a real revolution but change some aspects of it to fit in better.

Still, one notices one thing. The African ancestors the Black Westerners want to defend suffered much more than them, endured the most horrific forms of persecution but were much more courageous than them as well though having less means. The regression of the pro-black fight has to simply do with the desire of the fake pro-black individuals to be accepted by the elite. They protest and wait for their response while the needy are hoping for a solution. How can one individual who lives in comfort in the 21st century complain about trauma while not enduring 1/10th of their ancestors’ pain?

Slavery and colonialism were not myths at all but cruel events through which the exploitation of the black African body helped the West forge their political domination until this day. As a consequence, starting a revolution online makes no sense at all as a real revolution requires real decisions to make changes. First of all, how many Black Westerners would abandon their privileges to go back live to the global south? How many would cease listening to black products called musicians by the industry whose lyrics dumb down a whole community? Not all Afro descendants will come back this is a fact as some have to stay to preserve the cultures created. However, it is in the day to day actions that things can evolve.

Everybody wants to denounce the conflict in Eastern Congo but how many really want to stop buying Iphones, finance Apple and the Silicon Valley which benefits greatly from the wars in the African Great Lakes to steal their natural resources and advance their technology?

How many would stop financing racist Asian companies, stop excessively buying European luxury brands and rather invest in small African fashion companies for example?

The excessive exploitation of created mental illnesses and of trauma slows down the evolution of justice for Black people as only the cases which favor the attention of the white group are being mentioned. The murders of the likes of Darren Seals remain unresolved and barely evoked by the black American community.

Those are the real authentic black fighters who remain in the dark.

The rise of social media no longer gives a good space to the isolated from mainstream society but also put a celebrity aspect on all movements of “activism” as individuals are only looking for the recognition of their ego at the expense of the black cause.

Yes, most black issues can be resolved by black people themselves but they are still waiting for non-Blacks to love them.

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