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French TV Hosts From Mainstream Channel LCI Call For Vladimir Putin’s Assassination

New Russian President Vladimir Putin takes the presidential oath on the Constitution of the Russian Federation in Moscow’s Kremlin Palace on May 7, 2000. Former president Boris Yeltsin looks on during the inauguration ceremony after having resigned on December 31, 1999.

Written by Victoria Kabeya/VKY. All Rights Reserved.

“Is Eliminating Putin the only solution?” they ask
Are There Plans To Eliminate Putin? They Ask in French Mainstream TV

This video summerizes to itself the criminal heritage of the Westerners as it has been so easy for them to indulge in mass crime to sustain their power and control since 1492. TV hosts from mainstream channel LCI discuss and ask themselves, is “eliminating” the Russian leader the only solution to the Ukrainian crisis?

First of all, Western European leaders consider themselves to be the center of the world, and have thought so for the past 500 years. As explained in a previous blog article, Vladimir Putin represents all things they loath. If the West claim to be the axis of good, peace and democracy, this can not be said about Western media at all. They can no longer hide their allegiance to billionaires for controlled by Vincent Bolloré and Bernard Arnault, their lies and submission to a global political agenda.

The French hatred for Russia takes root in European racism. For the West, Eastern Europeans are poor, inferior and primitive beings. Consequently, the rise of Vladimir Putin represents a danger for them as it would, as Argentinian historian and scholar Walter Mignolo says, mark the decline of the West and would reinforce the movement of decoloniality. The infiltration of the Russians in former French African colonies is one example. Recently, the Malian government ousted the French army and the Russians are making a comeback in the Central African Republic as well. Yet, in the Malian case one notices one change. The Malians were helped by the Russians but the new leaders also clearly want to lead their country themselves. The new African wave of politics is rooted in a small rejection of both colonialism and economic dependence. Indeed, the total control of technology gives access to political power to anybody who wants to dominate it and the West could not stop the growth of that said technology which is present around the world and can be easily created. In that sense, African leaders now feel strong and courageous enough to rebuild their nations on their own. The Russian help can be neocolonial as well, it is true, but this can also evolve as a cooperation on the long term.

All the populations which have been despised by the West evolved in silence, in a margin. And this exclusion allowed them to revalue themselves, make cooperation with one another and strengthen their relations outside of the European gaze as well. In this matter, Africans and South Americans are not the only one concerned but Chinese, Russians and Indians too. With the emergence of Russia, the West fears that the whole global south will emerge as well and shape a new world without them. In reality, they should not fear it, as it is happening.

As a consequence, there could be, in this desire of building a new multipolar world, a unity between the various peoples and a total rejection of Western values. This rebirth could be accentuated by a wave of new decoloniality as attested by Walter Mignolo in his book, The Darker Side of Western Modernity.

In their total demise, and great desperation as a dying civilization which will not be able to catch up with the future, the mainstream media have proven to be a part of a great political machine, applying an agenda with ramifications in sports (UEFA), fashion, technology (Apple etc), Hollywood, and their limited politicians whose tactics of intimidation have not evolved since the 1960s. Therefore, knowing they are losing the conflict in Ukraine and that a new global force is emerging, Western TV hosts are so deseperate the only thing they can do is discuss the potential assassination of a Russian leader they have demonized, censorsed, while hiding their most horrific crimes committed by the NATO and their own elite over the past 500 years.

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