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Why Black Africans In The Diaspora Have The Right Not To Feel Any Compassion For Ukraine

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the US Congress at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on December 21, 2022. – Zelensky is in Washington to meet with US President Joe Biden and address Congress — his first trip abroad since Russia invaded in February. (Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict in February 2022, as we will sadly commemorate the first year of the Russian operation in Ukraine, the world saw the beginning of the operations and the terrible consequences which ensued. Images of Ukrainians, mothers, children, desperately attempting to flee from their nation to join nearby countries, or trying to find refuge in Western Europe still come to mind. The Ukrainians, it is true, endured a brutal shock whose consequences will haunt the generations to come. Furthermore, in this disaster, several NGOs rang the alarm as they oughted to denounce the secret and shadow criminal pedophile rings whose members organized to kidnap and sell Ukrainian children to human traffickers around the world. Though that fact was real, the mass media often refused to put the light on that matter, as it could have presented Ukraine for what it is, a heavily corrupt nation.

Yet, if the Western Europeans and North Americans were totally appalled by the images of distress they saw on television, the memories of millions of African, Central American, South American, Middle Eastern and Afghani refugees were insulted. In France, the far-right leaders, including far-right journalist Eric Zemmour, had no issue claiming their total support for the Ukrainian refugees for the simple reason that they were white, European, Christian, and thus, blood-brothers, who could whitewash the overbearing African Negroid and Arab presence in their country.

As many wished to support their blue-eyed and white European Christian brothers, even the Swiss, who are so strangers to sympathy and openness, were the first to welcome the Ukrainian refugees, until the situation began to go left. Indeed, less than six months after the first Ukrainian arrived, a great portion of the Swiss who had decided to welcome them, wished the Eastern Europeans would go away: they were way too dominant and were, allegedly, imposing their point of view, even as refugees.

(To be fair, Western Europeans always had total disdain towards their Eastern cousins they deemed inferior in every way.)

Thus, the war exposed the racism of both the Western media and Westerners who had no issue admitting that they were much more supportive of Ukraine for being a white, European nation.

As stated in our previous article published in February 2022, right after the beginning of the conflict, the Russian special operation in Ukraine led to a worldwide revolution. Whether the United States and its European allies want it or not, the world has now become multipolar. In less than ten months, the political structures of the world we had known all along were shifted. Furthermore, the constant coverage of the Ukrainian conflict highlighted one issue which has become impossible to hide: both the U.S and Western European leaders are panicking.

The United States wrongly thought that provoking Vladimir Putin near his frontier would make them victorious. What they had in return was the constant loss of their political and cultural influences in the southern sphere. This reality was so clear that even Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela and successor of Hugo Chavez, refused the propositions of seduction introduced by Joseph Biden. While trying to seduce Muhammad Bin Salman (M.B.S.) for his own advancement, the Saudi officials refused.

The Western leaders, in their natural arrogance and disdain of all individuals who are not similar to them, never thought in a million year that the situation would turn against them. The rise of Vladimir Putin, thus of the East, puts an end to the American hegemony and worldwide domination we all knew prior. In this matter, other nations and leaders previously treated with disdain by the US and its Western European allies have gained confidence as they noticed that they, too, could organize within their realms to forge, reinforce, create and expand their trading, technological and financial skills.

Though sanctioned like a little child, the privation imposed against Putin and Russia by the West turned against them. Russia was the principal gas provider to the Western European nations, but since the latter imposed sanctions, Vladimir Putin strategically imposed his own conditions, going as far as forcing the West to buy his stocks in roubles. Despite the sanctions, Putin reinforced his economy by trading with China even more, other nations in the Pacific and Russia’s Latin American allies.

Putin and Jiping

Yet, one despised continent also contributed to the current downfall of the Western world: Africa is turning its back, and this time, for good. Mali revolted against France, ousted the French ambassador, accused Emmanuel Macron of political infiltration, attacked the French government and faced the hordes of sanctions imposed against them without even moving. Other countries such as the Central African Republic collaborate with the group Wagner and would rather deal with the Russians, they were close to in the 1960s, than the French who have despised them all along.

The disdain of the French was such, that Emmanuel Macron wrongly believed that the usual colonial tactics used by his predecessors would be enough to keep control over the continent. Mali was a strategic point for the natural resources, it is true, but the natural resources of Niger, understand uranium, especially in times of conflict with Russia, distraught Macron. Without uranium, France, a poor nation in terms of resources, would fail to maintain its energy. Therefore, as West Africa is turning its back on France, Emmanuel Macron decided to join his former enemy and war criminal, Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda.

Though Kagame accused France of being responsible for the 1994 Rwandan genocide, the choice of the Rwandan president to replace French with English as the national language made the political relationship between the two nations even more difficult. As a consequence, and for a few years in the 2010s, Rwanda and France did not have relationships, and the direct flight lines between Paris and Kigali were totally inexistant, Belgium being the point of transit.

Yet, by late 2022, both Kagame and Macron decided to reunite for personal interests. Though Kagame has been backing up the rebellious M23 military group in the Eastern part of the Congo for more than twenty years now, Macron turned a blind eye to the 12 million of dead Congolese, so as to be able to profit from the natural resources stolen by both Rwanda and Uganda, for the benefit of the United States, Western European and other criminal black African states whose leaders want to possess the Congolese resources too. In exchange, Kagame enjoys the many gifts and donations France make, so as to secure their political and military position in the Congo. Especially since the main objective of Kagame and his men is to take over the Eastern part of the Congo, a region they claim was always historically theirs.

The reunion between Macron and Kagame is a pathetic move for both of them. Macron humiliated himself by this choice, going as far as shaking the hand of a war criminal to limit the improbable consequences of his political choices in West African countries he and his men always despised. Kagame, as usual, remains a pawn to the Westerners who have been using him over the past twenty years. A powerful military strategist, Kagame was bright enough to not only orchestrate the murder of Juvénal Habyarimana, but to also oust Mobutu in 1997, in order to replace him with Laurent-Désiré Kabila by 1998, until the same rebels who backed him up decided to turn against him, realising he would never betray the Congo for their own benefits.

Therefore, as the conflict in Ukraine gave light to a global political catastrophe, with an African continent which is rising up and slowly blocking any European, US influences, in both the African and Western spheres, true colors were shown. Consequently, even Africa can not escape from the horrific and disloyal criminal tactics put in place by many failing Western leaders who are trying to limit the damages.

Millions of Congolese lives have been crushed, and this destruction is not only justified, but supported by the fact that the interests of Emmanuel Macron are much more important than the lives of Congolese children.

European leaders and Zelensky Thought Africans Would Be Gullible, But It Didn’t Work

Malian president, Assimi Goita

In an attempt to disuade the Africans from joining the Russians, Volodymir Zelensky, president of Ukraine, told the African leaders how Russia just wanted to manipulate them. Zelensky himself is the head of a government whose many members belong to neo-nazi groups. The Ukrainian president thought about blocking any connection between Russian and the African countries, but remained extremely silent regarding the mistreatment of African students in Ukraine following the beginning of the conflict. These black Africans were prevented from entering cars, buses to escape the zones of conflict, and remained blocked in the cold. They used the Internet to ask for help through social media. The videos were so viral that even the ambassadors of Poland and Ukraine had to deny the accusations of racism.

In reality, Western European leaders have no respect for nobody. Since they have been dominating since 1492, they truly believe they are superior than any other entity. Therefore, the toughness of the Malian leaders is unbelievable to them, as they would have never imagined Africans would rebel, think for themselves, but also reject their former colonial dominant.

Africans Have The Right Not To Feel Any Compassion For Ukraine

In their constant disdain, Western Europeans consider that their issue should be at the center of everything. They view their world, as the entire world. Still, with the emergence of technology, the glorious colonial past of the West has become threatened. Indeed, he who dominates technology, dominates the world.

This is how some refugees end up in the center of Paris. Dying of crack overdoses./AFP

The war in Ukraine was used by the far-right politicians of the West to freely insult populations which were already vulnerable. In their process of dehumanization, the millions of Africans, Syrians refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea were presented by their media as constant enemies whose existence needed to be suppressed in order to preserve the good order of whiteness and Western domination. Under the mandate of Donald Trump, while tensions were escalating between Russia and Ukraine, Central American children were separated from their parents and kept in cages. These same children and parents attempted to flee to the United States, following the constant US destabilization in nations such as Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The poverty and uncertainty the Central Americans wish to escape from stem from the nightmare nourished by the United States themselves decades ago.

Acclaimed by black celebrities and mainstream media, Barack Obama followed the neo-colonial policies led by George W. Bush regarding the Middle East. In a matter of eight years, Obama furthered the policy of destruction of the Levant and the Near East, in Iraq, of course, but also in Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt where the orchestrated Arab Spring revolts from 2011 took place.

Throughout this disaster, the proxy-war in Yemen, which began in 2014 is never talked about in the mainstream media at all. There, millions of dollars are at stakes and Western nations use the brutality of the war as an opportunity to sell their weapons and further the conflict. Iran and Saudi Arabia have backed up their own militias which overkill one another for the benefits of the two Gulf giants. There is no compassion for the Yemeni children dying mercilessly.

Often, the Yemeni refugees who try to find refuge in France will either end up drowning in the Mediterranean sea, or smoking crack in Porte de la Chapelle, in Paris out of despair and mental health issues. Yet, while walking by them, white French Parisians do not even have any compassion in their hearts for victims of wars which were fomented by their own government and leaders.

Therefore, since they have been presented themselves as the dominant power over the past five hundred years, Westerners are the ones to choose which group of people can have the right to be treated with compassion or not. In their hierarchy regarding the treatment of humans, Ukrainians come first, for being blond, white and Christian, but the rest can die. This hierarchy will be explained by many of them as being totally natural, since one tends to identify as those who share their features and traits. This classification of humans is wrong, and the Westerners know it, but they will not remedy at all, for being proud of having such feelings of separation.

As a consequence, since the immigrants and slave descendants feel total guilt for their condition, as they bother the Westerner by their presence, the Black and Brown communities force themselves to feel the same compassion towards the beloved groups cherished by Western leaders. This issue needs to stop, especially when Ukraine was always anti-black, filled with disdain towards black Africans, as black students could be, even before the war, threatened in the streets of Kiev for simply existing and breathing.

If African members of the diaspora do not feel any specific feeling towards the Russian operation in Ukraine, such void should be deemed rational and normal. A Congolese-Belgian should have the right to deem the Eastern Congolese massacre more important. A Central African should have the right to cry for the Senegale dying in the Mediterranean sea. A Malian-Canadian should have the right to feel more in tune with the sad destiny of a Malian refugee dying of a crack overdose in the streets of Paris.

By replacing our problematics at the center of our world, it is the concept of Eurocentrism which will disappear. Eurocentrism, like any other colonial form, erases the feelings of others deemed inferior to stand in the middle as asupreme concept. By replacing the pain of our own at the center, we not only humanize them again but we also put an end to the constant destruction, insult and abuse our brothers and sisters have been facing for so many years.

It shall be more than important to claim, loudly and proudly, that the pain of our own, matters more than that of those who never loved, considered and respected us, in the first place.

Written by Victoria “VKY” Kabeya. All Rights Reserved, 2023

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