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To Which Point Are You No Longer Black? The Robyn Dixon Case and The “One Drop Rule” Blacks

Beautiful Robyn Dixon/ IG Robyn Dixon

By Victoria “VKY” Kabeya. All Rights Reserved, 2023.

The One Drop Rule is still in full effect today for two main reasons: racist white elite group members still need to push it in order to protect their economic and political supremacy and unmixed black groups still hold onto it out of self-hatred. As explained before, both clans are irrational in their quest for separation or forced blackness since pure whiteness does not exist and white people can not be Black genetically -unless Albinos.

Non-mixed black women are the first to support the One Drop Rule for the simple reason that they despise their own pure blackness they wish, it would disappear. Since they hate themselves, the departure of the mixed Whites from the pure black clan would become a tragedy.

Indeed, in their minds, the mixed Whites are a proximity to the white gaze, hence a necessity which will make them feel validated in their unambiguous blackness. This pure blackness appears to be so monstruous to them that the presence of mixed individuals give them a sense of safety.

If the most beautiful black women chosen by the industry are always mixed, they believe, this problematic should not really matter since “blackness comes in all shades”.

Upon being deported from West and Central Africa, the enslaved Africans had specific features which were Negroid. Though it is true that Africans have displayed the most various phenotypes on earth, Central and West Africans are not a mixed-race group at all for being unambiguously, purely Black. The few examples of Igbo, Fulani, Hausa clan members which are put forward by the dark skin black American and British women can not reverse this fact.

Black Americans were always presented as the epitome of black pride to other Western black groups when their leaders were always driven by their own ambiguity.

First, black Americans enjoy presenting their group as being mostly mixed-race, claiming that the majority of Blacks in the US all carry up to twenty per cent of European blood. If this fact is valid, Black Americans are, in majority, Negroid.

Then, in matters of political resistance, black leaders, whether male or female, will always support the mixed-race candidates over the black ones.

During the 2020 political race, Indian-American Kamala Harris, though less than twenty-five per cent African, was cheered, loved, embraced and supported by black American women who considered her a sister. Yet, Harris was always an anti-black agent who held a deep hatred towards black American men she massively sent to jail.

Since black American women are the first to attack black men who choose white women over them, Harris who used black men to advance her career, married a white man, thus furthering her distance from the black group she always despised. Despite it all, Harris was never called a “coon” by her dark skin black female supporters at all.

In the case of Meghan Markle, dark skin black women were present again to defend their mixed princess against racism, when mixed-race women themselves never came out to support Meghan publicly at all. In the same dynamic, Markle never claimed to be black, but always recognised herself as being biracial, hence the daughter of a black American mother and a white man of German ancestry.

Yet, in their self-hatred, black women needed to comfort a Meghan who appears to find more confidence in her white heritage than in the black one.

However, when the 2015 scandal of Rachel Dolezal made headlines, black women were angry enough to call for her boycott, accusing white people of using blackness as a costume.

When untalented white rappers such as Iggy Azaelia mimick the black sound and exploit black man’s sexually to rise to the top, the same unambiguous black women unleash their hatred.

This reaction is rather illogical for the simple reason that one can not elevate mixed white individuals with little to no black ancestry as the faces of representation of blackness, and then pretend to be shocked when actual white people who no longer possess any valid culture in the U.S, want to pass as mixed white individuals in order to enjoy a certain level of power in the black sphere.

The Issue With The Term Light-Skin

Charles Chesnutt

The first form of manipulation used by many members of the black group who refuse to recognise a mixed-race category or the valid existence of racial admixture in one category, is expressed through the fallacious term “light-skin”. This term, similar to “chabin” in the French Caribbean, refers to black individuals with the particularity of having mixed-race features without having two visible black parents. Often, the contradiction and the bad faith is such that black people could say, while referring to another person: “She is not mixed, just light-skin”.

First of all, despite the 400 years of slavery and the racial admixture which took place through rape, the original black West/Central African phenotype still exists, whether in the USA, in the Caribbean and South America. Despite the numerous policies of erasure which formed throughout the centuries, unambiguous black groups still exist. These individuals possess a phenotype which can not naturally produce white skin individuals with European features.

Contrary to what modern pro-black US want to claim regarding race, Africa is a diverse place with various phenotypes, but even if white colonizers such as the Portuguese, Spaniards, or Arabs in East Africa created their own racial structures through racial adxmiture, Africans are untouched and purely black. Congolese, Angolan, Mozambican, South African, Namibian, can have small minorities of white groups and mixed-race people, but the indigenous inhabitants are purely black.

Robyn Dixon and her mother. Though she claims to have two black parents, Robyn must have issues with her sight.

In that sense, two unambiguous black people can not genetically produce a prototype similar to a “chabin” or “light-skin” individual, unless some European element comes into the scene.

Yet, even if the genetical fact is valid, scientifically approved and accepted, black Americans who suffer from self-hatred want to deny the scientific evidence so as to prove that black people can come in all shades. The creation of the invalid One Drop Rule is their favorite argument to use in order to block any movement of separation between mixed-race people and the unmixed black ones.

In this desperate attempt, non-mixed black individuals who support the One Drop Rule for their own interest will claim that any individual with black blood is black.

Actually, if the pro-One Drop Rule support this idea, believing that blackness comes in all shades, they forget one thing.

The mixed-race category known as light-skin are not black, but were placed within the black range out of disdain by the white group. It is the disdain that takes away their obvious non-black blood. But despite it all, the members of this group are still not black. Therefore, the non-mixed black individuals want to cherish this white disdain in order to compare it to their own when such comparison is not valid. Light skin people were rejected for being tainted by their black blood, but the non-mixed ones were simply rejected for being black. One is thus tainted by a touch of blackness and the other is not even accepted for being fully black.

Legendary white multiracial Fredi Washington. She always claimed her black heritage with pride and refused to pass for white to advance her career.

Then, the term “light-skin” allows the black self-haters to extend the concept of blackness to the most improbable parts. Though a pure black phenotype still exists in the US, they will deny it and claim that a beige individual is black. Arguments about belonging to black culture will replace the genetic facts which mean that no black individual can give birth to a white child unless Euro adxmiture took place.By talking about “light-skin”, the black community refuses to recognise the individuals for what they are: mixed. If they get to talk about them as being mixed-race, then this reality would mean that the “light-skin” group is no longer black, for belonging to something else, thus leaving the non-mixed Blacks to their own self-hate as being unambiguous black products.

At the same time, the political manipulation also exists in the light-skin group with individuals who are still holding onto the One Drop Rule for their own advantage.

Though being aware of contributing to the erasure of pure blackness by claiming a full blackness themselves, the light-skin/mixed individuals actually want to be accepted by the white clan, but they remain in the black side for knowing that nobody will politically take a listen to what they have to say.

Multiracial Amber Rose, of Cape Verdean is not black. Yet, she panders to the black community knowing the white community would never recognise her for what she is, a multiracial white woman.

Many women of mixed-race ancestry point out the jealousy of black women towards them, but still gravitate around black people for knowing very well that colorist black men will treat them like superior beings.

The same way, delusional mixed-race women who marry and create children with white men (or vice versa) give birth to white children they want to force into the black category by claiming that blackness comes in all shades.

This desire of placing their white offspring in the black comes from a deep desire of pursuit of domination they would never have in the white side.

Indeed, a few years ago, talented RnB singer Keke Wyatt who described her ancestry as being merely twenty-five per cent black, was enraged at the black community blaming them for the racism she endured as a mixed-race child when younger. Still, despite her anger towards the black community, Wyatt still performs in black clubs, makes music for black audiences, though claiming trauma, as she knows that the white community will never give her any status of domination in their rank, since, to their eyes, she has been tainted by her black and Native genes.

The Robyn Dixon Case And How The US Created White People For The Black Category

French Creole ladies from Louisiana/ Source FrenchCreoles.com

It is a mistake to believe that white descendants of enslaved Africans never endured the horrific legacy of slavery. As we will see in later articles regarding the case of the white Latinos, the white body which came from the black one through colonial rape, was exploited in a scheme of racial experimentation in order to place the white entity, though mixed, above the black groups.

Reality TV star Robyn Dixon is one of them.

Famous for the Potomac version of the Real Housewives franchise, Dixon and her friend Gisele Bryant, a mixed-race woman of Creole culture, have been famous for attacking their biracial counterparts accusing them of being ashamed of their black heritage.

Often, the biracial contestants replied to the nonsense by pointing out the mixed-race features of the “Green-eyed bandits”. Indeed, how could a woman who present as mixed-race, with loose curls and green eyes, hence similar to the members of the biracial group, choose herself as the symbol for pure blackness? Still, Dixon and Bryant often mocked and ridiculed their biracial contestants as they acted more black than the others.

A young white girl classified as Negro due to her distant African admixture

Yet, in 2020, Robyn Dixon posted her DNA test results which revealed that she was sixty per cent European, with only thirty nine per cent of black African heritage.

This reality confirmed the thoughts of many viewers who had a hard time understanding how Dixon could pretend to be black.

The black group which defended the One Drop Rule did present Robyn as a black woman whose only difference was to be “light-skin”, while the most clever wondered until which point, an individual ceases to be black?

Indeed, if many black Americans can carry a certain percentage of European ancestry due to colonial rape, not too many black Americans have up to sixty percent of European ancestry.

This reality means that Dixon and her family were initially white people whose false blackness was created by the brutality of the One Drop Rule.

Once exposed, Dixon attempted to present the results as the consequence of colonial rape.

If this reality is true, another explanation gives light to her whiteness: her supposed “black” ancestors who were in fact white and mixed-race intermarried for generations.

The reason why so many Civil Rights Leaders were either mixed-race or mixed Whites had to do with the fact that elitism or bourgeoisie in black American societies often came through whiteness. Most Civil Rights Leaders who came from the upper social class were mixed-race.

The Harlem Renaissance movement was a proof of it.

In Louisiana, mixed-race women, whether biracials, light-skin, quadroons or octoroons, gravitated towards the elitist French Creole scene where they would be sexually exploited as concubines.

It was common for the mixed-race groups to possess black slaves as well. Later, in the early days of segregation, racist tests such as The Brown Paper Bag or the establishment of Blue Vein Societies cemented the elevation of the Negro through heavy racial admixture which totally excluded the non-mixed majority.

Though placed in the black group out of disdain, the members of the “light-skin” category kept intermarrying as they had formed a new category within the black rank.

It is not plausible that Dixon’s European ancestry only stemmed from colonial rape.

Her results surely mean that her mixed white ancestors married other members of their specific group, married with white people and that her group also includes white individuals who wrongly thought about being black for having been socially close to the black group. Indeed, since the white elite truly believe in racial division, between Blacks and Whites, they first apply these separations between White themselves.

For this reason, if we take the example of the Caribbean, the white Creoles, hence Spaniards born and raised in the Caribbean, were despised by the Spaniards who lived in the old European continent. This social disdain led some white Creoles to remain close to the black group, sometimes going as far as passing for mixed white people.

As a consequence, Robyn is the product of colonial rape, of racial passing movements from Whites who wrongly thought they were mixed, of white individuals who tried to pass for mixed, and of mixed Whites who intermarried to keep their group away from the black group, all the while raising their children black due to the disdain the white category had for them.

The concept of blackness is not hard to understand at all but it is made to be confusing on purpose by both white and black supremacists who also suffer from low self-esteem as they refuse to let the mixed-race group go away.

Though dark skin black women complain about being replaced by mixed women, they are also the first to claim that blackness comes in all shades, that white rejection defines blackness and that culture and customs can make a person black, when in reality, genetics is clear regarding the status of a Black African individual. Indeed, the real Blacks have West/Central African phenotypes, kinky hair, distinctive features and a dark skin.

All the other prototypes which flew from the slave trade in the New World are either the consequence of racial admixture, social constructs, the legacy of self-hatred, passing and colonial rape.

A blonde woman with white skin, blue eyes and European features can be of Afro heritage, but that individual will never be Black.

What Will Happen When The Mixed-race Category Form? Mixed-race Agents And Black Political Legacy

Do black people refuse to recognise a mixed-race category for another political reason? If countries which were formerly colonized by Northern European powers which established the concept of apartheid, in our case South Africa, acknowledge the existence of a mixed-race category, why can’t the black American group do the same, as well?

The difference must stand in the political status and achievement of the said black African people mentioned.

Often, black Africans have no issue recognising their mixed-race descendants as being other than black. This reality is due to one thing. Despite the slave trade and colonialism, the African man stands proud in his heritage, as he is aware that his history is rooted in the nation he lives in. Whether history makes him a winner or not, he does not have to rely on other racial groups to survive since he evolves in his own environment. The Zulu clan did not need the creation of the mixed-race group to feel proud, since they had their heritage for centuries with them and already existed on their own. Though the Coloured community in South Africa despises the black group, the same disdain can be reflected as well from the black side.

Yet, the black Americans can not be compared to the Zulus for the specific reason that they were kidnapped, displaced and dominated in an environment which was never theirs in the first place.

This deconstruction was followed by a total dehumanization of their heritage, their blackness, features and essence.

Though the black community built American culture in music, arts, and politics, a huge part of their advancement, especially in the realm of politics, was the fruit of mixed-race people, including the fabricated white individuals with distant African ancestry, such as Charles Chesnutt.

If black people always resisted throughout the slave trade (Harriet Thubman, Nat Turner, Afeni Shakur, Assata Shakur, among many others), a great portion of thinkers, philosophers, sociologists, inventors were either mixed-race or white mixed individuals.

W.E.B DuBois, Frederick Douglass, Charles Chesnutt, Nella Larsen, Malcolm X, Fredi Washington, Rosa Parks, Mary Church Terrell, Angela Davis, Kathy Cleaver, Elaine Brown, A. Philip Randolph, Langston Hugues, Alain Leroy Locke, Pauli Murray, JoAnn Robinson, Rosa Parks, Julian Bond, expressed their total pride in their blackness though being mixed-race.

The brutality of Euro colonialism was so traumatizing to them, for being exposed to the disdain of white people, that their fight for black freedom became all the way more powerful.

If mixed-race people have been often accused of playing both sides, many of them gave their lives, sacrificed themselves for the elevation and victory of their black community.

In the French Caribbean, a woman like Solitude also illustrates our point.

In music, or art in general pure black people (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Barry White, Percy Sledge, James Carr, Tupac Shakur, Rakim, Rick James, Otis Redding), whether in the US, in Europe or in the Caribbean, created the genres which shaped Western art, but many talented mixed-race individuals also contributed to black music greatness- (Richmond Barthé, Prince, Alicia Keys prior to 2003, Sade Adu, Bob Marley, James Brown) -and recently, most black awards were given to biracial and mixed individuals, not black.

The question one could ask is to know if non-mixed black Americans resist and carry on without the mixed-race category which shaped their political community for centuries? Whether biracial, light-skin, hence multi-generationally mixed through generations, or mixed Whites?

Could this be the reason why the creation of a mixed-race category has been opposed by both the black camp and the opportunists pro-black Mulattoes who ought to survive through the exploitation of the black problematic for their own advancement in the black realm?

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