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Mixed Blacks Who Claim Full Blackness Are Supremacists: The Political Strategy of The Mulattoes In Denial

Creator: ANGELA WEISS | Credit: AFP

Note: This article does not focus on mixed-race people created by slavery e.g Cape-Verdeans etc but on opportunistic individuals who want to corrupt facts to their advantage.These words do not describe the mixed-race groups whose members recognise their mixed-race identity but identify as black respectfully for cultural and with a sincere love.

Slavery was the root of racial quantification, in both North and Latinized America. If the Latin colonizers acknowledged the racial fluidity of their enslaved populations, they created them, put them in boxes and used to favor a system of hierarchy based upon colorism and racial admixture. Therefore, the mixed population, though despised by the white group, was formed in order to become allies to the white (both Latin and Anglo-saxon powers) superpowers at the expense of the crushed black groups. The latter were placed into the process of standardization of blackness. Their African specificities were destroyed, and the individuals’ sole identity was tied to the slave trade only. Later, they would become the Blacks, and the symbol of undesirability.

When it comes to identity today, the main issue has to do with the mere definition of blackness. This concept is not only racist and a colonial creation, but it does not have anything to do with African ancestry and unambiguous blackness at all. Blackness is synonymous with undesirability, social isolation, rejection, evil, the bottom and darkness. On the one hand, the low self esteem of many black Westerners push them to support the racist ideologies which place mixed people into the black realm. But on the other hand, many unambiguous black people who wish to rightfully gatekeep their heritage find themselves trapped within a range of Mulattoes in denial, and non-black minorities who wish to enter the black world for political reasons.

Actor Jessie Williams/Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

In the US, both the non-black and black Latinos want a proximity to the US Blacks in order to slowly replace them through the merging of their social and political issues. Their wish for unity is never innocent, but a political tactic whose final goal is to allow the brown movement to dominate the black sphere both economically and politically. If the African and Indigenous unity can happen in South America, it can not come to fruition in the US, as both minorities compete with one another for capitalistic advancements.

In Western Europe, where the black African communities mostly fail to create any valid structures except for the Black Brits, Black Belgians, Black Germans and Black Dutch, both the white and black North Africans , especially in France, want to be embraced by the black African group through a form of political union, for fear of being way too small as a number to carry on their political fight. Yet, in reality, these supposed anti-racist North Africans who attack the white European institutions all the time come from families and societies which hate the black African body they deem inferior. Stupid and gullible, the black African activists have no issue finding allies among the white North Africans, seeing the latter’s interest in their causes as being a source of pride. These white North Africans, and not even the black, display solidarity to their own people first, and they would never denounce their anti-black foundations as a form of protection. But the European Blacks fail to see it.

Therefore, in both the US and in Western Europe, the non-black minorities gyrate around the Blacks to advance their pawns. Worst, these non-black people claim the concept of blackness, thus social isolation, racism and disdain from the white group, to justify their presence in black spaces.

When called out on their approach, the Latinized groups use the Latinidad card, claiming not to see colors for raised in countries where races “come together”.

The black Latinos in the US are totally aware of the fact that their category belongs to the Latin one, and that no black American should take their under their wings for belonging to two separate ethnic groups which are distinct. The black American community which was not bright enough in protecting their political boundaries are not only attacked by Afro-Latin usurpers who want to be them, but also by English-speaking Caribbeans, Africans and black Brittons. The white institutions also wish to replace the black Americans they loathe to death by the other black minorities.

In this system of US black great replacement, or foreign blackwashing the Mulattoes also want to take advantage of the situation.

The Mulatto identity is much more vast than one thinks and is made of several categories: one can be MGM (mixed-race throughout generations), come from a mixed-race people (Swahili coast), biracial, quadroon, octoroon, but also black though evolving in a multiracial and multicultural environment.

Recently, the performative activists of social media proved to be Mulattoes in denial who both denied the evidence of their racial admixture, but also acted more black than black people themselves. Other Mulattoes, as illustrated by Angel Ramirez Jordan, have the audacity to racially police other groups regarding the validation of their blackness or not.

The so-called pride of these Mulattoes do not come from a quest of justice at all, but from their hatred in being suspended in time by the white institutions they wished to be recognised by. Their pride in their blackness does not come from love at all. These Mulattoes claim blackness for they were rejected by the white side only, not because they love its culture and history at all. Due to their legendary low self esteem, the Blacks who can hate themselves, feel a sense of survival whenever a Mulatto claim full blackness.

Yet, the Mulattoes play both sides and only focus on their own interests as they are well aware that their existence simply contribute to the erasure of dark skin and unambiguous Blacks from media, culture and arts.

Often, these same self-proclaimed Mulattoes attack the black sphere and blame the unmixed Blacks for the pain of rejection they endure. Still, they never blame the white group which made them miserable and keep turning to the black side without which, they could not even be heard and exist. Singer Keke Wyatt tearfully complained about how the black category made her feel miserable, but she was forced to apologize as she understood that only Blacks listened to her music.

The Mulattoes want to replace the Blacks they also have disdain for.

If the Western Blacks want to revalue their heritage, they can not do so by promoting a racist label, that of blackness, which was tied to negativity and to the bottom. Whether they consider themselves to be Africans or not, the Black Westerners, if they want to survive, need to attach their identity to humanity first, since their racial label and the sphere they were placed into were simply created to maintain them in the bottom.

By Victoria “VKY” Kabeya, All Rights Reserved, 2023.

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