In this sociopolitical essay, French-Belgian author and scholar VKY (Victoria Kabeya) writes about the fascinating yet unknown story of the black indigenous peoples living in Israel and Palestine. The region, formerly known as Canaan, was home to different black clans which either vanished or left to flee the Central Asian and European conquests over the years. Spread throughout the Levant, the book was written as a testimony regarding their legacy. Isolated from the media, they are also the first to be exposed to the social brutality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Click on the link to buy.

Indigenous Black Iraqis: Shaping Blackness in the Arab World. From the Cushites to the Zanjs

Before the 2008 election of Barack Obama, the Western world was still unaware of the existence of a Black population in Iraq. Though almost two millions, one third of them living in the southern part of the country in Basra, they rarely drew the attention of Arab scholars. Like many countries of the Middle East which have an important Black community among them, the presence of these populations is only explained by the Arab Slave Trade, as they are always called the descendants of Zanjs. In reality, they embody a much more glorious past rooted in the Horn of Africa, a time when the whole Arabian Peninsula, as well as the Levant, were nothing less than the extension of Northeast Africa. It is through a serious amount of research and very few documents available about the Black Iraqis that author and scholar VKY managed to explore and rewrite the truth about their roots. Buy here

In Africa In The Mediterranean, VKY explores the deep origins of the Black minorities found in Avato, Grecce and the Afro-Turks. Though described as the descendants of African Zanj slaves brought in the area by the Ottomans, they are the remnants of an ancient Mediterranean race which has been present in the area since the Late Bronze Age and whose roots could be found in Ancient Egypt and Canaan. The study leads the reader to discover unknown Black remnants in Albania, Montenegro, Georgia, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Click here to buy

Home. In this haunting work of poetry, author VKY -Victoria Kabeya- writes an ode to Black Palestinian femininity and identity. Though invisible and inexistent to the eyes of the world, VKY belongs to a new Black Arab generation whose members use their voices to expose the many issues they have been facing. “Home” is an autobiographical work through which the author longs for the healing of her Black Palestinian/Canaanite maternal lineage, broken by the abandonment of her first female ancestor, Meta Pi. How can one survive as a Black Palestinian woman at a time when Zionism and Pan-arabism never made a space for the indigenous Black Canaanite community? Home embodies the mother, the ancestor but also the shattered land of Canaan.”Home” reads like a mature departure from the very first works by Kabeya. It is a space for the traumatized hoping and waiting for a better day. Click here to buy!

Lisboa is the latest English publication by author VKY (Victoria Kabeya) under Editions Canaan. Written during the 2020 lockdown, the author having found refuge in Portugal, it is a personal and autobiographical work, but also a social critique and observation about the desillusion of the hidden Lisbon. The book is the testimony of an outsider who witnesses the social and racial exclusion of the Afro-Portuguese community in Portugal. Buy it here !

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