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Meghan Markle: From White Women’s Jealousy To Black Women’s Obsession With Mixed White Women

Harry and Meghan, Netflix

Meghan Markle does not strike as an evil human being. Though she pretended she never knew what would come along with marrying into colonial white British royalty, Markle is a part of this obnoxious Hollywood clique, whose members really think that, in times of total inflation, poverty, stress and post-lockdown, the world really needs an explanation when it comes to their personal choices in life. This attitude is not new.

Markle is not the one to do it, and will not be the last. In reality, though the first two episodes of “Harry and Meghan” seemed extremely shallow, long, regarding the display of love and romance between the married couple, the two protagonists should be applauded for the way they managed, through archives, testimonies and tales, to explain the brutal system which make British media. The clear commentaries given by Harry, allowed the viewers to fathom the depth of this brutal machine.

To be fair, Harry and Meghan were somehow classy in the way they gave their version of the events. They did not engage in any form of vendetta against specific members of the royal family. Yet, despite it all, some moments were rather improbable, just like when Meghan told Harry she was surprised Beyoncé knew who she was. (As if royal members were not more famous than common superstars hyped by the media machine, who are only famous among the young and busted generations of the Western world.)

After all, it was Meghan’s show, and the selfishness was not odd at all, since she was to be giving herself a voice. As a whole, Markle’s arguments remain convincing and go along with what she always told her fans or the media when asked about it. Unfortunately, the six-part documentaries were rather too short and could have been extended to a few more episodes.

Over the past few years, we witnessed how the paparazzi and the tabloids ruined the self esteem and lives of our favorite personalities. Michael Jackson sang against them, Layne Staley in Nutshell rebuked them, Princess Diana exposed them, George Michael was at war with them. In that sense, Meghan Markle had the right to organize her defense and show us the other side of her story. From the lies of her half-sister Samantha, to the betrayal of her father and the exposé of how the British and US media machine, the ultimate power, operate was an important thing to do, for us to understand and debunk the lies we are fed constantly.

Yet, as soon as the show was released on Netflix, just like they did in 2018 when they married, a horde of black women came to support Meghan as if their lives depended on it. Jealous white women also came into the scene to show their resentment.

Black women claimed that Meghan’s entry into the house of the Royal Family would mark a change. They called her a “melanated queen”, a “black queen” and a “black princess”, proud to see one of them marrying a white man. Ever since, black women in both the US and in the U.K have made it their primary fight to defend and support a mixed white woman who never really recognises nor does she claim them. What is up with black women’s obsession with mixed women?

As usual, a dark skin unambiguous black woman is here to defend Meghan as if her life depended on it. Why? Markle never claimed them and rather considers herself adamantly biracial
Another dark skin black woman is here to defend Meghan… But why are mixed race women silent over her, but not black women?


Left: Sicilian American Melissa Gorga, on the right, a young Meghan Markle. There is no difference between the two ladies. But why are black women so adamant to call Meghan a “black” woman, when she is not?

Meghan Markle reveals one problematic. White women will hate you to the core, will jealous you if you take the men they deem important away from them. Yes, white women, the ones elevated at the top of worldwide beauty standards, can be jealous of black and mixed-race women, especially when it comes to the realm of love and sexuality. The 1786 Tignon laws in New Orleans was one of many evidence. Through her union with Harry Mountbatten, Meghan Markle was doomed from the start. The display of racism would be a matter of time.

In 1786, white women succeded in forcing black and mixed women to cover their hair. They used to wear beautiful hats and scarfs which enhanced their beauty but this display angered white women as white men began to be more and more attracted to these black and mixed women.

In their hypocrisy, Meghan was specifically accepted within the Royal Family for having the most acceptable form of “blackness”. She is not black, but a white woman with some African ancestry every camp, whether black or white, has been trying to politicize to their own advantage.

It is, thus, impossible to understand Harry and Meghan without the spectacle which comes with it.

In an improbable TV moment, white American “journalist” Megyn Kelly scolded Meghan Markle who repetedly called Harry Mountbatten “my husband”. Yes, white women will not enjoy seeing one of their most prolific men choose a mixed woman over them.

Meghan highlighted several issues related to race, sexuality and power. It was wrongly believed that she was the one lying about her experience in the Royal Family, but the reaction of many white journalists in both the US and the UK somehow showed that the problem was much deeper than the initial thoughts. The core of the matter surely had to do with her race and what she stands for.

Over the past months, a horde of white journalists engaged in a witch hunt against Meghan. Often, these journalists do not hide their affiliation to the far-right movement.

Recently, Megyn Kelly, who hates Meghan she never ceases to insult and attack, was rather annoyed Meghan kept calling Harry “my husband“. The reaction of Kelly, similar to that of many other white women, showcases the fact that many of them hate on Meghan for having been chosen by Harry.

Harry is a a handsome, high value man, many white women wish they had. They can not fathom how and why he chose Meghan, instead.

Indeed, Harry Mountbatten embodies all the elements that white women would fall for. He is handsome, tall, rich, educated, belongs to the elite, and thus has power. Yet, he used his power to choose, marry and procreate with a mixed race white woman, also beautiful and brilliant. As long as Meghan remained in the royal house, white women were angry, but silent. But as soon as Harry decided to leave their initial environment for a new life, the angry white female voices were heard. By moving out, Harry somehow wanted to show his desire to follow the woman he loved. As explained in the documentary, it was his initial idea to leave royalty as he was always seen as the rebel, or as an outsider. However, the fault was placed on Meghan, for being a mixed race, and a woman. How could an adult rich privileged white man be manipulated so easily by an outsider?

Yet, in the most surprising way, the greatest display of jealousy regarding white people towards Markle, came from her own side of her white family. A great part of the hatred against her was nurtured by her own half-sister Samantha, who spent her days creating accounts on Twitter, attacking her mixed sister. Meghan’s older brother also joined the party, when her black side remained quiet and invisible. The patriarch of her family even sold her out to the media to make her the arrogant culprit, for a couple of money.

Samantha Markle, right. Extremely messy big sister she is!

This hatred and jealousy of white people towards Markle, who dared to attract one of the most powerful white men on the planet, reveal that white people always feel threatened by the black and mixed descendants who can take away their most precious things away from them.

A basic white man with no political or social power choosing a black or mixed woman, will never nurture feelings of hatred in the hearts of other white women. One has to be rich, educated and socially elevated to reveal other people’s true nature.

If obsessed and racist white journalists, whether female or male, still attack Markle for no reason, black women always come to her defense, as if their lives depended on it. Though these same black women are the first to attack black men who choose white women in the prism of elitism, they were rather more than happy to see a mixed white woman marry a rich and educated white British man. And conviently enough, these black women surely took the colonial aspect of Harry’s origins, out of their minds.


Due to her racial background and ambiguity, Meghan was exploited by both black and white communities to advance their own pawns. In both ways, the members applied the principle of projection. White haters decided to cast their hatred and jealousy upon her, while black lovers projected their desperation, self-hatred and need for recognition.

Though black women have a hard time loving a rich black man who loves a mixed race or white woman, Meghan Markle’s marriage to Harry was, in their minds, like a dream come true. They, through Meghan’s inexistant proximity to blackness, envisioned themselves marrying the handsome prince themselves. Colonialism or not.

Over the past decades, because of the improbable one drop rule, black women were the ones to perpetuate it by blocking any mixed individual from becoming other than black. A biracial woman with an obvious black and white parent would be denied the totality of her biracial identity by black women who want to keep her within their clan. In order to put her desire of embracing her biracial heritage to rest, one would say you look black to me, when being mixed race. In that same vein, a multiracial black woman like Beyoncé who descends from lineages of mixed race people would be denied such same attach to the mixed race clan.

Black women do not seem to remember their lessons at all.

With the support of racist and colorist black American male producers who prefer exotical looking women, black women are no longer visible in the music industry. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj are the only last most famous “black” celebrities in the music realm. Yet, though called black, they are still multiracial to a certain degree.

The late Jade Goody was born to a biracial Jamaican father and a white British mother. Black women would be quick to call her black

Still, since the exotical or ambiguous looking women are not accepted within the white clan, many of them find success within the black American circles, where they exploit black men, black culture but want to maintain a distance with unambiguous blackness. Amber Rose illustrates our point. A multiracial woman of Afro-Portuguese (Cape-Verdean), Italian, Irish and Scottish heritage, her ambiguity attracted black men and made her popular on the sexual market.

Colorist black men like Kanye West love the company of multiracial women who will not be accepted in the white group, for being too ambiguous. Most white men are rather attracted to dark skin unambiguous black women.

Yet, in an 2015 interview, though many black people thought Rose considered herself black due to her inclusion within black culture, the Cape Verdean-American woman declared that she did not consider herself a black woman “at all“.

The statement came along with a lot of backlash as millions of black women had begun to project themselves through Amber, firmly believing in their hearts that she was one of them. Her rejection felt like a betrayal. Consequently, Rose was called a self-centered woman, a self-hater and many other names for stating the obvious. Born to a Cape-Verdean and an Italian and Irish father, her mother, falsely considered black, is already mixed race and multiracial, thus making Rose probably less than thirty per cent black African. Despite the obvious, Rose who is far from being black African, was attacked by disappointed black women all over social media.

Amber Rose asserts she is not black. Which is true
Amber Rose and her mother Dorothy Rose, a mixed race Cape Verdean woman

With Meghan Markle, black women still repeat the same mistake by inserting themselves within a space which is not theirs. Over the years, Markle always stood firmly by her words regarding her ethnicity, race and identity. In an ELLE interview from 2016, Markle said in those words “‘My dad is Caucasian and my mom is African American. I’m half black and half white.’”. The princess said multiple times that she considers herself black, white and thus, biracial, refusing to choose one over the other.

In the documentary, she even revealed that she never was treated like a black woman growing up in Los Angeles when she was younger, until she got involved with the British prince Harry.

Yet, despite this reality, black women, out of desperation keep projecting themselves through her, eager to claim the little black drops running through her veins, to feel a proximity. In reality, the black women act this way out of self-hatred. Since they despise their own unambiguous blackness, they consider Meghan and multiracial women to be superior to them, and to have an advantage through the door of racial admixture, they consider a door of escapism to the deep blackness which repulse them.

Still, Meghan Markle, in her behavior, does not show any proximity to blackness at all. The only black friends she has are already famous and rich, Serena Williams the champion and Tyler Perry, a multi million dollar black American producer and filmmaker. But they do not surpass the number of two since her best friends are all white. Meghan Markle ex boyfriends and even husband were white, she feels more comfortable around white people, which is understandable, since she is white.

Meghan Markle best friends. One of them is black but the rest are white. Indeed, Meghan a mixed white woman feels more comfortable around white people, which is her right, since she is white. Serena Williams is a black woman but she is also in an interracial marriage which is similar to Meghan’s, somehow. She is the mother of a mixed child too, and thus has another perspective on race which can differ from other black people.

Indeed, though black women keep supporting the idea that Meghan is black, when the latter claimed biracial several times, Markle is a white woman who happens to have African ancestry from her mother. In that sense, she should be recognised as such and black women should stop being obsessed over her, especially when blackness is not a part of her world.

Legendary Mariah Carey. Interestingly enough, Carey said her white mother, a failed opera singer, was jealous of her, too. Yes, white women are jealous of black and mixed women they feel threatened by.

In an interesting exchange with legendary multiracial singer Mariah Carey on her podcast Archetype, though both women are always claimed by black women as being the equivalent of unambiguous black women, though not, Markle turned to Carey and told her “Growing up, I never had anybody that looked like me”. Markle did not refer to Serena Williams, Viola Davis or Michelle Obama at all, but to another multiracial white woman like her who also struggled to fit in divided worlds. Interestingly enough, Carey said her white mother, a failed opera singer, was jealous of her, too. Yes, white women are jealous of black and mixed women they feel threatened by.

The improbable issue regarding race, goes beyond black women’s exploitation of Meghan. It also highlights the evil of white social and racial construction too.

One Drop Rule

Lovely Lilibeth Diana Mountbatten. Unfortunately, this young child who can not even speak is already submitted to the harsh racial classifications that exist. She is even viewed as mixed race by her father Harry, when her older brother and herself are white.

In both categories, black and white groups refuse to let go of the one drop rule. In this matter, it was more than dreadful to hear some royals ask how dark their children would be or Prince Harry refer to his children as “mixed race”. How could 75 per cent to 80 per cent white children be other than white? It is clear that Meghan is a mixed white woman whose African ancestry would never overthrow the majority of white blood quantum running through the veins of these children.

Still, despite the obvious, the same black women want to call Archie a “black prince”, Meghan ” black princess”, while Harry sees his children as mixed race.

How is it possible to accept racist policies such as the one drop rule which submit young children who can barely speak to a horrific racial classification which will oppress them on the long term?

In that case, both black and white people are equally guilty of supporting it, to their own racial benefits.

When will white people thus began to embrace, acknowledge their white children with a mixed heritage, when they always want to, out of disdain for the black race, place any mixed or multiracial people within the black camp?

Written by Victoria Kabeya, All Rights Reserved

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