Putin’s Actions Will Mark The Beginning of A World Revolution

By Victoria Kabeya/VKY, All Rights Reserved

After years of constant bullying and harrassment from the Western bloc, Vladimir Putin launched the first attack in Ukraine and sent a strong message to a messy Joe Biden. This attack from the Russian side will not involve the world in a third world war as wars between nations now evolve around two main fields which are technology and economics. In the 21st century, he who controls and dominates technology controls power. As a consequence, the Russian-American-Ukranian conflict sparked by the constant provocation of the American side will lead to a worldwide revolution.

First of all, it is more than logical and accurate to precise that the US were surprised by the Russian military tactics and strategies. After years of provocation, the Russian bear finally decided to strike. Yet, there the manichaen political propaganda dividing the West and East between the “axis of good” and “evil” does not resonate like before. The media machine will no longer be trusted in the West due to their constant lies and political ramifications. Then, the US will surely abandon Ukrainians to their fate as they will see no issue in fighting with Vladimir Putin. Indeed, while the US were resting upon their legendary arrogance, despising the foreign emerging super powers, the latter would secretly work on their army, develop their technology and advance their weapons.

It is true that the massive colonial Chinese presence in Africa since the 2000s presents a real problem for the US and the Western European group as the Chinese are taking over the last former European colonies in the Motherland. Though present in Africa for more than a century, the Western European colonial powers never brought anything new to the table but rather organized in crime to systematically plunder the African natural resources, supporting the creation of false African currencies to secure their historical domination. The Chinese, though as colonial as the Europeans, have built more structures at a quicker rate. While Western Europeans rely on their arrogance of a glorious colonial past, they are slowly being dominated by nations they often deemed inferior to them.

Along with their Chinese partners, Russians also advanced their pawns in Africa. It is true that the Soviets under the USSR had allies in communist African countries such as Angola, a problematic political presence for rebels such as Jonas Savimbi who did not always see the Russian influence from a good perspective. Today, Russia came back in African nations which were totally abandoned by the Western colonies. The Central African Republic, troubled from within would rather share with Russia than France. Recently, the new Malian government which ousted France out of their country found support among the Russians. In the Caribbean, the Russians kept strong ties with the Cubans.

Yet, the US wants to be the only superpower to remain in charge of the world which does not belong to them.

With the attack in Ukraine, and for the first time in years, the United States met their match in Russia. The offensive led by a fed up Vladimir Putin will more than likely put a final end to the US supremacy in the world. The US are not ahead of their time and block any idea concerning the clear emergence of a multipolar world which is no longer dual (hence the perpetuation of the Cold War) but yet, in our time, the “axis of evil” has the same technological advancements of the West and thus represents a threat. The US can have the atomic bomb but not Iran, Russia or China. Why? Out of pure racism, disdain and political greed.

As for the people, they can still be manipulated through social media with the plight of constant entertainement. However, the reality of the financial and health crisis caused by the Covid 19 epidemic put people back into reality. And none of them wish to have issues with the Russians, especially when Gazprom is one of the main gas provider of Western Europe. Many lost their jobs and fear the future for they no longer have any resources. As a consequence, out of anger, individuals worldwide could join one another to rebel and reject the structures supported by the corrupt political-media machine.

Since the Covid 19, with the constant manipulation of data, individuals understood how the corporate media machine function. The politicians and “journalists” wanted to create a new system of totalitarianism where any “questioning” ideology would be canceled or rejected. The supremacy of the social media and the excessive censorship, control of information led to a disgust of the likes of Facebook or Twitter. As a consequence, the Covid crisis and the lack of honesty from the media owned by billionaires would contribute to a halt of the Western supremacy. The chaos and rising death toll of Westerners caused by dishonest politicians who are unable to fix a blocked situation which worsened in two years, nurtured anger and a disillusion.

Putin shows how weak and gullible the Western bloc can be for composed of the US which reigns as a supreme deity supported by their Western European minions who betrayed their sovereignty for a supposed Americanization. The West has been humiliated in Africa by Africans who reject them for no longer being frightening. Joe Biden in his demise could easily turn America into a parody.

What about the conflict in itself, then? The US has clear interests in Ukraine due to natural resources and need conflict as war boosts their economy. On the contrary, the Russians, as ambitious as the US, also prepare and ought to become the next superpower. Still, this ambition is not desired by the US at all as the leaders want to remain the supreme guides of all civilizations. The US have proven their weakness and limits in Afghanistan as they lost against the Talibans. They were humiliated in Syria as Vladimir Putin clearly is the one who eradicated the terrorists by endlessly bombing them until they collapsed while the Western bloc said we all should learn how to live with the terrorists.

The Ukrainian crisis will lead to a downfall of the US strategy. The choc experienced by the Covid 19 restrictions, the ongoing poverty and the media manipulation in the West, the wokeness in art, lessons being given by wealthy entertainers who are cut off reality will lead to a worldwide revolt. A new world is rising where technology is placed at the center. In that spectrum, different powerful nations will rule and the US can only accept to be one among many more.

Yet, the world knows how things end whenever the US fights to impose a new democracy. Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq can testify about chaos, disaster and sacrifice, for the price of oil and democracy.

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  1. […] As stated in our previous article published in February 2022, right after the beginning of the conflict, the Russian special operation in Ukraine led to a worldwide revolution. Whether the United States and its European allies want it or not, the world has now become multipolar. In less than ten months, the political structures of the world we had known all along were shifted. Furthermore, the constant coverage of the Ukrainian conflict highlighted one issue which has become impossible to hide: both the U.S and Western European leaders are panicking. […]


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