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Is China’s Silence A Prelude To Something Bigger?

Written by Victoria Kabeya/VKY. All Rights Reserved.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the world was waiting for one specific country’s reaction. China, one of Russia’s strongest allies has reinforced its cooperation with Vladimir Putin to strengthen their economy and military bases. Now, the US has fallen into a political impasse, a situation which has been greatly provoked by their constant arrogance, disdain of other powers and inefficiency of their army and many failed political strategies.

The world is evolving without the US and such change is a sight of horror to them. America (including Western Europe whose most nations lost their sovereignty) wants to remain the center of the world and dominate every country and sea in it. But both China and Russia say otherwise.

When it comes to economy and the army, the isolation and demonization of both China and Russia by the West did help them further their excellence. Indeed, the Chinese army is so powerful now that it has surpassed the American one. Though the Russian army’s budget is less important than that of the United States, their technology and infrastructures are more than impressive. The disdain they have been exposed to for many years, for regarded as not being as innovative as the West is turning against the American government now.

As stated previously in our analysis, he who controls technology possesses international power and thus, dominates. Consequently, Iran, China, Russia, India or any African nation which centers its power around technology can be the next economic and political center of the world.

Yet, though their relationship deepened, China is rather silent. If the leaders respect the decisions made by Vladimir Putin, the Chinese have adopted a diplomatic attitude. As of today, no one knows if secret alliances were signed behind closed doors between the two gigantic powers, the Chinese officials do not want to interfere and observe more than they ought to act. What if China is preparing for something much bigger to come? Could this be the reason why they remain so silent?

It is more than clear by now that Vladimir Putin put an end to the endless provocations of the Westerners. The latter are panicking and did not expect him to behave as such. Consequently, as Ukraine will probably surrender and enter the European Union, allowing the West to exploit their natural resources while its people die in poverty, the United States, not happy with a new humiliation following the rise of the Talibans in Afghanistan, could attempt to use a technique of diversion through Taiwan.

The Chinese are not silent. They carefully contemplate the events as they also organize to prepare themselves for a potential US interference through Taiwan. The latter, following their failure in Ukraine, could easily attempt to foment a civil war in the island or use Taiwan as a shield, like they did with Ukraine, to push China’s limits and force her to enter at war with Taiwan. If the Chinese react, then the US can talk about an invasion, reinforce the demonization of the Chinese and clearly intervene by sending their army physically. The US would never take the risks to fight in Ukraine at all. They just wanted to utilize the country. But in a desperate attempt, they would have no issue attacking China directly through Taiwan. China, on a geographical level, faces the US, though separate by the Pacific Ocean. The US would have more to risk and lose, more interests in the Chinese seas in their quest for the reinforcement of their world domination.

Out of strategy, the Chinese power ought to remain focused so as to see if a diversion could be made with Taiwan. A few days ago, the Chinese officials were already upset with the maritime American presence in their water, surrounding Taiwan. They, too, perceived such military “exercices” as a provocation as attested by Russia with the Ukrainian problem.

It is certain, that the US power will try by any means necessary to profit from a new and surprising military operation to spark a conflict in the Chinese seas in order to reach Taiwan or to start a proxy war through any Asian ally against the Chinese superpower.

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